Things to Know Before Setting up Solar Panels for Your Home 

Solar panels, Solar panel setup, Technology

In a country blessed with abundant sunshine, solar panels beckon as a promising source of renewable energy. This comprehensive guide is tailored for you—to ensure you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions about setting up solar panels for your home. But before you take the plunge, it’s crucial to understand the key factors that influence your […]

Pakistan’s 1st Space Shuttle “QUAID 1”

Pakistan’s Technology, Space Shuttle, QUAID 1

A fledgling organization named PTAIRD (Pakistan Technology, AI Research & Development) is trying to achieve Pakistan’s goal of becoming one of the world’s leading nations in the fields of science, technology, and space exploration. The first Space Shuttle “QUAID-1” project, code-named PKQ-1, is currently undergoing the blueprints process and will shortly release the final designs. […]

Arer Corp Launches Pakistan’s First AR-based Furniture App

Arer Corp, AR-based Furniture App, Technology

With the Covid pandemic taking down every physical market in 2020-2021, made people terrified of going out. The pandemic created a problem for stores that couldn’t go online and create websites that incorporated Virtual reality into it. The markets, however, through the disadvantages of Covid, were able to make a comeback through the integration of […]

Big Tech Companies Ask Pakistan to Rework its Content Blocking Laws for Social Media

The “attention market” has sparked revolts, but it has always adapted. In the digital age, how do you deal with Pakistani laws including content blocking without invading their values? In 2020, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority passed new web guidelines that expand restrictions and approve far-reaching observations of content blocking distributed on the web. These guidelines […]

Pakistani Startups: How They are Killing it and Paced for More Growth?

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The Pakistani startup groups continue to strengthen their position in IT for professional use with the big acquisition being made almost every month. The American online distribution giant Amazon is interested in expanding its services to businesses. A new program is aimed at Pakistani startups. There were 180 Pakistani startups in 2019 looking to the […]

Easypaisa Introduces Biometric Verification Feature on Easypaisa App

Easypaisa, Biometric Verification , Easypaisa App

Easy paisa, Pakistan’s leading mobile payments platform and fintech company, has introduced a new biometric verification feature for its Easypaisa App. The move comes as the company looks to further bolster its position as a leading player in the Pakistani fintech space. This amazing new feature will allow easy paisa customers to verify their identity […]

Peer to Peer Lending Platforms in Pakistan

Fintech, Bitcoin, Lending platforms

In recent years, fintech has been one of the most disruptive forces in the financial sector, with a number of start-ups and incumbents alike offering new and innovative ways to manage money. This can include the trend across several verticals – ranging from e-wallets to mobile and banking apps to online investment platforms. One subcategory […]

Future of Cloud Computing in Pakistan

cloud computing, data management, data storage

Cloud Computing has become one of the go-to features for businesses to skilfully make use of data management, data storage, and computing power automatically. The data centres for these cloud systems are often scattered across multiple locations. Hence, they provide a wide range of functionalities.  Though cloud computing offers one of the most comprehensive and […]

Top 10 Budget-friendly Graphic Cards That You Can Buy in 2021

GPU, Nvidia, AMD

The gaming and crypto mining industries were some of the chief consumers of graphic cards. But, since the pandemic hit, graphic designers, animation studios, game companies, and other advanced software requiring companies were made to work from home. This situation created a rather unexpected consumer market for budget-friendly graphic cards.  Related: Gaming in Pakistan The […]

Top 10 Affordable TWS Earbuds in Pakistan

Affordable TWS earbuds, technology in Pakistan, mobile phones

Do you remember when we had to spend one gazillion light-years to untangle our headsets? You can definitely recall how you put your earphones in one piece at a place and the next thing you know, bam, they are at it again. Lucky for us TWS earbuds were introduced and we got ourselves out of […]

Top 10 Rugged Laptops in Pakistan for 2021

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Everyone wants to work in style. People want access to the latest gadgets with amazing features. Features like tons of internal space and high built-in RAM. However, as we are moving forward, we now take durability into the account as well. We now realize that software updates can make your computers work well.  But it […]

Pakistani Startups Raised $240 Million Investment in 2021

SMEs, startups, entrepreneurship

The IT industry of Pakistan has been flourishing since last year. However, the numbers from 2021 were an unbelievable surprise. In 2021 alone, the Pakistani startups have raised $240 million. Dawai, a Pakistani startup, reached $8.5million in investments. Another startup, FinTech, attained $5.5 Million. Since youngsters have taken over the startup market with a storm, […]

Nayapay Joins Visa Fintech Fast Track Program

NayaPay, Visa fintech, visa card, online payment, online transaction

Pakistan’s Fintech company NayaPay has partnered up with the Visa Fintech Fast Track Program, which will help speed up the process of integration. It will enable NayaPay to enjoy the reach, functionalities, and top-notch security of the Visa Payment network. NayaPay will have access to the technological infrastructure of Visa that will take NayaPay to […]

Voice Guided Google Navigation for Pakistan

google navigation for Pakistan, Pakistan news, technology in Pakistan

Voice Guarded Turn by Turn Google Navigation for Pakistan Google, which has been managing real time traffic, is now set to launch its voice guarded Google navigation for Pakistan. How is Google Navigation for Pakistan Offered? Presently in beta, Google Navigation for Pakistan is being provided with the Google Maps as well as it can […]

Pakistan is The New Leader of Mobile Money Transactions in South Asia

mobile-money-transactions, mobile_money_Pakistan, Mobile_phones_Pakistan, finance, mCommerce_Pakistan

Mobile Money Transactions in Pakistan: Pakistan Leads the Way in Mobile Phone Usage for Financial Transactions According to a recent report by World Bank, amongst the different countries of South Asia, Pakistan leads the way with its 2% female and 9% male population carrying out mobile money transactions in Pakistan. Pakistan is the Leader of […]

The Bright Future of Mobile Application Development in Pakistan

Mobile Application Development in Pakistan The mobile phone has come a long way since being a simple gadget used for communication on the go; onto becoming something indispensable, something that has changed the way people function in their daily lives. These days everything can be done through mobile phones i.e. shopping, banking, making reservations, learning, […]