Startup Competition ‘She Loves Tech’ Comes Back to Pakistan for the Sixth Time

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Introduction The event will be held this year in cities like Sukkur, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, Multan, Jamshoro. At the same time, some cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore are also a part of the competition. To make up for problems caused by the pandemic, CIRCLE extended the celebration of the Cradle event in 2021 to thirteen […]

What Women Need to Know Before Signing Nikah (Nama) Papers?

Nikah contract, Nikah Agreement, Nikah Marriage form

Nikah is the Arabic word for ‘marriage’. The nikah papers are written contracts made between two families that establish the terms of the marriage contract. Both the bride and groom’s families need to sign and approve these papers.  Here’s what you need to know before signing Nikah Nama. All You Need to Know About Nikah […]

Most Successful Pakistani Females in Technology

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The Pakistani Tech Industry is being supervised and managed by plenty of women. They display the same commitment and passion to run their companies as they successfully look after their families. In this article, we shall talk about the overall employment opportunities and successful females in technology.  The Success of the Pakistani Tech Industry Pakistani […]

Rickshaw Driver’s Kind Gesture Promotes Girls’ Education in Peshawar

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A 29-year-old rickshaw driver from Peshawar, Pakistan, becomes an inadvertent local hero after he begins providing free transportation to school-going girls in his youth home. He started this undertaking 6 years ago in order to advance education in Peshawar for local girls. Arab Shah His name is Arab Shah. Shah was initially inspired to launch […]

Artisan Links – A Pakistani Brand Empowering Hundreds Of Afghani Women

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In 2012, Artisan Links, a socially-conscious business, began its mission to empower hundreds of women in Afghanistan through a local clothing factory. Their focus was to find and support local craftspeople who would provide them with high quality, handcrafted clothing. Artisan Links The group of young women in Pakistan founded Artisan Links to provide employment […]

Momina Mustehsan – The Iconic ‘Afreen’ Singing Sensation

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Pakistan is blessed with cultural diversity evident in language, norms, customs, art, and crafts. It does not end there. As Pakistan holds a rich cultural history music. mixing up different styles to create something more novel and appealing.  Momina Mustehsan, a renowned social activist, musician, and Pakistani singer was born on September 5, 1992. Read […]

Cruelty Free Halal Makeup Brands in Pakistan

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Makeup is a very significant element in the majority of women’s lives. Cosmetics help in feeling fresh and confident. The ability to enhance the way you look enables women to feel powerful. Being a Muslim woman, you need to make sure that you are using cruelty-free and halal makeup. Keeping this need in mind, there […]

Skin Care Routine on a Budget for Desi Divas

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Hello Desi Divas! We all want flawless skin but that needs effort and care. If you maintain your skin care routine, you will see it glowing throughout the day. Every human being sheds skin cells every day. For replenishing your skin cells, you need to take good care of your skin. Taking good care of […]

Feminism: A Misunderstood Phenomenon

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Women all around the world face various discrimination. Feminism is an idea to give power to their voices. Women should be honored and respected just like men. Achievements of women in the world of today stand out and become an inspiration for others. It should be a way of life to acknowledge women. Feminism is […]

Siyani Sahelian: Animated Series For Gender Equality

In societies, women are assumed to be weak, which is why they become victims of abuse too. Women always have to fight for their rights. Their voices are not heard. They are often considered objects of use and control. Because of this, men tend to victimize women. They mistreat and manhandle women. Men bound women […]

Paying Tribute to Super Moms Who are Winning it Despite All Odds

Every mother who carries a child in her belly for nine long months, gives birth despite the immense labor pain, sacrifices on so many things and works hard to raise and nurture her child deserves to be called a SuperHero or a Super Mom. Motherhood makes you experience immense and the purest form of love, […]

Patriarchy vs Matriarchy: Pros and Cons

Patriarchy vs Matriarchy, women empowerment, motherhood

If you know about different cultures, you would be aware of the varying social systems. History shows the existence of a system governed by women, respected by all genders. This situation is Matriarchy. But, the tide started to shift towards male dominance. The governance of a social group, community, and state is patriarchy. People expect […]

Superwoman – Breaking the Myths and Handed-Down Opinions

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Becoming a strong and superwoman is following an arduous list of rules & techniques. Rather, it is an amalgam of resilience, patience, and the will to beat the odds. Being a wonder woman no more reflects the cliche swords clad woman. Infact, it has become about all mundane tasks managing through multitasking. Superwoman has this […]

9 Trendy and Convenient Handbags That Every Girl Must Own

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One handbag is never enough for any woman in the world. Women love buying handbags. They stock up their wardrobe with trendy handbags and keep buying handbags no matter how many they already have. However, sometimes they don’t even use some of these expensively purchased bags. Nevertheless, they can avoid this problem if they shop […]

Nigar Johar: First-Ever Three Star General of Pakistan Army

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Another milestone for Major General Nigar Johar who was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General – reported by the military media wing. The Director of the Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR), Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar, informed through a tweet that Nigar Johar has also been appointed as the first-ever female surgeon of the Pakistan Army. […]

doctHERS: A Startup Dedicated to Serve Humanity

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doctHERS: Female Doctors Providing Medical Care to People all Over Pakistan doctHERS is a healthcare platform through which female doctors are providing the medical attention required by thousands of underprivileged people who do not get it due to inaccessibility to hospitals and doctors. The doctHERS service is available in both rural and urban areas so […]

Karachi Becomes the First South Asian City to Host Women of the World (WOW) Festival!

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Women of the World (WOW) Festival Finally Comes to Karachi, Pakistan British Council, Pakistan in collaboration with Southbank Centre; UK, LOreal Pakistan and a few other local organizations brought the Women of the World (WOW) Festival to Pakistan, which was held at Karachi’s Beach Luxury Hotel on 1st May 2016. It provided Pakistani women the […]

Fiza Farhan Elected As a Member of UN Panel on Women Empowerment

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Getting to Know Fiza Farhan Fiza Farhan is a well known social entrepreneur of Pakistan, Director of Buksh Energy and the CRO of Buksh Foundation. Fizza Farhan is amongst those few lucky Pakistani women who made it to the prestigious list of Forbes Magazine featuring “30 under 30’ Social Entrepreneurs of 2015”. Recently she has […]