Taleemabad, EdTech , LMS

Taleemabad is an award-winning EdTech firm dedicated to providing high-quality education through technology. It has already reached 9 million youngsters with video content created in accordance with Pakistan’s national curriculum.

Taleemabad has unveiled its Learning Management System and Pakistan’s First Teacher Application in an effort to modernise current schools and provide world-class education to all children. Taleemabad has already collaborated with 40 schools and is continuing to do so.

Taleemabad will assist schools in modernising by providing academic and marketing support. The LMS will provide educators with SNC-planned Lessons based on the best teaching strategies from across the world, as well as small-scale digital training to help them meet international teaching standards. At the previous year, pupils in Taleemabad schools have improved their learning levels by an impressive 85 percent.

Digital classes for elementary, secondary, and university students are among the many goods and services available in Pakistan. For professional growth, other systems provide continuing education seminars in fields such as digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and research.

The brand and its whole product suite are used by Taleemabad Schools This assists schools in the development of blended learning programmes and the recruitment of new students.

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Taleemabad’s is an award-winning EdTech firm dedicated to providing high-quality education through technology. product is vital to Pakistan’s educational system, allowing lecturers to modernise their schools across the country. These low-cost, non-profit-supported private schools are education’s unsung heroes, delivering high-quality instruction. These schools, however, are underfunded and have a limited financial runway. It would be the end of our educational system if these were not permitted.

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