Tania Airdus, D-Bank, Pakistani Digital Bank

Ms. Tania Aidrus, former Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, launches a fintech venture in the form of a digital bank called D-Bank. This project is funded by an established international company Kleiner Perkins.

Besides them, the project is also funded by Sequoia Capital and Nubank. The venture assures that it will soon be getting its banking license issued by SBP (State Bank of Pakistan).

Tania Aidrus is a graduate of MIT with an MBA degree. She has experience of working with Google as Head of Strategic Initiatives. In 2019, she became Head of DPI (Digital Pakistan Initiative) in Pakistan. In 2020, she became Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on the project of ‘Digital Pakistan’.

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D-Bank is being launched under the parent company Rayn Group. This company was co-founded by Tania Aidrus. Its aim is to provide advisory on technology and assist in investments. The initiative of D-bank is considered to bring the country towards a digital economy with investments, transactions and lending can be done within seconds.

The initiative is presently relying on seed funding for setting and running it. Usually seed funding involves investors whereby they are given a share of the business for their investment in the startup or business. Tania continues to provide updates on D-bank’s progress, fundings and investors regularly through her official Twitter account https://twitter.com/taidrus. For instance, when this project was granted its funding from Keliner Perkins, Tania immediately shared the good news on Twitter:

Just like Tania, we are excited for D-bank too! Let’s hope to see this digital venture coming into our lives soon to make it simpler and easier in terms of financial management.

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