The contributions of Tariq Aziz. to the industry for over four decades are uncountable. He hosted some of the most popular shows on Pakistani television. Tariq Aziz is one of the most popular and respected figures in the Pakistani TV industry. He is best known for his game show, “Neelam Ghar,” which. was one of the most popular shows on Pakistani television during the 1980s.
Tariq Aziz works as a television host, he also appeared in some Pakistani films. He is. respected for his contributions to the Pakistani TV industry and is. considered one of the most influential figures in the country’s entertainment industry.

Early Life of Tariq Aziz

Legendary Poet, Television Host, Iconic Actor

Tariq Aziz was born in Jhelum, Pakistan, in 1936. After finishing high school, he joined the Pakistani army and served for two years. He then began working in television, and. he became one of the most popular personalities on Pakistani TV. 
Tariq Aziz hosted several different shows, but he was best known for Neelam Ghar. The show ran for over 20 years, and it gave Tariq Aziz a chance to showcase his humor and charisma. Tariq Aziz was also known for his charitable work. He founded the Tariq Aziz Foundation, which provides financial help to needy families. Tariq Aziz passed away in 2014, but he will be. remembered as one of the most popular and beloved figures on Pakistani television.
He always had a voice that could make people do anything. But what many don’t know about him is the. struggle he went through to be where he stood with his successful. broadcasting career.


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It is amazing to know that Tariq Aziz. was not only the first man to be a television broadcaster in Pakistan, but. he also started his career with Radio Pakistan before. moving onto TV. When Aziz moved to Lahore, his career was. initiated at Radio Pakistan and became one of the first people seen on TV when. PTV began broadcasting in 1964.
He was a prominent figure in the Pakistani television industry. He was. known for his work as a producer and director, and he played a key role in shaping. the country’s television landscape. Aziz was born in Lahore in 1939, and he began his career in television in the early 1970s. He was instrumental in launching several iconic Pakistani TV shows. including “Alif Noon” and “Dhuwan”. Too to his work as a producer and director, Aziz also acted in several Pakistani TV dramas. 
Here are some points that you must read about him so everyone can. know what kind-hearted person our beloved homeland has lost.

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Game Shows

 Game shows, Highly paid, iconic actor

Tariq Aziz is often credited as the man who introduced game shows to the Pakistani TV industry. He began his career in the late 1960s as a radio announcer, before moving into television. Aziz’s first game show, Neelam Ghar, was broadcast. on Pakistan Television Corporation in 1973. The show proved to be popular with viewers. Besides to his work as a game show host, Aziz also appeared as a judge on the talent show. Nanha Farishta and served as the general manager of Pakistan. Television from 1993 to 1997.

Man of talents

Tariq Aziz was a man of many talents. He could not only mimic other people but also wrote two books. and give impassioned speeches about the importance. of self-possession in one’s absence to anyone who would listen!
Tariq Aziz was an inspiration to others. His natural talent inborn vocabulary and poetry emerged on stage, as he. served as both a producer at state-run television channel Karachi. but wasn’t happy with his work there so once again decided not to. wait any longer before pursuing what made him feel fulfilled which. is writing books of Punjabi origin such as “Kashmir” or even. more popular ones like ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’.
He impressed the audience with his on-screen presence. He then went on to play a much bigger role in films and as well for four decades at least until he was. discovered by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who appoint him to be an. extempore anchor of state television channel Neelam. Ghar which played during that time span without any script.
He had a natural gift for leadership and always brought passion with him no matter the situation. His charisma allowed people to follow what he said without question even at age 84.

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True passion

Tariq Aziz’s passion for languages and poetry led him to be both an actor in films as well a poet who had knowledge. of many different types. He could memorize thousands. upon thousand verses from Habib Jalib, Majeed Amjad or Allama. Iqbal by hearing them once!

Neelam Ghar

His show Neelam Ghar was. considered to be and had informational content that both entertained as well. as gave insight into the world. The most interesting aspect of his performances is each dialogue he has with members. of the audience, which creates an entertaining yet informative. experience for all who watch.
While hosting Neelam Ghar, Tariq Aziz would often recite poems from Punjabi poetry. and Majeed Amjad’s collection such as; “Hum two siah naseeb gain / Uche Burj Lahore De” (Punjab).
He appeared on the game show “Inam Ghar” in Pakistan and answered all their questions. without any help provided to participants. He donated his prizes, which he won by solving puzzles during gameplay. (including cash), towards helping an organization that works with. people who need it most.

Tariq Aziz – Style

Renowned Personality, Television host. Legendary Poet

He was the first compere on PTV, whose voice and style had an effect that lasts to this day. When Pakistan Television started broadcasting in 1955. Tariq Aziz made his way onto our screens with a simple but groundbreaking. show – it would change how we consume media forever!
When Tariq Aziz first started Pakistan. Television, his voice and style had a lasting effect on every listener. His delivery made it easy for people to follow along with what. he said even if they could not hear him well enough in their own homes
In those days, every artist and actor on Pakistan Television was a national hero. because PTV’s only channel started broadcasting in the 1960s.

Tariq Aziz’s Acting

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One of the most famous Pakistani movies to come out in 1967, Insaniyat was. a collaboration between Tariq Aziz and Waheed Murad. The film starred Zeba along with him on-screen as well!
Though Tariq Aziz is best known for his work in Urdu language films, he has also acted. across different genres. He’s done 36 movies altogether- one-off. performances or small bits here and there but some major roles too. 
Tariq Aziz acted in several. films including Insaniat, Haar Gaya Insaan, Salgirah, Qasam Us Waqt Ki and Katari.


The life of Tariq Aziz is one worth celebrating. He has served his country in many capacities, including being. elected to represent the people at National Assembly and receiving. many honors for it like the Pride Of Performance award.


Tariq Aziz: A Poet

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Tariq Aziz was a popular and well-known writer of Punjabi. He wrote many books that are still read today, including:
Tariq Aziz not only was a great actor, host and parliamentarian but his poetry will always be. remembered. His work is. written with each word crafting elegant. wisdom to inspire others in their journey to finding hope. within themselves despite the circumstances around them.

His book, titled, “Hamzaad da Dukh” was a valuable contribution to Punjabi literature. 

Aziz was. known as a firebrand revolutionary during his college era and joined. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan. Peoples Party in 1970. He became one of the most. passionate speakers at these campaigns with slogans that. would charge up crowds like never before.
In 1996, Aziz parted ways with his party and went back into the entertainment world. He joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) in 1997 but was soon. charged for attacking the Supreme Court building during Ayub Khan’s regime
In those days there were many political activists who opposed government. policies so they could voice their opinions without fear or hesitation.
Farewell of the Tariq Aziz – Charismatic Man
Renowned anchor Tariq Aziz died in Lahore on Wednesday. He was 84 years old and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for some time now. 
According to his family who confirmed the news through an issued statement. saying that  “our dear father left us too soon.”
The funeral of this great man was. attended by those who had come to pay their respects, including many fans and family members.
When we lost Tariq Aziz, the country lost one of its most influential and well-known figures. He was not just an actor but also helped create many TVs in Pakistan with his contribution to this industry. 

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Summing it up
He had it all. He was a legendary host, poet and parliamentarian to boot! But what makes him unforgettable. is that Tariq Aziz lived his life as an example of motivation for others.
Thanks to his contributions, Tariq Aziz is. considered to be one of the most important figures in the history. of Pakistani television.