Skardu city is fraught with gracious and eye-catching lakes. These lakes tremendously add into the beauty of the city as well the Skardu valley. Pakistan consists of such marvels which shouldn’t shy away from exploring. A look at these marvels outside Skardu will also bring amazement to you.

Kachura Lake

Around 20 miles away from Skardu lay the glittering water of Kachura Lake. It’s a two hours drive by jeep. The banks of these welcoming lakes are adorned by multitude of radiant flowers while trees are full of apple blossoms, apricot and peach especially in the season of spring. The lake provides exciting opportunities such as trout fishing. The lake sparkles the world around and depicts a unique view which is highly captivating and worth capturing. There are two parts of Kachura Lake; Lower Kachura Lake and Upper Kachura Lake.

Upper Kachura Lake

The upper Kachura Lake is crystal clear water. It has depth of 230 feet (750 meters). In summers, the temperature of the lake is 59 degree Fahrenheit. The surface of this lake gets frozen in winters. Upper Indus River stands near to the lake at lower elevation. The charm of Upper Kachura Lake stays undiscovered by the travelers. This is because of the fact that there’s no developed infrastructure. Upper Kachura Lake involves Himalaya mountaineering, trout fishing and hiking.

Lower Kachura Lake

Lower Kachura Lake or Shangri-La Lake is a portion of Shangri-La resort place at a distance of 20 min from the town of Skardu. It’s a famous tourist destination consisting of peculiar restaurant. Higher is the Kachura village from where one can see the twinkling water of Kachura Lake surrounded by dramatic trees.

Sadpara Lake

The lake is 5 miles and 8 km away from Skardu. It’s a 20 min drive by jeep. The amusing lake is surrounded by glacial mountains and it consists of an island in center of clear water that can be approached by boat. This lake is taken ideal for the purpose of fishing. Satpara Lake is among the most popular places located in Skardu. Here, Satpara dam is being built.

Areas to Visit Near Skardu

Deosai Plain

Deosai plain is among the greatest plateaus which is situated at distance of about 32 kilometers from the city of Skardu. Amazingly, its spreads over 3000 square kilometer. The entrancing scenery offered by Deosai is in the mid of June till mid September. The landscape in Deosai is all covered with colorful wild flowers making Deosai shine radiantly specifically in the summers. Simply drive to the bright place and visit this Plateau which is 4000 meters above the sea level. Deosai Plain is a vast plateau that areas a section of more than 400 sq km, west and south of Skardu. The region is also called “Bhear Sar” which means area of flowers. Inquisitively, Deosai is rich in animals and plants. It burst into life particularly in brief summer and spring months. Plateau serves as a home to Himalayan bears which is a unique feature. Other mammals that one can find in Deosai are Himalayan Ibex, Tibetan Red Fox and Tibetan Wolf. Main areas on Deosai include Sheosar Lake, Barawai, Shatung Nulla and Kala Pani. Deosai plateau also offers numerous opportunities for the trekkers and the place is conveniently approachable from Skardu.


Shigar is an extremely beautiful village which is few miles away from Skardu. It’s a picturesque village having admirable terraced fields that grow all forms of crops. The place was a very small kingdom where the local rulers lived in the Shigar fort. Apparently, Aga Khan has shown keen interest in fort which is now under renovation and its open for people coming from all around the world. Shigar fort is again made a residential fort. Shigar Valley is 32 km away from Skardu and it’s watered by Shigar River. The valley owns a pleasing landscape and thrives in fruits like apricots, walnuts, peaches, grapes and pears.

Braldo Valley

Braldo is considered as the most scantly inhabited and isolated valleys. It’s about 40 km away from Shigar valley. Braldo is covered with snow peaks and greatest glaciers outside the polar region. Braldo valley is mostly travelled in summers for mountaineering. Sleep facilities, food supplies are readily available. The area was previously called Bangia Bridge which referred to bridge crossing major channel of Braldo River. Presently, new village in Haiderabad stands close to these Bangia bridges. In order to enter the valley, one needs to follow jeep trail which gradually turns towards north. The road is squeezed by fast flowing water of the river. It’s so close to the transport passing that the two mediums can easily come in contact with one another. Continuing the journey to the north of Braldu, visitors prefer climbing the zig zag trail which comes up on small plateau to the village known as Nyet. There’s a new road constructed that passes Braldu River to Byansapi.

Basho Valley

Basho valley is one of the fascinating places to pay heed on. It receives few foreign travelers every year but welcomes a handful of climbers and trekker crossing Haramosh while they traverse up the glacier known as Chomo Lungma. It’s a 3 hours drive from city of Skardu that brings the travelers to the upper area of Shigar Valley called Basho valley. Traversing this valley, at south of Basha River is village named Tisar. Hemaesil village is around 45 minutes drive by jeep up till Basha River which crosses the gushing lush stream from Chutron. Basho valley of Shigar valley is approachable via Skardu. It takes 22 hours to reach there from Islamabad through Karakoram Highway or 6 hours distance from Gilgit. The alternate route is more feasible that is 45 minutes flight from the capital of Lahore (Islamabad) to Skardu.

These entrancing valleys and glaciers can’t be compared with any other beauty existing in the universe. Such places can be a means of relaxation and meditation for the travelers. It mesmerises your soul and mind in a praising manner making the view incredibly unforgettable.