Online translations are the need of the day as the world gets smaller and smaller courtesy of the World Wide Web and an increasing number of people interact with each other on social media and elsewhere. The collective need of all these people to translate a word or phrase to communicate with friends across the globe has probably never been higher.

Pakistanis are no different in this regard as the national language of Pakistan is Urdu and predominantly spoken in the country. So, all those people who make friends with people from other cultures need good translators so as to overcome communication gaps in their conversations with them. Translating from Urdu to English is therefore a hot topic of interest in Pakistan and much sought after therefore.

Many Pakistanis take to adjusting to the online world with the help of online translators because they are quick to produce results and easier to use.

Understanding this demand for Urdu to English and English to Urdu translators, many online translators have sprung up, offering bilingual translation services for free to incoming users. These translators have the main task of providing translation but their micro features are a bit different from each other. This is most probably intentional so that one translator may retain value for itself by offering something unique to users. This is why people may prefer one over the other courtesy of the small things that count when looking for good Urdu translators online.

The Historical and Famous Feroz Sons Lahore Bilingual Dictionaries

The traditional way adopted by Pakistanis of seeking counterpart words in English was to use the famous dictionaries published by Feroz Sons Lahore. The most popular of them was “Feroz ul lughaat” which was an Urdu dictionary that explained the meaning of Urdu terms in Urdu.

Bilingual Dictionaries

Then there were the bilingual dictionaries which were more modern in that they translated word from English to Urdu or Urdu to English, or both, respectively. These dictionaries received much more attention in Pakistan as the trend of English medium schools increased in the country and English became more and more popular amongst the masses.


The Separate Demand for Urdu-To-English and English-To-Urdu Bilingual Dictionaries

Interestingly, the Urdu to English dictionaries were popular with students from Urdu medium schools, many of whom were obsessed with learning English. This is because even today, many people still consider speaking fluent English to be status symbol! There are even a large number of tuition centers offering crash courses in spoken English. So the Urdu to English Ferozsons dictionaries were popular for people belonging to this school of thought mostly.

In contrast, the English to Urdu dictionaries were trendy with students of English medium schools who had to study Urdu only because it was a mandatory subject. Most of the students studying in Englsih Medium schools could not speak or write Urdu fluently and hence needed an aid to help them out. This was in line with the instructions of every successive Pakistani government, Urdu being the national language. So these were the different areas in which demand for ether type of dictionary was more than the other but on the whole, all kinds of dictionaries were used everywhere.

Soft-Copies of Ferozsons Dictionaries

As of today, free pdf versions of these dictionaries are available for download over the internet. These are basically soft copies of the dictionaries which are then to be used the same way as their physical versions to locate a word and then to read its translation in the other language.

Difficult to Search the Meaning of the Target Word

However, this is a cumbersome process which also take a lot of time, relatively speaking. The thing about these dictionaries was that if a word is required to be translated, then you have to turn a lot of pages before you are able to locate the correct alphabets that make up the word you are searching for. This was the reason why they were not as popular.

A newer method of instant input of word and its translation is what has made this dictionaries so very popular, better known as the method of online translation. This new process has made old ways of looking up words in dictionaries defunct as it takes only a fraction of a time and is therefore very convenient to use.

Timely Updating Of Online Dictionaries

In addition to that, these online dictionaries are updated and modernized much more quickly. They include the new words that are used in today’s world, especially over the World Wide Web. These new terms were not available in older dictionaries. That is another reason why many people use online dictionaries to get to know their meanings.

Also, even if the physical dictionaries were updated with the new words as they were coined, it still took them a lot of time as reprints were made with a gap of a number of years. So an added advantage of online dictionaries is that new words are incorporated into theme sooner than later. The meanings of the new terms are therefore available for search swiftly as compared to physical dictionaries.

There are many online Urdu to English and English to Urdu dictionaries available, with google translate being one of them.

Google Translate For English and Urdu Translations

Google translate is by far the best online translator which is available, courtesy of its simplicity and ease of use. Google translate has a very simple outlook which makes it a good choice for users.

Simple Layout

Very importantly, there is no clutter of any kind on the website with a lot of white space making the background of the website. This give a very straight-forward look to users who are therefore happy to get away with what they are looking for easily instead of getting confused with the layout.

There are many different languages for which google translate offers its services including English to Urdu and Urdu to English, bilingual translation for all languages is offered basically.

Keyboard Input For Urdu

Also, there are keyboards to enter the word for the selected languages easily. The Urdu keyboard allows users to enter the word of choice easily with the help of a mouse and then search for its counterpart term in English language.

Handwritten Input

There is also an option to write the word that needs to be translated. This can be a good creative idea to add the word so that it can be translated appropriately by google translate. This applies for both English and Urdu languages.

Speech To Text Input

In addition to that, speech to text input is also available. Using the speech recognition technology, users can speak their word of choice so it can be recognized by google translate. After recognition, google translate will then translate the word into either English or Urdu, whichever the language selected by the users in the appropriate drop down menus.

So there are a whole lot of options available for translation from English to Urdu or Urdu to English that users can make use of with Google translate. This is a good translation tool to use and also the first one that shows in search results if you google “translate”.


Hamariweb Translation Services

HamariWeb is another useful translator for Urdu to English and English to Urdu that is just one part of the HamariWeb website. This is because Hamariweb is a considerably big website that has a lot of features to it such as Dictionaries, Articles, Poetry, Finance, News, Cricket, TV, Videos, images and much more.

This dictionary section has a good convenient theme which allows users to translate from Urdu to English or English to Urdu without hassle. If you choose to translate from English to Urdu, you can type in the word you wish to see translated. Alternately, for translation from Urdu to English, you can use the keyboard available on HamariWeb to input your Urdu word.

Roman Urdu

When you press search, the results of your query would be displayed in three different formats namely your English word, followed by its translation into Roman Urdu and finally the word for it in Urdu text.

In addition to the word you entered, at least one other similar word would also be displayed in the same format, i.e. English, Roman Urdu and Urdu.

Additional Helpful Features

A brief description of the word and its meaning would also be presented towards the left of the page. This description would include the number of times the word has been searched on HamariWeb until your turn.

Also, right below the translation of the image, a long list of meanings and synonyms of the word would be shown. This would also include different instances in which the word can be used. The grammatical state of the word such as noun, adjective, verb would also be mentioned along with.

On the right, there is a box for “word of the day” that displays the meaning of a selected word in different languages such as Urdu, English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, et cetera.

Down below, there is a box for most searched terms for translation and also the recently searched terms.

Imtranslator.Net Online Translator

Imtranslator is another suitable online translator which can be used for translating words from English and Urdu. The translator provides you with a long list of languages in which translation services are available including Urdu and English.

Entering and Copying Words Via Copy Paste

You also have the option of pasting text into it so as to enter the word you saw or read on a website as is and get to search its meaning.

Also, once, you find the words you were looking for, you can cut and paste its meaning from this translator using the tab for it.

There is also an option to use a keyboard to input Urdu text to translate it into English and other languages.

Text To Speech and Special Symbols

A text-to-speech option is also available over which allows you to be able to ascertain the correct pronunciation for your word. This can help you with speaking the word in the appropriate tone. You can simply type the word and the virtual speaker will speak the word for you so you get an idea about how to pronounce it accurately.

Moreover, there is an option to add special symbols of English language so that if you have a word that needs such symbols, then you can conveniently input them so as to translate the word into Urdu.

A certain translation can also be emailed to a client if that if translating a word or phrase is what you have tasked by any of your clients.

A Good Trick to Use with Translators to Get the Most Accurate Result

A good trick to use to get the most accurate result of the word that you are looking for is to use translators in combination with an online thesaurus such as the one available with What this will do is give you a list of words against the word you seek translation for. This will help you when you do get the counterpart word for your word in the target language but it does not fit in appropriately into what you are trying to understand or write.

Just take the word generated by the translator and plug it into the thesaurus and you will get synonyms of that word. You can then pick and choose the word that is the best fit for your task, simple is that!

Roman Urdu as an Alternative to Urdu Text

Roman to English is another very useful and highly searched translation over the World Wide Web. This is because there are some words for which you may not know how to write them in Urdu.

Hence searching them in roman Urdu may allow you to still be able to catch their meaning. This is why some online translation websites have added the feature of roman Urdu to English translation and roman Urdu to Urdu translation on their pages.

So this is another creative and useful feature that can come in very handy, especially for those people who have a focus on English and their spoken and written Urdu is not ideal. is another online translator that offers translation services from Urdu to English and English to Urdu. In addition, it also provides incoming users with translation services for Roman Urdu into English and Urdu both. If you select the Roman Urdu option and search, you would be able to see results for your words in Roman Urdu, English and Urdu text so that you are all clear about how to write the word in Urdu and what it means in English. This translator would also list synonyms of the word so that you get to have a fair idea about the different instances of use of the word of your choice.