The Meaning and Significance of Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone which has been admired for its beauty, significance and uses since pre-historic times. From the earliest records available, lapis lazuli was found to be admired and valued by the people of the time, taking the lead from their forefathers.

Its significance for mankind is so old that there isn’t even a record available of when it was discovered and when its use by humans started. Even the Old Testament has mention of lapis lazuli.

In addition to that, this stone was a hot favorite of Kings and Queens in ancient times dating back to time of the pharaohs of Egypt, because of its noble features.

It is recorded that the lapis lazuli gemstone was used to color the eyebrows for the mask of King Tutankhamun of Egypt that had been designed for his funeral. Such was the significance of this gemstone for the notables of the time.

Literary Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

The name of the gemstone, lapis lazuli, comes from the Latin term lapis for stone and the Persian term lazhuward for blue. So lapis lazuli basically stands for blue stone.

The radiance of the blue color is a very strong reason why the stone has been admired and mined for thousands of years. This kind of strong color is unmatched by any other kind of stone and the lapis lazuli is therefore an excellent choice for jewelry for women.

The beauty of the shaped carved out from this stone never escapes the eye as it is much too visible to remain unnoticed.

This blue color comes from the mineral lazurite that is part of the composition of the stone, amongst other minerals. Lazurite is said to form between 25%~40% of the total composition.

Mining of Lapis Lazuli in Pakistan

Lapis Lazuli is mined from many different parts of the world, including Pakistan as the country has noticeable reserves of lapis lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli is not a very expensive stone and hence can be bought more of less affordably in Pakistan. However, there are many qualities of lapis lazuli available in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.

This means that the most important aspect for a buyer is that the gemstone be available in the highest grade which is the purest form of it, but that quality is rare.

The cost of lapis lazuli increases with the increase in the shade of blue in it. The more bluish shade it has, the more its beauty and the more its value courtesy of the uses of its composition.

Buying Lapis Lazuli Mined in Pakistan Online

Lapis Lazuli mined in Pakistan can also be purchased online over the World Wide Web. There are a number of such websites which are selling gemstones including lapis lazuli online to both local and international customers.

There is also information given about the lapis lazuli gemstone. You can search for and browse the websites as they might have something useful for you.

The following are a few of the websites originating in Pakistan and selling gemstones online

  • K2gemstonescom

Denim Lapis as a Variant of Lapis Lazuli

Denim Lapis is a lighter form of lapis lazuli which has a higher concentration of the mineral calcite in it which therefore gives it a strong shade of WHITE relatively. Resultantly, the shade of BLUE is lowered and it is considered to be a lower quality of lapis lazuli.

An Invaluable Gemstone during the Age of the Renaissance

In the old times, lapis lazuli was prominent because of the ultramarine dye which was extracted from this gemstone.

The dye was made by grinding pure lapis lazuli into powder form and was utilized by painters during the age of the Renaissance.

This dye was very expensive and was therefore considered to be very noble, which is why it was only used to paint holy figures or other important figures.

However, one very unique and attractive feature of this dye was that paintings made using pure ultramarine dye never faded! This must definitely have had led to skilled painters being interested in buying this dye in spite of its high cost. Notably, one of the famous painters of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, used the ultramarine dye in his paintings.

Later on, the use of this expensive dye became defunct as a newer, cheaper synthetic dye was invented for paintings.

Meanings 0f the Beautiful Lapis Lazuli

In the ancient times, it was believed that the lapis lazuli gemstone had very noble characteristics associated with it. It was believed that this gemstone was a friend of good spirits while an enemy to evil ones and therefore was used to ward off wicked spirits from a place.

This stone was and still is believed to signify loyalty. This is why it was an ideal stone for a married couple as it had the effect of encouraging the two to stay faithful to each other.

Also, many of the ancient Egyptian gods were attached to lapis lazuli which is why it had a lot of significance for the people of the time as well.

Significance of Lapis Lazuli-The Blue Stone

There is a long list of the significance of lapis lazuli, instances in which it can be used and hence be of profit to its owner. Lapis Lazuli is easily available in the form of necklaces or pendants that can be worn around the neck. At times however the wearer may have a reaction to wearing the gemstone but there is no need to panic in such a situation. All that is needed is some patience as the person may gradually adapt to the gemstone. Some of the most notable features of the lapis lazuli gemstone are listed one by one as follows:

  • Improves the power of judgement and hence decision-making especially for those who have to take decisions every day, such as senior executives, journalists, etcetera.
  • Helps improve the process of learning and aids in sharpening the mind.
  • Has an effect on the memory as it helps to maintain a strong memory.
  • Improvises on the spirituality of an individual and helps him to connect with the Almighty.
  • Encourages a number of positive traits with a person such as motivating him or her to speak the truth, to be honest, etc.
  • Brings about harmony in relationships if they are troubled or marred by misunderstandings. Therefore the lapis lazuli gemstone can be priceless for married individuals as it can help them settle well into their new marital status. In addition, to that, it also helps parents conceive children with balanced and cool personalities.
  • The lapis lazuli gemstone is also said to have the power to do away with disorders in children such as attention deficit disorder. This disorder is said to have a high frequency within children and a huge number of parents are extremely worried about the future of their children diagnosed with this disorder. Luckily for them the lapis lazuli gemstone might just have a solid solution to offer them, so it’s worth a shot!
  • Helps in communication if an individual has trouble in speaking up his mind in the face of others. This means that the lapis lazuli gemstone has the power to help such an individual open up to others. It will help him to gain clear-headedness so that he thinks of the right words to convey his point of view to whoever he communicates with.
  • The lapis lazuli gemstone is an omen of success in the workplace as it can bring about rewards and recognition for the individual in his field of expertise.
  • The gemstone can increase the creative powers of an individual such as an artist or a writer or any other professional for that matter. Lapis Lazuli can help him by strengthening his mind and improvising on his intellectual capabilities. Therefore, helping him to think with a new angle, away from the mainstream, and come up with interesting and innovative ideas is what it can do!
  • Lapis Lazuli also helps the mind of an individual by helping drain its confusion and by aiding it in becoming more and more organized for its benefit. The gemstone can also assist in silencing and balancing an overactive mind. The result of this is the increase in the mind’s focus on useful and profiting activities instead of being distracted by petty things.
  • Lapis lazuli is also considered to be effective in helping individuals overcome their depression and give them hope of a much better life ahead than the one which brought them into disarray and depression.
  • The lapis lazuli gemstone can help bring about confidence in people who always feel a lack of it in their personalities. It can help them gain courage to make their mark in society by helping them do away with their shyness.
  • This stone can also help an individual who feels annoyed at the thought of his painful past. So, it can help him accept whatever happened to him and to move on with his life and aim higher. This can lead to him reaching the pinnacle of his success and forget about his failures in the past.
  • This attractive stone can also be very helpful in aiding people manage their worries and tensions in daily life. It can help ensure that they are able to cope with the stress they have to face on a daily basis. Therefore it is a guide for them in matters of everyday life as well.
  • The stone is also believed to have a connection with dreams. This is an especially interesting feature of this gemstone that it can help its wearers to recall their dreams and understand them as well. It can help them to decipher the hidden messages they get in their dreams for their benefit.
  • The gemstone is also believed to be helpful in an individual’s understanding of his own self. It helps create self-awareness so that a person can manage his own person better out of improved understanding of his own nature.
  • Anger management is one more benefit which this stone has to offer and needless to say, is a major advantage if it! This is because anger can often get out of control for any hot-headed person and so this is a very positive benefit this stone has to offer. In addition, the immense social and economic pressures on members of society can make them feel angry very often. Since this is not a healthy psychological state therefore anyone who gets angry very often might as well try wearing the lapis lazuli gemstone to see what results it produces for him.
  • This stone also helps an individual make more friends by changing his mood to be appear very friendly to others and therefore attract them towards him. This can be a huge benefit for a person who has trouble maintaining his relationships in society. This stone can be nothing short of a blessing for him!
  • For an individual who is the victim of negative thoughts every now and then, the lapis lazuli gemstone can provide help. The stone can help turn his thoughts into positive so that he can exit the pool of negativity he finds himself in and enter into a better state of heart and mind. This process can possibly lead to him thinking and acting positively instead of the other way round.
  • The lapis lazuli is a birthstone for the zodiac signs Pisces and Sagittarius and therefore has a number of uses for people with either of these signs.
  • The stone also has the feature of being able to balance the two sides of an individual with each other. These two sides of him are his inner self as well as his outer self and the lapis lazuli does a great job of balancing the two with each other so that the individual may find harmony in his person.
  • If any individual wears the lapis lazuli gemstone, he will notice a number of problems associated with the part of his body near to the gemstone, being cured. For instance, if he wears a necklace of the stone which is very near to his throat then it would help do away with any thyroid problems he may have, hearing aid problems, or a number of other problems in the vicinity of that body part.
  • It is also said that the lapis lazuli gemstone has the power to help an individual diagnosed with high or low blood pressure do away or at least improve on his state. The stone can help stabilize his heart and hence play its part in normalizing the abnormal blood pressure experienced by him.
  • Insomnia is another major problem which this gemstone is believed to solve or at least reduce by an appreciable amount. The stone can therefore help such an individual fall asleep as well as stay asleep for as long as maybe considered ideal by him.
  • Migraine is another common problem which the stone is said to solve as such a “half-head-ache” can be very painful for the one suffering from it. Therefore, this stone can come to the rescue of any individual who goes through a terrorizing situation whenever he falls victim to a migraine attack.


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