The Meaning and Significance of Moonstone

by Syed Owais Ali Zaidy
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The Moonstone gemstone is a silicate of sodium potassium aluminum. The stone is very attractive to the sight and comes in different varieties and colors. Buyers are eager to take their pick from the range of moonstones available for sale. The choice of moonstone from the diverse range available mostly depends on the specific qualities which are most suited to a buyer’s horoscope.

Other than that, the stone’s visual appeal such as its color and shape definitely have a say when a buyer is making a random purchase of it from among its variants.

Color Range for the Moonstone Gemstone

The moonstone can be either transparent or translucent and is found in a variety of colors such as white, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Gray, Brown, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Colorless.

Each of the different colors of the moonstone have qualities of their own as distinguishable from each other.

Of Moonlight and Cats’ Eyes

The name of this attractive looking gemstone has its origins in the glow of the stone which is said to have a remarkable resemblance to moonlight.

In addition to that, the ancient Romans used to believe that the color and shade of the moonstone makes it out of this world. According to them, the moonstone was not native to the Earth but that it was made from frozen moonshine and hence was from the sky!

The Romans theorized moonshine to be the source of the dizzy shade of the gemstone which had such a strong resemblance to the appearance of moonlight.

It is said that the best time to wear the moonstone is in a full moon. Taking the lead from the belief that it is associated with moonshine, therefore, wearing it in a full moon is when optimum benefit can be taken from its natural abilities of helping people in one way or the other.

In addition to that, the moonstone gemstone is also said to have a very close resemblance with a cat’s eye! The moonstone gemstone looks almost as if it is an eye of a cat!

There is even a natural line that passes between the stone and hence looks as if it is the retina of a cat’s eye. Moonstone in yellowish color has the closed resemblance with a cat’s eye. However, other colors are also close to being look-alikes of a cat’s eye as they also have the cutting line in between their structure.

All of moonstone’s colors are attractive to the looks and leave a pleasant impression on the onlooker, that’s true.

The State of the Gemstone Industry in Pakistan

The mining and subsequent cutting of gemstones, including moonstone, in what constitutes present-day Pakistan is very ancient. Historians believe it to date back about four thousand years to the Indus Valley Civilization. This is because excavations of archaeological sites in Pakistan has led to the findings of gemstones that were local to the area. The Hindukush, Himalaya and Karakorum mountain ranges are said to constitute the majority of gemstone deposits in Pakistan.

Bodies Overseeing the Activities in the Industry

There are four different organizations working in Pakistan, all three of them sharing the common goal of advancing the trade and industry of gemstones in Pakistan. They are listed one by one as follows:

  • The All Pakistan Gems Merchants and Jewelers Association (APGMJA) (est. 1970)
  • The All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association of Rough & Un-Polished Precious & Semi Precious Stones (APCEA) (est. 1988)
  • The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (formerly Export Promotion Bureau) (est. 2006)
  • The Pakistan Gems and Jewelry Development Company (PGJDC) (est. 2006)

All of these bodies are supported by the Government of Pakistan and have the task of improvising upon the current state of the gemstone industry in the country. This is so that the environment for local as well as foreign investment in the Pakistani gemstone industry can be improved. All these efforts are anticipated to pay-off to all the parties concerned at the end of the day given that they co-ordinate and co-operate with each other. If the planning and execution stages are covered properly, then the gemstone industry in Pakistan can surely become one of the most profitable in the country.

Modern day gemstone industry in Pakistan however witnessing a good load of activity as there are a large number of gemstones that are being mined out of Pakistan. Experts studying international gemstone markets now see Pakistan as a major player with a sizable portfolio of gemstones up for sale. Pakistan is said to export at least thirty [30] different varieties of gemstones into the international market inclusive to the moonstone gemstone.

Mining of Moonstone Gemstone in Pakistan

There are deposits of the moonstone gemstone in Gilgit, situated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, where it is mined out of. It is said that the Northern Areas in Pakistan are the Kingdom of gemstones, owing to the huge variety of gemstones mined out of this area.

The color of moonstone which is mined out of Gilgit in Pakistan ranges from soft grey to a silvery white shade. In addition to that, the Gilgit moonstones are pretty large in size and also of a very high quality. There is a good amount of deposits in Gilgit which means that moonstones are mined out of it regularly and so create a steady supply of this tone in the local and international market for gems.

Demand for Moonstone Gemstone in Pakistan

A good many number of people in Pakistan are interested in getting to know about gemstones and also buying them to take benefit of their properties.

The moonstone gemstone is no different as Pakistanis who consider it to be a worthwhile gemstone desire to purchase it so as to profit their person through it. In addition to that, since many people are able to afford this gemstone. Therefore, there is reason for it to be a popular choice of a gemstone in amongst the masses.

For the same reason, there are many instances of moonstones being sold in Pakistan to the general public.

There are a number of websites selling moonstone gemstone in Pakistan and this is in addition to the stone being sold in physical markets in the country.

Mystiques Associated With Moonstone Gemstone

A good number of myths are also associated with this beautiful gemstone the world over. Each and every culture where the moonstone is frequently worn has its own associations and reasons for making use of the gemstone.

For example, moonstone is considered to be a “dream stone” in India. This association with the stone is owing to the belief that if a person wears moonstone, the stone will bring him a good, favorable dream at night!

The moonstone gemstone has also been associated with gods in the ancient Roman culture. Diana was a goddess to which the moonstone was related by the Romans. If an individual sought the help of Diana, then he used the moonstone as a means of doing so.

Likewise, in the Arabian countries, it is a practice for women to wear the gemstone by sewing them into their clothing such that they are hidden. The reason why this is done is because it is considered that moonstone brings about fertility for women in general and infertile women in particular. Since infertility is a feared problem amongst women, therefore the moonstone gemstone holds a very high importance as it is said to do away with this problem.

Interestingly, the moonstone gemstone is known as the Traveler’s Stone. This is because it is said that the moonstone gemstone keeps travelers protected from getting into harm’s way, especially for travel during the night-time!

The moonstone gemstone is also thought to have luck for its wearer and help better his affairs therefore, codenamed as Lucky Stone even.

The Effect of Adularescence Witnessed In Moonstone

Adularescence is an effect which is typical in moonstone and is what makes it look so very beautiful and attractive to the sight. Ever wondered what caused this effect in moonstone? Well, according to gemstone specialists, this is the result of another effect that is known as adularisation and it has to do with the inner natural make of moonstone which is said to be lamellar in technical language.

When light is incident on the gemstone, it penetrates through it because moonstone allows light to pass through because it is transparent and translucent in nature. When light crosses the gemstone and enters its structure, it undergoes a change in its angle and direction, an effect known in Physics and refraction.

Next, the light scatters inside the architecture of the gemstone. As a result, what shows is the effect of adularescence, that is, a very attractive looking gemstone that looks as if it is giving out the light of the shining moon!

Therefore, this effect of adularescence is what makes the moonstone gemstone appeal to a large number of people who are then attracted to buy it for themselves.

A Downside of the Moonstone Gemstone

A downside of the moonstone gemstone however is its low hardness. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of moonstone is measured to be as low as 6. As a result of this, it is important to handle moonstones very carefully because they have a very soft structure.

They can even break if too much load is put onto them and if they are left without any solid covering to protect them.

It is therefore best to always keep moonstones safe and sound in boxes so that undue pressure is not exerted onto them.

Attractive Looking Jewelry Made Out of Moonstone

Moonstone has been used as a jewelry item for thousands of years by different cultures the world over. It has been used by the Romans, the Indians, and the Europeans, so on and so forth. The use of moonstone in jewelry continues to this day and the gemstone is still a popular choice for many.

Affordable For Everyone

Although moonstone is a relatively affordable gemstone, there is still a lot of price difference in its purchase as an item of jewelry. On the whole however, the price of moonstone varies to such an extent that anyone can have the chance of buying a moonstone for himself while keeping within his budget.

Intensity of Color

One very prominent aspect that is observed is the variation of moonstone’s price in relation to the intensity of its color. The brighter the color of gemstone, the more prized and the more expensive it is. The attraction of the stone in its bright color definitely dictates the price at which it is sold in the jewelry market.

Size Matters

In addition to that, the size of the stone matters as well. This is because a moonstone with a bigger size is considered to be of higher value than a smaller sized moonstone.


Lastly, the extent of transparency of the gemstone also makes a difference to its price tag. The transparency and price of the moonstone gemstone are related by direct proportionality.

Blue Colored Gemstone

An encapsulating feature of the blue colored moonstones is their three-dimensional symmetry that does not fail to attract the onlooker with its beauty and grandeur. This becomes visible when the gemstone is rotated in either direction as it then shows clearly to the onlooker. A moonstone gemstone that possesses this symmetry is probably the most expensive of all the moonstone qualities. Therefore this is yet another factor that affects the price tag of moonstone sold into the jewelry market.

Managing Moonstone’s Wear And Tear

Over use, moonstone can accumulate wear and tear by losing its shine and may therefore need to be taken care of. This is not much of a problem however as this problem can be handled pretty easily.

All that is needed is a coat of polish on the gemstone and it would be shining like the moon as soon as the polish is complete!

The Significance of the Moonstone Gemstone

  • Moonstone is said to improve the person of an individual by helping him have hope in himself instead of feeling dejected and disappointed about his life and its affairs.
  • Surprisingly, the moonstone gemstone is also said to increase the fertility of a ground. Let us say for instance that a person is fond of gardening, then he should know that keeping moonstone up-close with him during gardening is a great way to increase its produce! Yes, he should try to wear it and most probably, he will be able to enhance the productivity of his garden! The same should apply for agricultural fields in all probability. All those landowners who cultivate their land should try to have a moonstone gemstone close-by the ground as this can therefore multiply the produce of their agricultural land. It would be a good idea to give it a shot and witness the actual results on the ground after having made good use of the gemstone.
  • Moonstone is also said to help couples who have quarreled amongst themselves to leave disagreements aside and unite with each other.
  • This stone is also helpful in aiding a person understand himself through meditation.
  • It is said that the moonstone gemstone improves upon the thought process of a person by helping him gain clear-headedness. Helping improve the focus of an individual is also part and parcel of this benefit of the gemstone.
  • It is believed that the moonstone gemstone can be a source of good fortune for its owner.
  • The stone is also considered to have good health benefits; for instance moonstone is believed to help its wearer’s digestive system work better; even help a food-lover fight his obesity!
  • Moonstone is also said to calm a person who is very emotional and it is therefore another good quality of the moonstone gemstone.
  • It is also believed that moonstone gemstone improvises upon the intuitive ability of an individual and therefore helps him benefit from the improvement in it.
  • The moonstone gemstone is said to be of high use to women who are about to give birth. This is because the gemstone reduces the pain that a mother goes through, especially at the time of delivery.
  • This gemstone can bring a balance between two very important organs of the body, namely the heart and the mind. This can have the effect of helping an individual have peace in his person and to be able to care for and especially empathize with those around him so he feels their pain and acts so as to amend it in any way possible.
  • Moonstone is believed to even solve matters and keep things running well on the workplace. It is said that it can help managers to manage their sub-ordinates and their work very well. The stone can therefore translate into professional success for executives and help them climb their career ladder very easily. So professionals facing troubles at the workplace whether as a result of low compensation, or a promotion that is long-awaited, should try wearing a moonstone pendant. They should wear it around their necks at all times on-site and see what results it brings forth for them after a couple of months.

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