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Chinese video-sharing social application TikTok has surpassed all the social media platforms including Facebook and its partner apps, to wear the crown of most downloaded applications in the world.

Data was compiled by Nikkei Asia using the analytics app called Annie, according to the analytics, TikTok was ranked number 4 in the year 2019, but now its ranking number 1 surpassing the US-made apps.

According to Global Web Index 2019, TikTok owned by a Chinese company named Byte Dance is believed to have around 1 Billion users around the globe, from which over 100 million are from the United States. Its users are teenagers majorly, with 41% of users of age 16 to 24 years.

The mobile application is quite popular in Pakistan with a total of 39 million downloaded according to the report but the application is currently banned in Pakistan due to the “obscenity” this app promotes.

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After continuous bans and hurdles, the application is still quite popular and has not lost the popular even the slightest bit even after the launch of its rival app Snakvideo.

With its increasing popularity, the app led other giants such as Instagram owned by Facebook, and YouTube owned by Google to follow in their footsteps to introduce the short video features.

Moreover, TikTok has introduced the feature which will allow users to make the video of a length of three minutes long which was not possible before, to stay ahead in the game.

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The application is evidently quite popular in China and maintained the first position there too.