Top 10 Traditional Markets to go for Shopping in Pakistan

Preserving the natural cultural heritage and beauty is the fundamental thing to do for an individual. Pakistan serves to be a hub of all of it’s unique and equisetic traditional stuff. Pakistan is a land full of diversified cultures and heritages along with distinct colors of life. Glimpses of every tradition and culture are depicted in the handicrafts and specialties available in shopping areas and traditional markets in Pakistan.

The stunning traditional markets in Pakistan have a maze of shops that are selling multiple things. However, Pakistani Bazars provide customers with the most interesting shopping experiences. Every traditional marketplace of Pakistan has something unique and special within them. The sense of unconventional and customary approach is delivered through the depiction of old traditional fundamental values.

We are here to present you with 10 most remarkable and familial traditional markets in Pakistan that sets out variegate choices for their customers and visitors.

1. Anarkali Bazar, Lahore

Anarkali is the most ancient bazar of Pakistan located in Lahore, having its own colors and distinct features. The bazar is famous for traditional and modern commodities including clothes, traditional jewelry, handicrafts, bangles, shoes, shawls, daily used contrivances, and accessories.

This marketplace has a whole concept and story lying behind it, the bazar was named “Anarkali” after a slave girl who was immured by a Mughal empower, named Akbar after being caught in an affair with his son, Saleem. The bazar has now been split into 2 parts, named as Old Anarkali, depicting the old heritage of the country and New Anarkali, showing some modern concepts.Traditional marketplaces Pakistan, Anarkali, Lahore, Bazar

2. Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi

With no doubt, Raja Bazar is the oldest place in Rawalpindi, Pakistan – present in the heart of the city. The marketplace has all the things available at one place for the customers at a reasonable price. The bazar is mainly famous for a long thread of retailer and wholesale shops present in it.

Raja Bazar has got other adjoining markets along with the queue of shops. The area is always crowded by a substantial number of individuals surfing their time in shopping. So, it is recommended to always take a Rickshaw or a Cab, so that the rush and hustle of the market can be avoided.Traditional marketplaces Pakistan, Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi, shopping in Pakistan

3. Zainab Market, Karachi

Zainab Market, one of the biggest and affordable market, present in the main area of Karachi. Individuals can find almost everything in the bazar area at affordable prices including bags, jewelry, clothes, shoes, handicrafts, and a plenty of other things.

Shopkeepers here in the market, sell both traditional and popular brands. The marketplace is crowded with several people haggling among it to get a better price and quality. You can visit this popular marketplace anytime as it is open 24/7 for it’s customers showing the true color of Pakistani traditions and culture.

4. Qissa Khawani Bazar, Peshawar

Since the old times, Qissa Khwani Bazar is standing at the heart of the ancient city, Peshawar. The marketplace is also known as the “bazar of Storytellers” due to British merchants and massacre that happened in 1930 by the British government.

After a hectic business day, people still sit together and tell some interesting stories happened, to each other with a hot cup of tea. Peshawar’s well-established marketplace, the Qissa Khawani Bazar sells almost all type of things needed for daily life and special occasions.Qissa Khwani Bazar KPK, Peshawar, marketplace in Pakistan

5. Kalam Bazar, Kalam

Kalam Bazar is a famous marketplace found at Kalam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The bazar is present at the main mall road of Kalam, where things are available for the customers and the visitors. Traditional and cultural accessories and jewelry is the specialty of the main Kalam Bazar.

The bazar is surrounded with high mountains and lush green fields, showing an exquisite environment to the visitors. Prices are a bit higher in the place, but the quality of the things is remarkable.Kalam Bazar, Kalam, KPK

6. Liberty Market, Lahore

One of the most popular market present in the city, Lahore. Liberty market is an expensive market, thus preserving the traditional norms of the country. At the liberty market, one can find all sort of customers, the one who visit the marketplace for shopping and the ones who visits it just for fun.

The market has a series of fancy expensive shops depicting the elite-ness in a unique way. Liberty market is famous for traditional clothes, footwear, and hence everything needed for an individual. The market has reserved spots present for tailors.liberty market, lahore, bazaar

7. Tench Bhatta, Rawalpindi

Tench Bhatta is a residential and commercial area of the Rawalpindi city, famous for it’s distinctive solitary. After Raja Bazar the marketplace is well-known and glorious among the middle and lower-class of Rawalpindi.

The Bazar is known as the longest bazar of Asia, due to it’s coverage. Almost every type of thing is available within the premises of the marketplace. It is recommended, to visit the place without any vehicle.Tench Bhatta, Rawalpindi, traditional places of pindi

8. Ichra, Lahore

A predominant area, known for it’s diversity and senility, Ichra is a commercial and residential area of Lahore. The marketplace is old and is famous for some decrepit buildings present in the area.

The bazar is considered as the most economical one among all the other bazars present in the city. Ichra has got all the traditional and cultural handicrafts, dresses, footwear, and accessories that are delivered all across the Punjab.New Ichra Bazar, old Ichra Bazar, purana Ichra

9. Empress Market, Karachi

A top-rated market known as empress market is famous in Saddar, Karachi. The marketplace typically originated from the British raj in the subcontinent and is still standing. The marketplace was constructed in the time of Queen Victoria, the Empress of India in her time.

The Empress market is considered as the most populous and crowded area of the city, despite of it’s ancient-ness. Mass number of people from all over the Karachi come to this place for shopping, even though it is located in the most congested areas of the city.

10. Shah Alam Market, Lahore

Shah Alam is the most ancient wholesale marketplace of Pakistan, delivering goods all over the Pakistan at reasonable wholesale prices. The marketplace has enriched cultural and traditional values of generation of merchants.

The original Shah Alami (also known as Shah Alam) was the hub of Hindu merchants, who bargain and take things from here. After the partition, the marketplace was taken by Pakistani Muslims and is now considered as the biggest marketplace of Punjab for wholesale items.Shah Alam Market, Shah Alami, bazar