A Haunted Story

Your neighbours next door have finally shut down the racket they were making. Their baby’s crying has died down into peaceful snores and everything is calm and cosy. You are walking down the street in a place so sound and still at night, you can practically hear the leaves rustling with the wind, the quiet cat walking in the shadows somewhere nearby, the new moon shining dimly, shedding its feeble light onto the pavement in front of you. You are surrounded by nothing but thick trees, darkness, peace and sheer silence. In this beautiful lullaby of light sounds, there is a new addition now: two footsteps behind you. Someone might be going home late from work just as you.  You smile and look behind in order to initiate a conversation and perhaps make a friend on this lonely road, but you see no one in the still dark night.

You continue walking, thinking it might be your mind playing tricks, when you hear a child laugh in the bushes near you. Your heart begins to pace and your footsteps begin to race as you feel something sinister in the air. You turn a corner and there, right in front of your own eyes, clear as a day, is a woman wearing nothing but a white nightgown, her face obscured by her unruly dark hair, underneath the sheath of which you can only see her visibly red hungry eyes that could only mean death.

Why Are So Many Places in Pakistan Haunted?

You will be amazed to hear that incidents just as spooky as this excerpt are as real as life in some of the major cities of Pakistan, that otherwise depict such a serene view in the daylight. Contrary to other countries which have a list of rich activities going on late in the night such as clubbing and partying, us Pakistanis have a habit of sleeping quite early, as there is little or none night life in Pakistan, specifically in the Capital territory, Islamabad.

Many Pakistanis believe so and have narrated their skin crawling tales of haunted places in Pakistan, the most common of which are below:

Buddhist Graveyard Sector F-7

There’s nothing spookier than a graveyard that is ancient with a lot of history for paranormal activities. The Buddhist Graveyard in F7 Sector of Islamabad is one of those graveyards, the supernatural tales of haunted places in Pakistan, which have travelled far and beyond though word of mouth.

buddhist graveyard, haunted places

Many people claim to hear strange voice, mainly a woman’s wails and the sounds of footsteps belonging to an invisible being, possibly Jinns. Those who have walked pass the graveyard say that there is a constant feeling of being watched by someone in the dark. Even the local guards steer clear of it and when mentioned, they visibly shiver.

Spooky, right?

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Famous for being over 700 years old, Shah Allah Ditta Caves are as spooky as they are aesthetic for their historic beauty. The whole place is surrounded by thick old trees, the branches of which spread wide, and old caves, which are so ancient that they are close to falling down.

shah allah ditta caves, haunted places in Pakistan

The whole place is enough to give anyone creeps, but to top it off, there are numerous stories about people having heard voices and whispers in the dark. The people who reside in this area also claim to have witnessed dark shadows in the vicinity and advise tourists to come here only during the day and that too, with company.

Karsaz Bride

The road of Karsaz in Karachi might not be as famous if it were not for the story of a bride that many people have repeatedly reported. Word on the street is that many people who take this route have often seen a woman dressed up as a bride walking alone on the road and seems to disappear after a few minutes.

karsaz bride, haunted places in pakistan

These unexpected sightings of a bride late at night are enough to send shivers down the spine of a lone traveller and have it included in the list of haunted places in Pakistan.

Bhuddist Graveyard

A crematory whose history dates back to 250 years old called Buddhist Graveyard is located in the Hyderabad region and one of the spookiest haunted places in Pakistan. Previously, it was a place of performing burial rituals for the Buddist and hence, people say that the spirits of those who were cremated here lurk at this place at night.

haunted places in Islamabad, islamabad updates

Many people who live in the vicinity claim to have seen small children come and play in this place at night and disappear before sunrise. Their voices and laughter echo in the whole area and are blood-curdling enough to make you lose your calm.

Chowkandi Graveyard

Dating back to almost 600 years, the Chowkandi Graveyard is situated on the National Highway in Karachi and is notorious for being extremely haunted. This could be because of the great practices of performing Black magic using a goat’s head in this particular graveyard that it now serves as a habitat for many spirits.

chowkandi graveyard, qabristan

People dare not visit it after sunset as there are many claims of apparitions and ghost sightings in the graveyard. Many locales have reported paranormal activities occurring in this area which is why there hangs a sense of fear in the air surrounding this place.


Located in the district Quetta of Balochistan, among the mighty Sulaiman Mountains is Koh-I-Chiltan which, when roughly translated from the local language means ‘forty bodies’. There is a deadly myth that circulates around this particular peak that will make you shiver.

kohi cholistan, spooky places

The legend says that the area is surrounded by fairies and the spirits of forty babies who were suspected to have dies on this mountain peak. People report feeling strange things in this place, likely to be caused by the spirits of those babies.

House No 39K, Block 6 PECHS Karachi

Many people believe that the house no 39K in block 6 of PECHS is extremely haunted as there have been many sightings of a woman wearing a white dress walking at night inside the house.

haunted places, karachi haunted, spooky

When investigated, it was found that this particular woman was abused, murdered and buried brutally here in this same house which is why her spirit won’t leave the house alone. Passers-by have often heard a crying sound coming from within the walls and these wails are gut-wrenching to hear. The house in question has never been sold because nobody dares to buy it with that kind of reputation.

I bet you did not know of so many hauntedplaces in Pakistan that could make the hair on your neck stand! But now that you do, it is always wise to stay away from trouble and if, like some, you are a daredevil, PLEASE do not visit these places alone. However, if just reading about these places does not give you a good dose of adrenaline, then I suggest you hear the song “Fear Of the Dark” by Iron Maiden, after which, I sincerely hope you can sleep well tonight.