Doing Your Homework on Hotels in Multan?

Are you planning to pay the City of Saints, THE MULTAN, a visit? Well, it is an interesting place to holiday so you would hopefully enjoy your stay. You should therefore carry on with finalizing your plans for the trip.

The most important thing about your visit however would be your decision to stay in at a particular hotel, right?

Top 4 Hotels in Multan

To be able to make the right choice for a hotel, you need to do your homework regarding hotels in Multan. So here are bits and pieces of useful information for you to take a good pick from the list.

Ramada Inn

hotel_in_multan, travel_to_Multan, travelling, tourismFormerly Holiday Inn, the Ramada Inn is probably the best amongst all the hotels in Multan, courtesy of the facilities offered.

Ramada Inn is situated on Multan’s Abdali Road, right opposite Nawan Shehr intersection and only a couple of minutes’ drive from the Multan airport.

It is an ideal location for you if you plan to stay in at a place that is peaceful, neat, and also well furnished. Ramada Inn is the hotel of choice when it comes to International Cricket Teams playing a match in Multan, or mainstream politicians coming in to host a jalsa in the city to woo the Multaniites for votes.

Hotel Sindbad

hotel, tourist, tourism, hotels_in_MultanHotel Sindbad is an old and renowned name in hoteling in Multan and is like a household name for the city dwellers.

The hotel is small yet attractive and is known for providing hoteling on a budget for its visitors while providing decent facilities at the same time. In addition, Hotel Sindbad has ever since improved a lot on its facilities and its exteriors to give a very pleasant look to the visitors and the onlookers.

Hotel Sindbad is situated near Nishtar Hospital Morr on Qaswar Gardezi Road which means that it is roughly a five minute drive from the airport and round about the same time duration from Multan Railway Station.

Hotel One

A project of Pearl Continental, Hotel One is a chain of hotels established nationwide, offering hoteling services on competitive rates. Hotel One has ever since established a branch in Multan as well, in Lalazar Colony on Old Bahawalpur Road.

The hotel has excellent facilities to offer to incoming customers, but at an affordable cost. Since Pearl Continental is an established name in the market, therefore you can rest assured that the hotel cannot possibly offer low-quality hoteling services to its clientele, lest its business surname name take a hit!

You can therefore be confident that you would be taken very good care of throughout your stay in Hotel One Multan.

Hotel Sheza Inn

Hotel Sheza Inn is located on Kutchery Road, right in front of the old and well known Degree College for Women. The hotel is a good place if you are looking to stay in Multan for long and therefore need to divide your budget accordingly.

Owing to its location, it is used frequently by personnel from NGOs which operate from Multan city whenever there are floods in the adjoining cities or in upper Sindh.

Hotel Sheza Inn has a garden in the middle and guestrooms are scattered all round it.

The hotel is also in the vicinity of the main business area for travel agencies in Multan. So booking a flight in and out of Multan would be a whole lot convenient for you there.