Ever since the beginning, mankind has been under the process of evolution. The effort to become better from the past has led us to discover new paths for existence. Process of communication, way of living, philosophies, religions, technology or the means of transportation; everything describes the efforts of humans throughout the time. Every individual human being works for a certain purpose or reason which earns him something in reward. In order to support the living, people acquire jobs and it is a cyclic process which maintains a social hierarchy in the society. With the advancement in technology, the dynamics of working and employment are very much upgraded in order to achieve efficient workflow with minimum error chances.

In this regard, the online means of advertising jobs and employment opportunities has actually scaled the overall functioning of companies and institutions. It has made the hiring process a lot easier and convenient for both; employer and the employee. Some of the key features of online job posting and portals include:

Like the rest of the world, online job portals and advertisement have seen a great boom as it has reshaped the whole process of hiring and human resource development. Since last decade, a lot of progress is seen in terms of websites and online portals for job posting and accessing and now many online companies are working as an intermediary between multinational companies and the common people. There are some prominent websites and portals established and operating in Pakistan which provides the opportunities to grab private and government jobs. They are:

National Jobs Portal

Government Job.pk









National Jobs Portal (www.njp.gov.pk)National Jobs Portal

National Jobs Portal is a platform established by the Ministry for Information Technology and Telecommunication at government level to provide an opportunity to the people of Pakistan who wish to seek jobs in different state and government departments.

Overall Outlook

The outlook of the website is quite trendy and appealing. It allows you to create your profile along with development of your own C.V. With the help of illustrations and figurative aid, the person visiting the site may easily create a profile and apply for the respective job.

Information and Processing

Because of being a governmental portal, it will require your NIC number for the processing and information entering. The portal consists of jobs from all the state departments and institutions. Every job contains a description.

Jobs update

The jobs listed on the portal have a deadline as mentioned by the department and the jobs are listed with respect to the grade/scale, title and the concerned department.  This makes it convenient for the applicants to apply and complete their application.

Government Job.pk (https://governmentjob.pk/)Government Jobs

Government Job.pk is a privately owned website/portal which aims to provide and help the people across the country to seek and apply for jobs in almost every domain whether governmental or private jobs.

Overall Outlook

Government Job.pk is a vibrant platform that provides its own blog along with separate pages for private and state level jobs. Not only this, but the portal also provides information regarding the jobs of Armed Forces and provincial level jobs separately.

Information and Processing

Profile creation on the portal is quite easy as it bridges the gap between the employer and the applicant. The applicant can simply click on the desired region and look for the job with the official link of the employer’s website and the deadline to apply before.

Jobs update

Governmental jobs are updated on a daily basis. Links for articles and other necessary information are mentioned on the first page. Similarly, the applicant can search for a specific job in the search tab. The website also supports job search with the help of relevant departments or the institution as well.

JobsAlert.pk (https://jobsalert.pk/)JobsAlert

JobsAlert.pk is privately owned by Zaib Aslam from Lahore. The portal stands a pivotal place in the online job market since 2013. The website significantly helps in updating the jobs and hiring for various governmental and private organizations.

Overall Outlook

The website has a unique design that aims to help and guide the job seekers for every sphere. For each category, there is a different tab and page. The portal also provides an option to create a C.V. The portal also has a variety of blogs for different fields and segments related to jobs.

Information and Processing

By entering your requirements and job details, the portal will find out the results and ongoing jobs. The applicant can easily click on the link to apply on the website. The portal also denotes the deadlines for all the job advertisements.

Jobs update

The portal has a “Hot Jobs” tab where the most recent jobs and advertisements are seen. JobsAlert.pk updates the upcoming jobs on a daily basis along with categorizing the job openings in various cities of Pakistan. The website also shares the jobs related to the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

Jobz.pk (https://www.jobz.pk/)Jobz.pk

Jobz.pk is one of the leading web job portals for online hiring and career development. It is knowingly an eminent platform in the field of jobs and placement. Not only in Pakistan but Jobz.pk tends to offer and help the applicants and people to international employers across the globe as well.

Overall Outlook

The interface of the website is full of information regarding the posts and links of jobs and advertisements. There are separate tabs for governmental and private jobs, online templates for CVs and a signup portal to register the applicants.

Information and Process

With the help of different tabs, the applicants and users can actually find and locate their desired jobs. The registration form comprehensively asks for the educational qualification and professional experience and builds up a profile for the user which helps in applying for various posts.

Jobs updates

Jobz.pk provides an update on a regular basis regarding the jobs and hiring process. The website also provides an option of feedback and subscription by which the applicants can receive notifications about the new and upcoming jobs and advertisements.

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Pak Govt Jobs.pk (https://www.pakgovtjobs.pk/)PakGovtJobs

Pak Govt Jobs is a private website aiming to provide help and assistance regarding career development and job finding. The platform provides information and description regarding ongoing current jobs and advertisements.

Overall Outlook

The website is designed differently. Government and private sector jobs are placed simultaneously in tables. Along with that, there are tabs for various departments and domains that contain specific jobs related to the organizations. Also, the job advertisements by the Armed Forces are present separately.

Information and Process

Jobs from both the government and private sector are placed differently based on the preferences by the applicant. Jobs are based and shared upon categories, location and education. This allows the applicant to choose and select the desired job and apply for it.

Job updates

PakGovtJobs.pk uses the help of social media sites like What’s App and Telegram to notify and update the subscribers. They have created certain groups in which the applicants are added. Not only that, but the website is also updated on a daily basis.

Rozee.pk (https://www.rozee.pk/)Rozee.pk

Rozee.pk is one the finest job and career related websites in Pakistan. It was founded in 2007 by Naseeb Network Inc. Rozee.pk has a very large network with over 50,000 employers and 5 different investors. It operates a large nexus of jobs in many cities and regions of the country.

Overall Outlook

The portal is in a very unique design. It provides online services including job selection based upon category, city, position/function and company. The website also includes a feature of C.V reviewing that gives a free check to your C.V. Rozee.pk also signifies their valuable employers based upon their responses.

Information and Process

Rozee.pk by the help of a portal collects the data and creates a profile of the applicant. The profile is then in use to browse for the jobs and shows the result. The website also directs the applicant to the actual link or web page of the employer for further process.

Jobs update

The website uses email subscription to notify about the new jobs and advertisements. Along with this, upon searching for jobs on search engines, advertisements appear on the top with the link to apply which makes it easier for the applicant to apply for the job.

Mustakbil.com (https://www.mustakbil.com/)Mustakbil, job portals

Mustakbil.com was formed in 2004 and is known to be one of the pioneers of online job marketing and advertising. Over the years it has been a renowned name in providing a platform for job seekers in every sphere. Mustakbil.com is an initiative of Techno Bird which is an IT company.

Overall Outlook

The mechanism of the website works on profile development which is used to categorize the jobs for the applicant. The applicant can create a profile and start browsing for jobs. Mustakbil.com also has a blog which means that people can actually read articles and study the blogs.

Information and Process

The process of job searching on the website includes various methods mainly including by categories, function, and location along with the companies. The job application on the website is easyto fill by just answering a few questions from the employer. All the necessary information about the job is on the advertising.

Jobs update

Mustakbil.com is also one of the job portals that provides feedback and notifications on email after subscription. Notifications about new advertisements and job openings can also be seen on various search engines.

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Careerspakistan.com (https://careerspakistan.com/)Careerspakistan

Careers Pakistan is a private website which mainly focuses on creating and helping people with jobs and placement in the market. They aim to provide opportunities to the wide segment of people who wish to seek help in their professional life.

Overall Outline

This website is in a design which is completely different from other such websites and portals. It has no portal or profile creation mechanism; rather it is just a place which has gathered up the advertisements from the original sources and has posted with the original links. One eminent feature of this website is that it has an archive tab that shows the advertisements from past months.

Information and Process

There are two main and basic tabs. One consists of the governmental jobs while the other one contains the corporate/private sector jobs. Along with these, there are a few tabs which have jobs based on locations.

Jobs update

Like some of the other websites and job portals, Careers Pakistan also has the facility of email subscription that helps them in notifying their users and applicants for other advertisements and job openings.

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NewJobsToday.pk (https://newjobstoday.pk/)NewJobsToday, job portals

New Jobs Today is an online job searching platform which provides guidance to emerging professionals and job seekers. Their website is in a unique design to facilitate and help the upcoming applicants who wish to pursue and apply for various private and governmental organizations.

Overall Outline

The portal/website consists of different tabs and links that have specific jobs related locations and categories. It has different tabs made for international job advertisements that help the applicants to reach out to the actual employer’s website or page.

Information and Process

On New Jobs.pk, each and every job posting whether it may be private or governmental has full information regarding the criteria, eligibility and the closing date. This helps the applicant to understand the job. Another significant feature about the website is that it includes the respective city of the job posting.

Job update

The website supports feedback and subscription through email and the users are notified about newer jobs and advertisements.

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Ready.pk (https://www.ready.pk/)Ready.pk, job portals

Ready.pk is one of a private online job portals that contains a design for the job seekers for every segment and domain. It consists of advertisements and jobs from governmental and private organizations.

Overall Outlook

Ready.pk is a portal based website which means that applicants can create their profiles and submit their credentials over their profile. Also there are separate tabs for the government and private sector.

Information and Process

The jobs posts contain all necessary know-how about the post and the criteria set by the employer. There is a special tab for categories that shows all the career options and domains.

Job updates

Ready.pk has the facility of job alert subscription that allows you to receive notifications about the latest job opening among the country.

These were the top 10 Online job portals for governmental jobs in Pakistan!