We all love to get married, excited to wear our wedding dress, be in the limelight and spend the rest of our lives with the man of our dreams. However, everything comes with a price. The honeymoon period simply gets over as soon as you hear the news that your pregnancy is positive. You can clearly imagine tons of responsibilities coming your way. As you have seen your elder sisters, your mother and your close friend breastfeeding, changing diapers, staying awake all night and much more. The journey doesn’t end here as the contemporary age of technology offers new challenges creating distance between the kids and their parents.

In all these circumstances, you are looking for some solutions to stay on the right track. And some keen mothers have also realized the worries of every soon to be mother. These women have stepped ahead in starting their own community groups and blogs. We present our package of top 10 mommy groups that every mom must follow. To become the best soon to be mother and learn from the experience of all other successful women cum mothers.

General Facebook GroupsMothers

Soul Sisters Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani woman who is in search of a support group, this Facebook group by the name of Soul Sisters Pakistan is the ultimate destination for you. Quite popular among the masses, the group covers topics from social issues, student life, work-life as well as abusive/toxic environments. If you want to indulge in a discussion that is gossip-free and covers every aspect of your life as a mother, this around 3,00,000 members group is for you.

Wonder Women

If you want to become a part of the women support system, then the Wonder Women group is the one for you. Hear about and discuss any topic happening within the world, your country or your own home space without worrying about privacy concerns. Currently, the group is host to 20,932 members.

Ask the Village

Being a mother, you often will be in need of support and fun for a while and this group tends to your needs. Get your problems answered through support and suggestions from fellow women. This group currently is an abode to 46,979 wonderful and lovely women.

The Pakistani Sisters

If you need a feminist support group who believe in equality for all genders, then The Pakistani Sisters group is the one for you. If you want to learn collaboratively through shared experiences,

Women Castle!🌸

If you are ready to become a part of a versatile Facebook community specifically for women, the Women Castle is the one for you. From recipes, fashion trends, beauty tips and other day-to-day topics, you are allowed to discuss and share anything through posts as well as live discussions. Based out of Karachi, 19,222 communities are ready to take you onboard.

Pakisan Ladies Club

Become a part of a women’s club to discuss matters related to fashion trends, kids, beauty hacks, life experiences or make new friends, the Pakistan Ladies Club is one of the newest additions to the women exclusive Facebook groups. Raise your voice in a community with no judgemental comments, which is currently a home to 577 members.

The Women Square Pakistan 💗

If you are tired of daily chores and looking forward to Facebook for a relaxing time, then The Women Square Pakistan group offers the same through a shoulder of comfort. Talk and discuss about daily life happenings and spend a cheerful time. The group is based out of Karachi and currently is home to 5,895 members.

Fitness & Nutrition Facebook Groups


You have heard a lot from your friends that most moms lose their fitness after giving birth to their first child. The worry is running through your veins as you have always tried your best to stay fit alongside a healthy diet. In that case, you need to join this group meant for women like you. You will find relevant diet plans, exercise and inspirational stories of women who have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness and Nutrition Pakistan 

If you need guidance related to healthy development, the Fitness and Nutrition Pakistan group provides the ultimate support in the form of suggestions from experts. A unique fusion of Modern Science and Traditional Practices, let yourself embrace a healthy life through nutritious lifestyle. Based out of Islamabad, the group of expert dietitians provide a productive fitness counselling to around 1900 members.

Motherhood Facebook GroupsMotherhood, groups

Mothers of Pakistan

Pakistani mothers have created this private forum on Facebook, with 3000 members, for experienced mothers to share their tips, tricks and strategies to bring up children in a healthy, joyful style that the mothers will enjoy themselves. The group provides an excellent platform for new moms to understand the kind of problems that you may come across and the way to handle these issues.


If you are a mother and in need of a critic-free support system, Scaryammi is for you. It is one of the safest Facebook for Pakistani moms, where they feel free to share what is on their minds. From parenting issues, self-break, exercise, sharing responsibility to taking care of themselves. If you are a new mother or an expert, this group is the ultimate virtual community for you. The group is Lahore-based and currently has more than 1,00,000 members.

Mommies and Munchkins

If you are looking for an addition of spice and fun in your life, then the Mommies and Munchkins group is the one for you. Here the badge of motherhood is celebrated through posts of various natures without being judged, which make the members laugh as well as cry. If you need your queries answered, join this 1,08,400 members group.

Mommies & Co. Pakistan

Based out of Pakistan, this Mommies & Co. Pakistan group is the ultimate destination for global mommies to share their motherhood journey, concerns as well as tips & tricks. This 10,900 member group is the ultimate destination for you to connect with all mommies and kids.

Special Needs Moms of Pakistan

If you are a mother of a lucky special needs child, his Special Needs Moms of Pakistan group will do wonders for you. This group is exclusively for special needs kids’ mothers and caters to their concerns, tips or queries. This group is based out of Islamabad and consists of 1800 members currently.

Exploring Motherhood 🥰

If you want to share your journey of motherhood with others, this group of Exploring Motherhood 🥰 is the one for you. This group unites mothers as well as mothers-to-be to support each other through raising humble, smart and caring individuals. This group currently entails 28,100 members.

Pakistan Mom Central

If you are in search of parenting support from peers, this Pakistan Mom Central Group is the ultimate guiding light for you. You can also share about food, travelling and lifestyle tips & tricks. If you want to build each other through moments of fun, togetherness, sharing and support, then join this community of 1,930 members, based out of Islamabad.

First Time Mommies Pakistan

Becoming a first time mother is a daunting experience for many women and if you are onboard this beautiful yet scary journey, need not worry for First Time Mommies Pakistan group is here for you. This online support community enables first time mommies to get their queries answered as well as focus on self-care pre and post-natal period. Based out of Karachi, get connected with mothers-to-be and new mothers, counting to 4632 members in total.

Location Based Facebook Groups

Karachi Mom Bloggers

If you wish to continue your professional life alongside your maternal responsibilities, then you seriously need to join this group. The forum provides some expert tips to maintain balance between your home and office routine. Nowadays, the group covers some significant ways to manage work from home while giving the usual time to your husband and children.

Isloo Mommies

If you are based out of Islamabad or Rawalpindi and need to connect with mommies around the twin cities, this group works wonders for you. The group escalates discussion around anything related to womanhood, motherhood, kids and in general, family life. Moreover, if you need to keep yourself updated with what’s happening around in the twin cities, this group provides all the relevant information with a current members count of 7,600 members.

Parenting Facebook GroupsMotherhood


If you are facing some domestic problems in terms of unusual fights and long debates with husband and family members due to which you are unable to give proper attention to the young infant then this is your group. If you are facing parenting problems, then this is the right place for you. You will find problems like these shared by many other group members which have been answered in a satisfactory style so that the problems are permanently resolved. You are most welcome to share your queries as the group is open to provide some useful tips and recommendations.

The Motherhood Forum

If you are in search of mentorship that focuses on positive, trustful and respectful parenting. Then The MotherHood Forum is the right Facebook group for you. Founded by Saher Arshad who is the only certified Pakistani Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Her parenting techniques revolve around empathetic parenting through observing behavior changes in the kids. The group is ideal for you as it also encourages discussion around childcare, pregnancy, delivery, children. And a vast number of topics around motherhood as well as womanhood itself. The group currently comprises 17,600 members. Based out of Islamabad, Pakistan and actively operates to guide women in making several decisions in their everyday lives.

Mommies Has Solutions

If you are searching for a Facebook group that enables you to fly high above the invisible chains that have tied your feet, the Mommy Has Solutions is the answer to your concerns. Deal with minor to major motherhood issues through guidance from members, with community discussions around kid’s psychological behaviors, parenting, first-time mommies, pregnancy issues as well as how to dress kids well. If you need your mommy-concerns addressed in a well-mannered way, this Dubai-based 70,000 members group is ready to welcome you on board.


If you are a parent of a toddler, kid or teenager, Parwaresh is the right group to get much-needed counseling regarding the best parenting technique. With the right composition of mental health, educational as well as counseling facilities, the group aims to empower parents to opt for the righteous course to bring harmony among their kids’ dealings. Being a gender-neutral platform, you can become a part of this Pakistani group with a current count of 13800 members.

Single Mothers Association of Pakistan

If you are seeking some expert guidance related to parenting your kids, supporting your child and being a confident single mother then this group is certainly a good choice. Here you will have relatable stories shared with you and plenty of interesting discussions on how to keep your mind and body sound in the face of odd circumstances.

Parenting Guide !!! (Mommies Only) 

If you want to connect with mothers who are savvy, smart as well as practical in nature, then the Parenting Guide !!! (Mommies Only) is for you. This group focuses on parenting techniques that promote modest upbringing, covering every aspect of a child’s life to adulthood. The group currently comprises around 30,000 members.

Life of Moms & Kids 

If you need solid advice regarding raising righteous, healthy and active kids, this group Life of Moms & Kids offers the perfect environment. Get engaged in fruitful discussion with other moms in a humble tone as well as share your expertise. Based out of Lahore, this group is the home to 19,133 members.

Halal Parenting Group – Your Parenting Questions 

If you want your child to follow in the footsteps of great Muslims, this group is for you. Have your genuine queries answered by experts and professionals in the most apt way as well as choose a beautiful Islamic name for your new-born as suggested and verified by members. This group currently consists of 51,914 members.

We the Mommies

If you want to join a community of enthusiastic mothers who are ready to support fellow mothers, this group will work wonders for you. Based out of Rawalpindi, this 36,154 members group is the ideal virtual community to trust for your life.

Lactation & Baby-led Weaning Facebook Groups

The Desi Lactivist

If you seek some guidance related to breastfeeding and nutrition essential for infants, then this group is definitely for you. Here, informative content from various Lactation consultants are added regularly.  It has all the tips and suggestions that mothers are looking for in order to keep their babies healthy and strong.

Pediasure Pakistan Moms Club

As your child has started to grow, you have realized that he or she has become pickier in terms of choices and preferences. In other words, you can’t just cook anything you wish to eat. Conversely, you have to keep in mind your kiddo’s favorite meals otherwise you will be eating all alone on the table. The company has created a group to guide all parents who have to deal with the picky eaters. They provide some expert strategies for making your kids love what you cook. Therefore, you need to join the group to get rid of all your problems.

Mom Tribe Pakistan

If you are a mother of a toddler, this Mom Tribe Pakistan is the ultimate group for you. Here concerns regarding infancy to toddler, baby-led weaning (BLW), montessori activities as well as positive parenting. If you need support, this 26,400 member group is the ultimate choice for you.

LactNation and Breastfeeding & EY Nutrition Support

If you are in need of proper lactation counselling or a baby-led weaning process. This group is the one for you. This group is meant for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Or nursing babies through breast milk in the most natural and effective way. This group is currently host to 22,607 members.

Activities & Social Learning Based Facebook GroupsMotherhood, groups

Kids Care Pakistan

As your children are growing up, you find them getting bored being part of a daily routine with the usual stuff. Children are always seeking new opportunities to learn something different from their surroundings. If you wish to provide such opportunities to your young ones then this group is meant for you. It provides unique crafts and activities that are very simple and based on the simple do it yourself. Therefore, these activities are not only possible for you but can also be a source of fun and entertainment for your kids. Give it a try.

Early Childhood and Parenting Education of Pakistan – ECPEP

In case you have health or behavior-related issues with your babies and are looking for some useful tips then this group provides you with a space to unwind. Open up and share all the problems you are facing based on what you have observed within the infant. The team of experts will share some beneficial tips to help counter the problem and get your baby’s wellness back.

Mum’s Homework Club

If you want to put the academic pressure off your kids through fun-based activitie. Then the Mum’s Homework Club group welcomes you onboard. To enable parents to become more of a helping hand to their kids. In finishing their assignments, homeworks or test preparations, this group provides the right kind of inspiration and techniques through collaborative approach. This group is home to around 8,000 members currently.

Buy & Sell Facebook Groups

Mom and Kids

If you wish to buy pre-loved or new clothes for your young one, then this group can be joined. Here all kids related clothing items are available for purchasing. Even if you cannot afford new clothes for each step of the growing child, you can get pre-loved clothing in excellent condition from here. The group currently has 21,000 members.

Mom Tribe Market

If you are in search of chic, creative and unique items for your kid, this Mom Tribe Market is the group for you. Here you can sell and buy from registered users both packed and pre-loved items in a reasonable range. This group currently hosts 19,907 members to be precise.

Hamza Mothercare

If you are in search of garments and other items for your newborn items or infant garments, then this Hamza Mothercare group is the one for you. This group currently consists of 21,326 members and is based out of Karachi.

Babies Garage

If you are in search of a reliable space to buy or sell preloved kids items. The Babies Garage solves the problem for you. If your child has not been able to develop a certain likeness for a certain item. Or you being a new mother looking for new items, join this community of 2340 members.

Baby goods Bazar

If you are looking for babies or kids items with registered sellers, the Baby goods Bazar is the one for you. Join this community of buyers and sellers counting to 30,398 members in total.

Twinkle Baby

If you are in search of authentic baby items, the Twinkle Baby group is the one for you. Based out of Nowshera, this group is home to a massive 93,316 members.

Entrepreneurial Facebook GroupsMothers

Superwomen of Pakistan

If you are into entrepreneurial ventures, this group Superwomen of Pakistan addresses all the entrepreneurial concerns of Pakistani women. The group comprises a number of specialists that are experts in lead generation, digital marketing, sponsorship consultation, events as well as emotional counseling. If you have been running a venture successfully or thinking about doing so, this group works wonders. The group actively conducts sessions and events around the newest happenings within the entrepreneurial landscape in Pakistan as well as across the globe. Currently, this group consists of 55,100 members.

Boss Babes Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani woman trying to discover ways for financial independence, then the Boss Babes Pakistan group is the one for you. Get help from professionals and lead your lives according to your own will by joining this community of 2,407 members.

Pakistan’s Professional Females Community

If you want to resolve issues in your professional capacity with support from other female professionals. The Pakistan’s Professional Females Community serves you the best. Just initiated, enable female businesses, resolve workspace issues or help each other is general. This group currently is the home to 29 members.

STEM & Activity Based Facebook Groups

Super Creative Mamas – Global

If you are afraid of the hazards of screens and iPads, this Super Creative Mamas – Global group is for you. Due to advancement in technology, the early skill development slows down in children due to too much exposure to screens. As a result, the group focuses on preparing kids for a better future through activities & discussions based on their motor, sensory as well as fine motor skills. The group currently enrolls 38,000 members and caters to your kid’s STEM-based learning.

The Muslim Kids (Moms Only)

If you are concerned about whether you are raising a well-mannered Muslim kid or not, The Muslim Kids (Moms Only) groups is the one for you. This group focuses on raising well-behaved, halal entertainment lovers and Islamic values & history knowledgeable kids through focusing on promoting the act of reading among kids. If you need to implement positive parenting, this group is the one for you. It currently has a membership of 8,400.

PWiC Global

Pakistan Women in Computing (PWiC) is one of the global communities for women in the field of technology. And if you are one of the techie or tech lover, do join this group. Based out of Islamabad, this group is a hub to outstanding professionals from various walks of technology. And those who are making waves around for their credible input within its landscape. Join this community of amazing 2,567 members now.

Pakistani Lady Bloggers (Women Only)

If you are an aspiring blogger or an experienced one, the Pakistani Lady Bloggers group works wonders for you. Meet and greet women from all walks of life penning down their thoughts, experiences and suggestions through their personal blogs. Join this community of bloggers based out of Lahore, with a current member count of 9,500.

Homeschooling Facebook Groups

Bright Kids

If you are homeschooling your kids and need help, then this is one of the groups you need. This group will allow you to empower your child’s individuality through unique pedagogical methods tailored to his/her needs. Enable your kids to grow beyond your expectations by becoming a part of this 10,582 members community.

Supportive Network Facebook Groups

Healing from Abuse

If you have had an unfortunate encounter with an abusive event in life, become a part of an inclusive community ready to provide the ultimate support; the Healing from Abuse group. Not only that, but you can also punch in your ideas to prevent occurrence of abusive events. Become a part of this growing community of 413 members. And heal from traumatic experience as well as provide the much needed peer support.