Generally, the western media portrays a negative side of Muslims. We tend to see more of these stereotypes regularly. The movies and series which contain Muslim characters are generally shown as negative and uncompromising. In reaction to such portrayals, several Muslim countries have tried to show another side of the Muslims. They have picked the historical genre to show the past stories and glories of Muslims. These Muslim historical series are filled with real-life heroes of the Muslim world.

15 Unmissable Muslim Historical Series

The history of Islam is rich. The religion spread rapidly to various parts of the globe. This all happened due to the efforts of many Prophets, Imams, and Muslims. To acknowledge these great people in history, many series have been created. The purpose of these series is manifold. Firstly, the producers want to educate the young Muslim generation about their history. Secondly, they want to remind the Muslims of their glorious past. Thirdly, the creators want the viewers to understand that life has not been easy for these people. Lastly, they help Muslims understand how they have to live their lives according to Islam.

In this article, we would help you familiarize yourself with the series. These series gained extreme popularity over time. They managed to get attention from young and old alike. This series has helped people understand Islamic history in a much better way. Let’s explore what top 15 Muslim historical series we have picked for you:

Dirilis Ertugrul

Dirilis Ertugrul, Muslim historical Series, Muslim History, Ottoman Empire

This is probably the most famous Muslim historical series to date. It is packed with action, story and twists. The drama has been created in Turkey. This drama is highly adventurous and thrilling. The story revolves around Ertugrul, the father of Osman who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. It came on air in 2014. It is a long series, comprising around 90 to 100 episodes for each season. There are 5 seasons in total. The entire story of this series may not be true word by word. But, the series does manage to get most of the details in the right way. The series has amazing dialogues and a wonderful screenplay. You cannot take your eyes off it. Fans have specifically commented on the amazing action sequences in each episode.

This drama has gained immense popularity throughout Pakistan. People become glued to their television screens when they hear the name of Ertugrul. The symbol of Ertugrul’s Kayi Kabila is seen on the back of the cars, on posters, on clothing, and on flags. So, if you want to know what this craze is all about – we recommend watching this series. It is being broadcasted by PTV home on their channel. Also, this series is available on YouTube and Netflix for viewing.

Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre, Sufi saint, Mehmat Bozdag

The story starts in the 11th-century era. During this time, Yunus Emre a famous Muslim poet was born. The story is about him and his life as a Muslim. It unfolds his journey to become a Sufi saint. His rank has often been equated with Maulana Roomi. This series has been created by Turkey too. The writer is Mehmat Bozdag. It was launched by TRT 1, which is a state-owned channel. The series has 44 episodes in total and these episodes are divided into 2 seasons. Each episode is around 60 minutes long. The series is available on Netflix too. This particular series has been dubbed in Urdu too. The Prime Minister of Pakistan advised all Pakistanis to watch this series to revive their Islamic spirit.

Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman, Mehmat Bozdag, Peker Bozdag, Atilla Engin

This particular series is based on the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman. He was the son of the brave Ertugrul. Osman is shown following his father’s legacy in this drama. It came on air in the year 2020. The story explains how Osman fought against the strong Roman Empire and Mongols. It shows his struggles, fairness, and bravery against all odds. This story tells how the great Ottoman Empire was founded and ruled the world for so long. The drama has 3 Turkish scriptwriters: Mehmat Bozdag, Peker Bozdag and Atilla Engin.

This drama was launched by a private channel called ATV. Later on, it has been translated into other languages including the Urdu language. In 2021, it is still being on-aired. The drama is expected to have around 5 seasons at least. It has English and Urdu subtitles so that anyone can watch it. The series can be watched in continuation after watching Dirilis Ertugrul first. Many characters from the Ertugrul series are a part of this drama. So, fans of Ertugrul can definitely watch this show and see their favorite characters again!

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Harun Al Rashid

Harun Al Rashid, Othman Goha,Suhail Zakar

This particular Muslim historical series is about Harun Al-Rashid, as suggested by the name. It revolves around his struggle to keep his throne. His brother, particularly, attempted to remove him from his throne several times. But, Harun’s mother supported him throughout the tough process. The show gives a complete view of what his reign looked and felt like. The series is directed by Abo Al-Khair and Amr Afghani. The script writers are Othman Goha and Suhail Zakar. The series has 32 episodes in total.

The main character, Harun al-Rashid, ruled the Abbasid Caliphate. He was the fifth ruler. People gave him the title “Al-Rashid” which meant the one whole is rightly guided. His reign was from the year 786 to the year 809. This reign was part of the Golden Age of Islam. It is definitely worth-watching that era, as a Muslim. It will help revive the spirit of unity and admiration for the brave Muslims of that time.

Ashaab e Kahaf

Ashaab e Kahaf, Muslim Historical Series, Ashab-e-Kahf

This particular series is about the Surah Kahf. Surah Kahf is a Surah in Holy Quran. This surah talks about the Ashab-e-Kahf, translated as the dwellers of the cave. The series comes with English subtitles for easy viewing. It was created in Iran and has been approved by their government for broadcasting. The original dialogues and script of the series are in Persian language. So, the series is worth watching if one wants to familiarize with the entire scenario. It explains how the incident happens and how the Quran portrays it in words. Hence, we are able to get a glimpse of this historic moment via this series.

The Imam

The Imam, Historical series, Qatar Media Foundation

This series has been produced under the banner of Qatar Media Foundation. This series was a collaborative effort of 7 different Arab countries. Approximately 70 artists from these countries were gathered to work on this project. It took more than 2 years to complete it. The story is about the imams of the Sunni Muslims. It is particularly focused on Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. The story starts with his early life, his work as a scientist and his inspiration from the Quran. The Imam is shown as a brave and intelligent man who guides humanity towards the right path.

The series has been filmed in Turkey and Lebanon. The series features battle sites and includes areas of Makkah, Baghdad and Ammouriyah. This series was created for being on-air in the holy month of Ramadan. The purpose was to revive faith and acknowledge the great efforts of Imam Hanbal. Director of this series is Abdel Bari Abul-Khair.


Omar, Entertainment, Movie series, Hatem Ali

The Omar series is about the life of Islam’s 2nd Caliph, Hazrat Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. It begins with his life when he was just 18 years old and shows his entire life till the time of his death. The tenure covers from the year 583 till 644. This drama is in the Arabic language. It was on-air on the MBC1 channel. Director of this series is Hatem Ali from Syria. The series faced some opposition from the Muslim community. This was because it showed the caliphs including Abu Bakr, Ali and Uthman along with Omar.

Muslims do not believe in making drawings or any other representations of respected prophets and caliphs. The series comprises 31 episodes in total. The drama came on-air in 2012. It was primarily filmed in various cities and areas of Morocco. The series has been dubbed into many languages for ease of wider audiences. The series is available on YouTube too with English subtitles. People appreciated the efforts that went in creating this series.

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Khaybar, Historical drama, muslim series, Islamic drama

This Muslim historical series mixes history and Islamic knowledge. It was created in Qatar. It came on-air in the year 2013. The original language of this series is the Arabic language. Khaybar so far has 1 season and a total of 30 episodes. Each episode is 45 minutes long. The writer of this show is Yosri El-Gendy. The director of this show is Mohammed Azizia. It shows the life of the Arab and Jews in times of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). The drama also shows various historical battles. It shows how the businesses used to work in that time. It also depicts the difference in business interests of the Muslims and the Jews. Most importantly, the drama focuses on the Battle of Khaybar and also talks about the fall of it.

This caused the economic and political structure of the Jewish community to fall down. The understanding of the reasons behind these political and social conflicts is important to know. This is why this drama attempts to unveil all the details. The Muslim traders avoid shirk. The drama portrays the Islamic conquests as well. Thus, it is definitely a learning experience to watch this drama. Make sure to include it in your watch list.

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, Movies, Muslim films, Seljuk sultanate

This series is also based on historical events. This particular series is entirely different from all other series of the past. The drama is based on the contribution of a total of 8 Turkish screenwriters. It came on-air on TRT1, which is the state-run channel of Turkey. The drama is presently being run on the televisions. It is estimated to have 5 seasons in total. The episodes will be 116 in number. Each episode would be of two hours at least. This drama is available to watch online with Urdu and English subtitles.

The drama is about the Seljuk sultanate. It revolves around 8 main characters who belong to this era and play a vital role. The list includes: Sultan Malik, Sultan Ahmad, Haji Nizam, Umar Khayyam and Imam Ghazali. The drama talks about Jihad and the actual teachings of Islam. It shows how the nonbelievers tried to trick the Muslim rulers in so many ways. Overall, it is a must-watch for the whole family.

Salah-al-Deen Al Ayyoubi

Salah Al Deen Al Ayyoubi, Islam, History of islam, battle of Hattin

This drama appeared in 2001. It was created under the directorship of Hatem Ali. The drama is a historical television series. The original language of this drama is Arabic. It explores the political events which were prevalent in the 6th century. It shows the areas of Egypt and Levant. The play highlights the bravery of Salah-ud-Din who kept the Muslims united during his reign. He tried his best to keep the Muslims safe from the crusaders. The drama shows the battle of Hattin as well. Salah-ud-Din’s efforts for restoration of Jerusalem is also shown in this series. The series attempts to unite Muslims and show them their glorious days.

Payitaht Abdulhamid

Payitaht Abdulhamid, History of Muslims, movie series, Sultan Abdulhamid

The story is about the last leader of the Ottoman empire, Sultan Abdulhamid. He was a brave ruler of his land. The series shows that how he managed to continue the Muslim reign. He countered all negative efforts done by Christians and Jews against him. The sultan continued to protect his ancestors’ empire during his whole life. It portrays how politics works and how dirty it can get. The series shows how the West tries to influence Muslims to leave their Islamic values. This drama has three Turkish screenwriters. Their names are Osman Bodur, Ugur Uzunok, and Ali Al Suleiman. Original launch of the drama is in the Turkish language on the official channel of TRT 1. The drama has a total of 134 episodes and 5 seasons so far. Each episode is more than 1 hour long. The drama is available with English subtitles on the internet.

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Mehmetçik Kûtulamâre

Mehmetçik Kûtulamâre, Historical series, TRT 1 channel

This Muslim hitorical series is based on interesting historical incidents. The main character is a spy who works for the Muslims. The story’s writer is Mehmat Bozdag, who is a famous screenplay writer. The series has 2 seasons and 33 episodes in total. Each episode is 2 hours. The drama was on-air on TRT 1 channel of Turkey.  This series is available for viewing on Netflix. The story talks about the World War I era. It shows how the Ottoman Empire’s 10,000 Muslim soldiers dominated the battlefield. They protected the land against 40,000 British soldiers. At the end, the Britishers leave the land for good. Presently, this land is a part of Iraq.


History, Islam, Mavera, Khawaja Ahmad

Turkey created this drama series. It came on-air on TRT1. The drama is about Khawaja Ahmad, a Sufi saint. The drama depicts his struggles. He used his Islamic knowledge and manners to win over people. He enlightened the entire empire with his positive energy. Each scene of this series speaks about preaching of the Quran and Sunnah. This drama certainly helps in reviving the Muslim faith. It fills one’s mind with knowledge and understanding. The drama is available on the internet for viewing in both Urdu and English subtitles.

Prophet Joseph

Prophet Joseph, Prophets, Islamic series, Farajollah Salahshoor

This particular series is created in Iran. The director and writer of this series are Farajollah Salahshoor. The drama depicts Prophet Joseph, as depicted by the name. It was broadcasted in 2008. The Islamic name for prophet Joseph is Prophet Yusuf (AS). This series represents his regular routine artistically. Each episode begins with a recitation from the Surah Yusuf, as it speaks about him. The series contains 45 episodes in total. The story revolves around the themes of loyalty, slavery, separation and forgiveness. There are three main characters in this series: Prophet Yusuf (AS), Zuleikha and Prophet Yaqub (AS). The story is based in the area of Babylon. It will help you understand the complete circumstances of those times. References from Surah Yusuf help clarify the message even further.

Mendirman Celaleddin

Mendirman Celaleddin, Muslims, Historical series

This Muslim historical series is a collaboration between two countries: Turkey and Uzbekistan. The producer of this show is Mehmet Bozdag. The story is about Jalal-ud-Din Mingburnu. He was part of the Khwarazmian Empire. The series filming is at various sites of both Turkey and Uzbekistan. The series has one season so far and a total of 13 episodes. Each episode of this series is around 60 to 90 minutes long. The main character of Jalal-ud-Din is a brave character. He faced Genghis Khan, leader of the Mongols. He also overcame many internal conflicts. Emre Kivilcim play the protagonist. The series gained immediate popularity in Pakistan. Which is why the series is available with Urdu subtitles. Fans of this series are eagerly waiting for the 2nd season to arrive soon.

We hope you will enjoy watching these series. Make sure to make some time for them, as they will enlighten you about the Muslim history. It will feel good to go back into time and see how people lived in that era. It will help us feel thankful to our Muslim ancestors for their struggles. They helped us reach a place where we can easily practice our religion. Seeing their generous behavior, we should spread the same message of peace ahead. Happy watching!

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