The armed forces of Pakistan have stood firm at every war. They have countered where the enemies have tried to invade through borders. The military has played a pivotal role in maintaining the balance of power. The forces have maintained peace among all the countries of SouthEast Asia. The Pakistan Army has carried out many operations. The list includes:

Al Mizan,


Rah e Haq,

Sher Dil,

Rah e Rast,

Rah e Nijat

Pakistan Army Songs

These operations placed an end to terrorism by Taliban in Pakistan. Army has fought for the country with zeal and zest to never let their country down. We have various martyrs who have sacrificed their lives to defend Pakistan. They earned Nishan e Haider for their exemplary services. Pakistani national singers have also paid tribute to the Pakistan  Army to revive their morale. They have helped them to defend their country from all the evil eyes and schemes of the enemy. The list of top Pakistan Army Songs is here for you to enjoy:

Kabhi Parcham Main Lipte Hainartists, pakistan army, music

Atif Aslam released a beautiful song to commemorate the Defense and Martyrs Day in the year 2017. It’s title is Kabhi Parcham Main Lipte Hain. The song begins with the display of young officers of army, navy and air force. They are taking prayers and blessings from their parents. They are doing this before embarking on a journey towards the battlefield. From this field,¬† they would either return as a Ghazi or a martyr covered in Pakistani flag. The song presents the context of war. The strength of the army is visible in this context. They fight against the enemies and they are never afraid to step ahead to take all the hideouts of the enemy. The song got acknowledged by the Inter Service Public Relation Office of Pakistan Army.

Main Pakistan Hoonarmy, pakistani, music

Our next song is an ISPR production sung by Asrar titled as Main Pakistan. This song provides a beautiful display of all the armed forces personnels. It shows their exercise drills, and combat sessions to take over the enemy. The song revolves around the idea that the world has close eyes on Pakistan. It thanks Allah Almighty who has blessed Pakistan with natural resources. As a result, the state has more enemies compared to the minimal number of friends. Still, the state is strong with the enthusiasm and passion. This is because of its armed forces protecting the land to give a bright future to their descendants..

Naara e Taqbir Allah o Akbarpakistan army, artists, music

Irfan Umar Haidri has come up with a great patriotic song. The title is Naara e Taqbir Allah o Akbar. It revolves around the grand operation known as Zarb e Azb. It started to eradicate the incidents of terrorism and extremism once and for all. The video of the song displays army personnel moving within the tribal areas. They want to hunt down the shelters of talibans and uproot their hubs to put an end to this menace. The title of the song indicates that every soldier is ready to get martyred.

Dushman Ki Neend Haraamarmy song, artists, music

ISPR Pakistan Army released their song on the National Defense Day. It arrived in the year 2018 titled as Dushman Ki Neend Haraam. The video displays the readiness of all the battalions and brigades of armed forces. The soldiers are well prepared to encounter any kind of threat that comes in their way. Furthermore, this readiness makes the enemy go restless. The lyrics and video depict this situation in the song.

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Yaariyanpakistan army, artists, army

Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar joined hands to come up with a beautiful production. Its title is Yaariayn, another masterpiece among the top Pakistan Army songs. The title says it all. The theme revolves around the spirit of friendship. This relation keeps the military personnel going onwards in the field. They stay strong even when surrounded by enemies from all sides. Its this companionship and the urge to protect your friend who stood for you. When the enemy tried to attack from a hideout, the soldiers counter attacked them.

Tum He Say Hai Mujahidopakistani artists, army, music

This song is hard to miss sung by Alamgir Haq and titled as Tum He Say Hai Mujahido. The song speaks about the Pakistan Air Force, their preparation, and their combat drills. The lyrics of the song address the young pilots. It is for those who strive every day of their lives to protect the skyline of Pakistan from all aerial threats.

Zameen Jaagti Haipakistani songs, artists, music

Atif Aslam came up with another ISPR production titled as Zameen Jaagti Hai. The video revolves around the story of different army personnel. They remain steadfast and alert be they on duty or in their civilian attire. As the title reflects, the soldiers are always awake for the protection of their land and its people.

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Mujhey Dushman Kay Bachon ko Parhana Haiartists, army songs, pakistani

This ISPR production has won the hearts of the whole Pakistani Nation across the world. The title of the song gives a profound message to all the enemies of the country. The best vengeance practiced by the Pakistani nation is educating their children. Through the children, they can enlighten enemies’ minds.

Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Haiartists, artist, music

The song in the beautiful voice of Azaan Ali. The context is of the terrorist attacks causing young casualties of APS students. The lyrics give a strong message to all people with extremist mindset. It tells enemies that you all are cowards. The enemies take revenge from the armed forces by trying to attack children. But, these young children would strike back with high spirit. These children will continue their education to strengthen their country. They will make more efforts to make Pakistan prosper.

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O Meray Yaarpakistan army, singers, artists

Jawad Ahmad sang this beautiful song. It is narrating the story of soldiers spending quality time alongside their family. In this song, when soldiers were called for duty, nothing could stand in their way. They remain steadfast against all the odds and never surrender before the enemy. On the other side, they are willing to give their life for defending the borders of the country.