Every country has its own showbiz industry. Pakistan showbiz is not behind in this case. We have our own ways and methods of entertainment. One big medium is the television media. We have many big celebrities from our country. They have managed to achieve success with their wonderful performances on screen. This article will inform you about what is going on in the showbiz industry and the top celebrity couples in the showbiz industry.
The Pakistani showbiz industry has kept a good name for itself. It is decades old and has managed to evolve over time. The industry has produced some of the greatest productions of all time. The industry has flourished through engaging and powerful narrations. It continues to mesmerize its audience to date. The producers use this platform not only to engage the audience. Rather, they use this forum to share the problems of society. The dramas, telefilms, and talk shows refer to what our societal issues are. If we follow these pieces of advice then we may be able to create a better, well-behaved, and society. 
The Pakistani showbiz industry has been able to give some handsome actors. These actors are not good-looking but they are also great performers. Many of them have made a good name for Pakistan. They have worked on international projects too. The list includes the following actors: Imran Abbas, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Feroze Khan. These actors have been approached for doing foreign projects too. We are proud to have this great league of good actors from Pakistan.

Pakistani Showbiz Celebrities and Their Popularity

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The Pakistani Showbiz Industry has a vast scope. The industry comprises drama, television, film and theatre. These features make it ever-expanding. New faces keep on emerging on screens. The sustainability of an actor in the industry depends on the audience’s likeability. If an audience loves the work of an actor, then he/she will stick around for long. On the other side, there are many forgotten names in the industry as well. They are not given work again because of their poor performance. This comes to tell us how competitive this industry is.
Loads of ups and downs keep on happening in this industry too. Sometimes actresses go against one another. Sometimes people are not cast in particular shows. There is a load of gossip prevalent in the industry. People get married, some get divorced and some have babies. The personal life of the stars is of extreme interest to the audience. For keeping in touch with those updates, the audience views the actors’ social media. Almost all actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry have their own accounts. They are active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Through these accounts, they have attracted millions of followers. Their active presence on social media has caused people to take a keener interest in them. This is why people love to hear more about their favorite celebrity couples too.

Industry Dilemma

Many Pakistani actors, actresses, and singers have fallen in love with one another. They got married or engaged. After that, they acquired the status of being a celebrity couple. People share videos of their onscreen scenes. They romanticize their relationship. People also follow their activities. Fans tend to replicate the gestures these actors do for their partners. In such a way, these couples are setting a trend and benchmark for married couples in Pakistan. 
Even divorces between celebrity couples have been highlighted in the news. For example, the divorce of the famous couple of Shehroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousaf was discussed a lot. People criticized Shehroz for leaving Syra despite having a baby girl. He remarried a famous model Sadaf Kanwal. People backlashed him on this act. Millions of Pakistanis wrote to Syra in her support. This showed what huge impact held in the hands of the celebrities. Changes in their personal lives can affect their professional persona for the audience.

Celebrities and their Personal Life

It is interesting to note that celebrity couples also share how they take care of their babies. How they are responsible mothers and fathers. Such posts also send out a good message to Pakistani society. Their vibes can inspire future couples to stay connected and help one another. For instance, Iqra Aziz once shared a picture of her husband Yasir Hussain. He was seen changing the diaper of their baby. She wanted to show the world how helpful her husband is. Such a positive message inspired other dads to help out the mothers too. In this way, this craze for celebrity couples in Pakistan is a good trend. 
There is a negative outcome of this interest too. For instance, some celebrity couples are criticized for their clothing. Many female celebrities like Saboor, Aima Baig, and Aiman Khan have been grilled. People do not like to see their favorite ladies dressed in western clothes. Particularly those clothes which show their skin and are non-Islamic. 
Such incidents remind the celebrities too that their life decisions are not their own. The people of Pakistan want to know everything about them. They will also pass judgments on them, based on what they show on social media. This indicates how careful they should be when posting things online. 

How Does Fame Affect Pakistani Celebrities?

Pakistani celebrities adore fame. They go through many hurdles to reach that position. Many Pakistani artists have done surprising things to get fame for themselves. They crossed the traditional limits too. Humaima Malick, for instance, adopted the Indian culture for getting into a movie. She accepted wearing vulgar clothing for the movie too. Also, she performed many kissing scenes too for Bollywood movies. These acts might be normal in Indian culture. But, for Pakistani culture, these are odd acts. The Pakistani showbiz industry does not appreciate vulgarity. This is because the Pakistani people and society do not go for it. Pakistan is an Islamic country. Because of that, the Pakistanis subscribe to certain values which are conservative. They wish to see these values exercised by celebrities on-screen too.
Another celebrity who crossed boundaries was Veena Malik from Pakistani Showbiz. Veena Malik obtained fame by flirting with Indian celebrities. She, like Humaima Malick, wore vulgar clothes in Indian movies. She showed her body to entice more roles toward her. The people of Pakistan do not appreciate such direct and open gestures from them. Mathira is also an actress to be grilled for showing off her body for getting roles. The Pakistani audience expects Muslim people to conform to their values even on-screen. Ayyan Ali has been criticized too. She wears western clothing a lot. Her activities are also deemed non-traditional. But, because of such acts, she has managed to get fame herself. In a similar vein, Mawra Hocane adapted an Indian style of dressing when she went there for the shooting. The actress can be seen showing her torso and neck area. This has caused a lot of stir amongst the Pakistani audience.

9 Trending Pakistani Celebrity Couples You Should Follow

All these couples feature two rising stars having a huge fan following. Both partners have displayed outstanding performances in different productions. The best part about these couples is the reflection of their true selves. They stay natural and share their daily lifestyle. They acknowledge all the love and wishes from their fans on all the social media platforms.
In this article, we will provide a list of celebrity couples from the Pakistani showbiz. The wait is over. These couples are discussed among the audience. Their posts and social media presence is followed by everyone. So, let us dive into this list of the most trending and famous Pakistani Celebrity Couples:

Ayeza khan & Danish Taimoor

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Our next celebrity couple is also among the admired duo. Their individual roles have won countless hearts. Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan got married in 2014. The news spread on Twitter like a storm and became a top trend on most social media platforms. They have received well wishes from their lovers located in different parts of the world.

Yasir Hussain & Iqra Aziz

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The names of these two celebrities may ring a bell but Yasir and Iqra kept on going despite all odds. Their duo went into the limelight when Yasir proposed to Iqra at an Award ceremony. Imagine a similar scenario where you propose to your beloved in case you are an adult. That is how their love for each other got even more strong. The interesting part about their relationship is that both are quite open. Indeed, an individual tends to own and portray a different persona. Iqra and Yasir are quite open to sharing their lifestyle with their followers. They share it with a belief that it brings them close to their lovers. Both are quite active in sharing their photos and videos on social media.

Aimen khan & Muneeb Butt

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Our next celebrity couple is somewhat multi-talented and quite hardworking. Muneeb Butt started his journey as a TV commercial model. Aiman Khan started her acting voyage as a child artist. These early roles helped the young star to sharpen her acting skills. She got her fame alongside her twin sister Minaal Khan. Although the two stars were seen together at various occasions and gatherings. We never find either of these two being reluctant to reveal their love for one another. That is why their fans loved the news of their engagement followed by their wedding. The two maestros still enjoy the same level of love, respect, and care.

Falak Shabbir & Sarah Khan

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This celebrity couple became the apple of everyone’s eyes when they married each other. Although, they kept the relationship in privacy at the outset. They finally decided to make every fan a part of their happiness. Since then, their social media circle keeps expanding. In case anyone is not aware, Falak finds no hesitation in admitting to making breakfast for Sarah. Likewise, they are happy to share their love for another with all.

Sajal Aly & Ahad Raza Mir

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The two stars started their acting journey at a young age. Ahad is known to have inherited his acting talent from his father. Sajal is no less when it comes to winning the hearts of their fans. The two stars have proven their worth through their performances. Their fame went to new heights as soon as their wedding news went public and hit the social media platforms. Their fans loved it and showered their love with loads of beautiful comments on every image.

Fakhar Imam & Sana Fakhar

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Our next celebrity couple got censured for sharing their personal pictures. The two stars have handled the anger quite well by stating that it was a mere expression. Sana enjoys good fame in her acting career starting in Lollywood movies. She is always admired for her roles in Urdu and Punjabi movies. The celebrity couple has shifted to Canada and has turned into fitness enthusiasts. If you follow Sana’s profile on Instagram, you can find her posting different sets of exercises. She has also started her youtube channel for all her admirers and fans.

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Salman Sheikh & Hira Mani

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If you have watched Kollege Jeans or Sub Set Hai, you can not deny the acting skills of the talented Salman Sheikh known as Mani. He and his wife Hira Mani have become quite popular in the Pakistani showbiz industry . In case you have not seen the acting skills of Hira Mani, you have to watch Meray Pas Tum Ho and Sun Yara.

Yasir Nawaz & Nida Yasir

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If you want to check out the chemistry of this celebrity couple, watch the famous drama, Naadaaniyan telecast on ARY TV. The two stars are amazing in their acting and lifestyle. Yasir is not only known for being an actor but also as a renowned director of various productions. Nida Yasir has worked along with her husband in the before-mentioned drama. Later on, in life, she started her journey as a TV host. Search out for Good Morning Pakistan and you will witness all the hard work that she puts in.

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Asad Siddique & Zara Noor Abbass

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This beautiful celebrity couple has caught the eyes of social media. Now, we see the two even more active and engaged in signing new projects. Zara Noor plays the role of a girl falling in love with the son of a feudal lord in the drama Ehd-e-wafa. There were ups and downs in their lives but it all ended up well for the two living together at the end of the play.
Thus, you can see the wonderful chemistry these couples share. Whenever they come on screen, the audience loses their minds. They love to see their cute photographs and loving gestures toward one another. We hope these wonderful couples continue to bring smiles to the faces of every Pakistani.