If you are enjoying snowfall, you already know that it will not last for long. Summer would be next and you are always looking for shade or staying indoors till the evening. In case, you have to go out for something urgent, then there is a need to have a healthy and nourishing summer drink to replenish and recover your lost strength. Even, if you are feeling exhausted after a trip outside, these drinks help to quench the thirst and beat the heat once and for all.

10 Amazing Summer Drinks You Must Try

We have a special package of top summer drinks which would help you to beat the heat. We are not just here to share a list or their description, you will find the easiest recipe to prepare each one of these summer drinks on your own.

Sattu Ka GholSattu Ka Ghol, drinks, pakistani drinks

This summer drink is generally described as the powerhouse for its consumer rich with nutrients and minerals. You can make it in a variety of ways. This protein rich drink is quite nourishing for your stomach. The recipe is quite simple. Take two to three tablespoons of sattu in a mixing bowl and add half cup of chilled water. Mix sattu well in water till it gets completely dissolved. Pour one and a half cup of chilled water in this bowl to make the sattu mixture more dilute and tasty. Start mixing again. If you like black salt, you can add a pinch of it or in accordance with your own preference. Move ahead with the next ingredient.

Add one teaspoon of black pepper powder and continue mixing. You can also add a teaspoon of roasted cumin powder to enhance the taste of sattu ka ghol. Take one lemon and cut it to two halves. Add its juice into your drink for an extra rich flavor and taste. Pour the drink into the serving glasses. Take some finely chopped fresh coriander and sprinkel one tablespoon into the drink for a cooling sensation. There is one ingredient that can be considered as optional depending on your own taste. Take one onion and finely chop it to add its two tablespoons into the drink. Make sure to serve it immediately. That is how you will experience the true taste of the drink.

The Famous Palua DrinkPalua Drink, Pakistani drinks, Summer drinks

Some of you might have heard of it but for others it would be something new. If you are looking for a drink to rejuvenate yourself early in the morning, this summer drink is meant for you. It can be taken as a perfect combo of hygiene, health and taste altogether in one glass of magical palua drink. As it contains a mixture of cardamom, jaggery, sugar and curd, palua drink is renowned for nourishing as well as coloring effects. It is generally recommended to consume a glass of palua first in the morning and then you can move ahead with other meals and water for the rest of the day.

Let us make the whole recipe easy to follow for you. Take a bowl of arrowroot powder and pour four cups of water in it. Cover the bowl with a plate and leave the mixture for half an hour. When you check after thirty minutes, the arrowroot would be settled at the bottom of the mixture. You have to drain this water separating the arrowroot powder settled at the base. Now, pour one cup of water back into the mixture and cover it with a plate similar to the first step and keep it in this state for almost fifteen minutes. Once again, the arrowroot powder would be settled at the base quite evident after fifteen minutes.

Mix it well with water already part of the mixture. Take icy cool water in a separate bowl. Take half a cup of water in a pan and add half a teaspoon of salt and mix it well. Heat the mixture in a medium to low flame. Start adding the arrowroot mixture gradually and steadily in the pan and keep stirring the mixture. Once the whole of it has been added, keep the mixture in the low flame and stir it till it turns into a dough. Use a mould to bring the hot dough into a noodle form. Cool the noodles down with icy cool water. Drain the water to separate the arrowroot noodles.

Take fresh chenna in a steel utensil and add two cups of fresh curd and a cup of sugar. Add some water and start mixing all the ingredients. Add the arrowroot noodles into the mixture with half teaspoon of salt. Palua drink is ready to serve.

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Komal DrinkKomal Drink, Summer, Drinks

In case you like drinks with curd as the special ingredient, then you will certainly love komal for its cooling effects and beating the heat. All you need is one and a half cup of water and a combination of yogurt/curd, green chillies, coriander and coconut milk. Add sugar in the same cup and mix all the ingredients. Allow the sugar to get completely dissolved in the mix. After this step, add a little bit of salt in the mix and allow it to dissolve again.

Now, you have to make tempering for this mix. This will need some oil to be heated in a pan. Once the pan is sufficiently hot, you can add curry leaves, asafoetida and cumin seeds in smaller quantities. Once you hear a crackling sound, turn off the heat. Set aside the green chillies through a sifter. Now you should immediately add this mix to your drink. Your delicious komal summer drink is ready.

SolkadhiSolkadhi, Summer, Drinks

Many of you would not have heard of solkadhi but once you will try it with rice, you will definitely go crazy to have it some more. The drink not only acts as a coolant but also helps in digestion. Let us begin with the recipe. Rinse ten kokums in water and then add an extra cup. Soak the kokums for half an hour. Crush and squeeze the kokums, taking them out after thirty minutes. Use a strainer and a bowl to collect the kokum extract. Press the shredded kokums to collect all the extract in the bowl. Add two cups of water and one cup of thick coconut milk into the kokum extract. Mix all the ingredients to prepare solkadhi.

You can also add some salt according to your taste. Now it is time for the tempering. Take one and a half tablespoon of oil in a small pan. Add a teaspoon of mustard seeds and cumin seeds and let them crackle. Add some curry leaves alongside one to two dry red chillies. You can also add medium sized garlic cloves and a pinch of asafoetida powder. Once the garlic turns golden brown, you can pour this tempering on the drink and it’s ready to serve.

Panakam DrinkSolkadhi, drinks. summer

A perfect combination of cardamom, dry ginger and jaggery, panakam is a perfect coolant and an ideal summer drink to beat the heat during summers. An important thing to mention here is that it has to be chilled to enjoy the best flavor. Let us move to the recipe. Take some jaggery and dissolve it in one cup of water. Next, you have to strain the jaggery dissolved water so that the impurities can be separated. Take some cardamom and pepper corns to coarsely crush in a mortar pestle. You always have the option of using the powder. At the end, add crushed pepper, lime juice, dry ginger powder, salt and the remaining water and mix all the ingredients well for ten minutes. The drink is ready to serve.

Nannari DrinkSummer drinks, Pakistani drinks, Nannari Drink

Although it appears as a tea, you will enjoy it to the full once you will taste the aromatic drink popularly known as nannari sharbat. If you want to make it yourself, firstly you have to prepare the nannari syrup. Take a pan with five cups of water and then add almost a hundred grams of nannari powder. Mix the powder well with a spoon or a wired whisk. Then cover the mixture to get soaked for two to three hours. Add five cups of sugar in the same pan.

Cook the mixture on a low flame and keep stirring till all the sugar is dissolved in the pan. Keep cookin the mixture for almost half an hour till the syrup is reduced to one third its original amount. Keep cooking on a medium flame. Now, cool down the solution and filter it in another pan using a muslin or sieve. Shift the solution in a bottle and put it in the refrigerator to cool down. Once the syrup is ready, take four tablespoons and put in a glass. Add one tablespoon of lemon and then add pour water to mix well. If the water used is icy cold then the drink is ready to serve otherwise you can also add ice cubes to make it a perfect drink.

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The Famous Jigarthanda DrinkJigarthanda Drink, Pakistani drinks

The name itself would be appealing for you as you can imagine yourself taking a sigh of relief after taking a glass of this drink. This summer drink is quite famous for being a combo of almond gum and ice cream. Rinse and take two teaspoons of gond katira or simply almond gum in a bowl and add two cups of water. Soak the gum overnight for eight to nine hours. When you check out the mixture the next day, it would appear jelly-like as the almond gum has increased in volume with blooming. Strain the extra water from the mixture. Put the soaked almond gum in the refrigerator to cool down and sustain its consistency.

Take four tablespoons of condensed milk in a small pan and add two cups of chilled milk. Mix it well with a wired whisk or spoon. Keep the mixture in the fridge. Add two to three tablespoons of soaked almond gum and add three teaspoons of nannari syrup. Add one cup of condensed milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with dry fruits. You can also add other ice cream flavors according to your taste. You can also drizzle nannari syrup from the top. The jigarthanda drink is ready to serve.

ShikanjbeenPakistani drinks, Shikanjbeen

The traditional drink is known by various names such as lemopani or shikanjvi. It has its origin in Punjab. The ingredients are quite simple and the recipe is quite fast for you to follow as the basic things are lemon, salt, cumin powder, sugar and water. It is always wise to keep a bottle of shikanjbeen with you, especially going outside for commuting from and to your house. Take four cups of chilled water and add four tablespoons of lemon juice. Then add eight tablespoons of powdered sugar and start mixing all the ingredients. Add one teaspoon of shikanji masala and half teaspoon of salt. Mix all the ingredients well and once all the sugar is dissolved, the summer drink is ready to serve and enjoy.

Thandai DrinkSummer, Pakistani drinks, Thandai Drink

The name itself defines the impact of this drink meant to refresh the individual with a cooling sensation with a single glass of this beverage. Thandai has multiple benefits. It detoxifies your body and enhances the immune system of a person. Take some cashews, melon seeds, almonds, cardamom seeds, pistachios, fennel seeds, poppy seeds and black peppercorns in a mortar and pestle. Grind all the ingredients. Afterwards, add cinnamon and nutmeg powder. Mix it all well to a fine powder and then put it aside. Soak and warm saffron in milk for ten minutes and then put it aside. Add sugar and start mixing. After that add the thandai powder and keep mixing. Add some gulkan or commonly known rose petal jam and boil the milk mixture. Then take it off the flame.

The thandai will soak all the flavors. You can stir some rose water and mix it. Now you can strain the mixture with a sieve. Allow the thandai to drain through the sieve using a spoon. It is time to pour in the saffron milk that we prepared earlier. Blend all the components with continuous mixing. Cover the mix with plastic and put it in the fridge for three hours. You can do it overnight for extra flavor. The thandai summer drink is ready to serve. Just sprinkle some crushed pistachio or almond pieces at the top.

Sugarcane JuiceSugarcane Juice

If you are not just looking for a cooling effect but also a package of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins, then sugarcane juice is waiting to quench your thirst. The recipe is quite simple and you can do it all on your own at home. Just peel a sugarcane and chop it into small pieces. Use a machine to grind it alongside ginger. Serve the juice with fresh lime juice. The addition of these ingredients would take you sky high. Just give it a try. However, if you are looking for something simplistic, remove the add ons and just enjoy the plain sugarcane juice. You will love it.

Buttermilk DrinkPakistani drinks, Buttermilk Drink, chaas

You might know it with another popular name, chaas. Whatever you may call it, this buttermilk summer drink would become one of your favourites after your very first experience. There are various versions of this drink. For example you can make it spicy or a one with a cooling effect using mint. Let us describe the recipe of the latter version. Take some mint leaves and rinse with water. After draining all the water, you can either chop the mint leaves or keep them natural. Take some roasted ground cumin powder, curd, salt, water and of course the mint leaves. Blend the mixture for a few minutes till you see a butter fat layer on the milk. The drink is ready to serve with whole mint leaves at the top.

Jaljeera DrinkJaljeera Drink, matka drink, spicy juice

If you like a drink that is spicy and helps in digestion, then try the spicy jaljeera drink. This beverage is generally stored in clay containers also known as matka in order to keep it cool. The drink is generally served with coriander leaves for enhancing its taste. Firstly, soak one tablespoon of tamarind in a quarter cup of hot water for almost fifteen to twenty minutes. Next, you have to prepare the most important ingredient, jaljeera chutney. Rinse some mint leaves in half cup of water. After draining all the water, put the mint leaves in a small grinder jar.

Make sure you are just using the leaves and not the stems. Add one and a half teaspoons of cumin seeds, one teaspoon of fennel seeds, half teaspoon of black pepper and one cardamon. Take one teaspoon of dry mango powder also known as amchur, one teaspoon of chaat masala, asafoetida and black salt as required. Grind all the components to a smooth chutney. You can strain the chutney using a strainer. Take this chutney in a bowl and add two cups of water. Mix it well and add salt and mango powder if required. You can add some lemon juice for extra taste. Put the drink in the fridge and serve it. You will simply love it.

Aam Pannapanna drink, mango juice, Aam Panna

Lastly, we have everyone’s favourite as people of all ages love the drink. Take some mangoes and rinse in water. Then put these mangoes in a pressure cooker. Pour two cups of water. Another alternative is to steam the mangoes in a steamer. Cook these mangoes for about fifteen minutes. Remove the lid when the pressure settles down. If the mangoes are cooked well, the peels would come out. Put all the content in a strainer. You can use this water to make the aam panna drink. Cool down the mangoes at room temperature.

Take the peel off from these mangoes. Take the mango pulp in a bowl. Add sugar in the mango pulp. Keep in mind that the amount of sugar should be twice the amount of mango pulp. Add a teaspoon of cardamom powder, roasted cumin powder in the mixture. Then add two teaspoons of black salt, quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder. Mix all the components well. If you prefer a blender, you can use that also. Aam Panna is ready to store in the fridge. For making a drink, add three tablespoons of this gel in a glass. Add the same water over the gel in which you cooked the mangoes in the first place. Mix it well and add some ice cubes. The drink is ready to serve and enjoy.

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