Online sales for kid’s toys are projected to reach 56.7 percent more than total retail sales for toys. The eCommerce market for Toys is a growing business in Pakistan in fact all over the world. Because it removes the inconvenience of buying your kid’s toys from a retail shop that sometimes lacks variety. Every kid is different from others, their needs and requirements change as they grow. So in order to keep up with their change you need proper marketing strategies. Hamza Waseem the CEO of is one of the leading businessmen in Pakistan.

Marketing Toys: A 95 Billion Dollar Business

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The eCommerce market for toys is now becoming a competitive business. So, everyone wants to taste the glory of the revenue. Coming up with an original way to sell toys to customers is difficult in the eCommerce market. When it comes to the eCommerce market for Toys, Hamza knows what he is doing. He founded ToyZone in 2015.

Hamza Waseem on Changing the Perspective

His grandfather used to run a toy shop in Shah Alam Market Lahore. The shop was being run in a very traditional manner. Hamza came back after completing his Bachelors in Marketing from London and decided to completely change the game.

He and the co-founder of ToyZone alongside him decided to create a website where customers from all over the country could come and buy toys. He changed the wholesale business of selling toys and turned it into a million-dollar idea by giving it a nationwide face. Through marketing and technology, he brought attention to the online toy market in Pakistan. He did this at a time when the trend of cash and delivery service was quite unknown in Pakistan. He took the flag alone and made the trend himself. is Taking Pride in Customer Satisfaction

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Whether it’s marketing or website management, the experience of your customer should be the main priority, says Hamza while discussing the lack of customer service in online stores in Pakistan. He believes that the journey of your customer while shopping and ordering and receiving should be a completely satisfying package. There are still some problems faces because of the lack of resources in the country. If your kid has a preference for a certain specific toy all you have to do is put the description on the search bar of their site. will make it their job to provide you with that product even if it doesn’t exist in Pakistan. They removed the problem of limited capacity and lack of variety when it comes to toys.

A total of 8.8 million people would buy toys from outside the country and bring them to Pakistan through someone else, bearing a lot of shipment charges and expenses. removed that barrier and made it easier to buy toys all over the country. The reason for their successful journey is because they removed such problems in the country. The eCommerce market for toys owes a lot to

Sales Created a Real Explosion in the Pakistani Market

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If you are marketing toys in Pakistan, you’re up against so many online competitors—Daraz, Khanaan, and a lot more. You always need to do something special as a business, something original to improve the sales. In the world of digital media sales and growth are built into your marketing strategy.

An online toys business company needs to have continuous ideas and innovative marketing strategies in order to be successful. is always ahead of the curve when it comes to these things. The effect is notable on the sales side for this Pakistani company, which markets so many toys, including the very popular tabletops and bubble fidgets of which it has already sold more than 1 million copies.

In one year, sales have tripled for the company. Democratization is allowed in particular by the liberation of the imagination around the questions related to children’s nature. ToyZone embraces children’s imagination and sells products that can open their minds. They sell products that educate children and entertain them as well. At the same time, manufacturers began to rethink the toy market. No more phallic and uninteresting toys.

From now on, the toys are colorful, connected objects, almost decorative objects. Like that of the Tin Tea set, a newcomer to the website, which acts as decoration for kids. For the objective is clear to attract an audience of first-time buyers.

The mission of the young “CEO” is to test toys, make recommendations and present them to the public, the toymaker explained in an interview. According to Hamza, the company is “not fixed in time”. He says their employees are “always growing with the times” which is important to keep the business running. This opens the door to toys offered over a very large territory, he added.

How the Pandemic Changed

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Regarding the sale itself of their management always communicates with the customers in order to keep them coming back. Hamza says they started the business with just 15,000 rupees total in cash in 2015. By creating a website themselves and marketing it through different channels, over time 15,000 became 30,000, and that turned into 90,000.

So over time, they made ToyZone into a well-established business. When discussing the use of technology in terms of innovation Hamza believes they have done things differently than their competitors. The sub software behind their website that sees product availability and inventory management is all part of the technological advancement.

Anyone can make a site but investment in management and software are also very important. Every month they hold a project that focuses on the technological advancement for After Covid-19 there was a major breakthrough in eCommerce. A streamlined process was disrupted by the pandemic. When the company had to face such a huge charge of online business its system wasn’t prepared to handle anything like it. Shops were closed, people were isolated, and everything became an online business.

People even had to buy groceries online during the pandemic. So there was a huge shift in the customers and how they approach the system of buying a product. A change that would take 3 to 4 years took only a year to come. People became loyal to the online brands that had products and on top of that good customer service as well. was one such brand. They made sure to be strong from the backend, their site was strong but they made sure that the process behind the site was also advancing forward. So the advancement of the process is now a priority they deal with monthly.

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The Problems and Their Solutions

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Hamza says the biggest problem their company had to face was when a package is rejected and returned by the customer the package loses its value. So when a pile of toys has been gathered, they sell them by reuploading the product on their site by mentioning that the toys have been refurbished. That fixed the problem of the 5% of toys that were sitting around not being sold. Their used products sometimes sell better than the new ones. This has improved their revenue immensely.

Hamza suggests people starting out in the eCommerce toys business as he quotes “Be original if you copy a brand then you are nothing but a copy of that brand”. Of Course, the eCommerce toys business is good but if you are a fresh brand starting out make sure that you are bringing something new to the table. So you can make your own mark in the business. Another advice Hamza has for people is that you should always have a good team of people in your brand. If you are willing to give it your best then find an employee who can at least give it their most. Even if it is hard to find people like those it is always worth giving it a shot.

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Breaking the Stereotypes

Products for boys and girls are separate. The customers can buy them according to color and characteristics. Although the retail industry explains that some products are gender-separated. They said this in terms of providing information to customers and marketing, there is also concern that gender stereotypes may become fixed and negatively affect children’s emotional development. But separates themselves from that. If you visit their site you can see that toys are not gender-focused.

They provide products regardless of the fact that a doll is made for girls and automobile toys are made for boys. U.S. stores such as Amazon, Disney, and Target abolished gender tags in 2016, amid concerns that the distinction between boys and girls could instill gender stereotypes. Major toy and distribution companies in the UK have also removed the division between boys and girls from toy stores. So it’s nice to see that is following the journey of removing stereotypes.

Hamza also says the importance of finding the right business partner is a necessity. You can’t just do it all by yourself. The co-founder of is someone Hamza has known since the sixth grade. Make sure that the founders of the business are well intact even when the business faces some hurdles.

A good business strategy is finding an area that you have an interest in then finding the problems in that area and then coming up with a solution. That way you improve the flow of the market and bring out your own true identity as a business. It’s easy to see why is at the top when it comes to the eCommerce market for toys. From the looks of it is clear that the brand will keep on going strong with time.