One handbag is never enough for any woman in the world. Women love buying handbags. They stock up their wardrobe with trendy handbags and keep buying handbags no matter how many they already have. However, sometimes they don’t even use some of these expensively purchased bags. Nevertheless, they can avoid this problem if they shop mindfully and by checking the usability of the bag alongside the trend.

 Wardrobe Essentials: 9 Trendy Bags That Every Girl Should Have

If you are looking to add some heavy-duty luxury bags in your closet but don’t know where to begin as the options are endless then don’t worry we have got you covered. As in this article, we’ll talk about the top 9 trendy handbags that every girl must have. The handbags that we’ll discuss today are being put in our list of top 9 keeping in mind the latest trends, stylishness, comfort, and usability. Following is the list of a few of the most stylish and chic handbags that we’ll discuss in detail one by one:

  1. Quilted Bag
  2. Tote Bag
  3. Cross-body Bag
  4. Shoulder Bag
  5. Mini Bag
  6. Pouch Bag
  7. Canvas Bag
  8. Day & Evening Clutch
  9. Backpack

Quilted BagShopper bag, Tote Bag, Cross-body Bag

Depending on your lifestyle, a Quilted Channel bag is always the best investment to keep in your closet. Nothing says comfort and luxury like a Chanel quilted bag. The classy design of these trendy handbags was first introduced by the Channel brand in 1950 and since then this bag is in trend. The bag is not popular because of the Channel logo on it but it is liked by almost every other woman of every other age because of its usability and comfortability. It is stylish yet easy to carry on every formal event or a casual day. It is a perfect bag to enhance your every casual and formal look effortlessly.

Tote BagShoulder Bag, Mini Bag, Pouch Bag

Tote handbag is a savior for those women who like to carry a lot of stuff in their bag. This bag is a must for you if you never want to go out without keeping the essential items in your bag. Whether it is your makeup kit, a spare jacket, a book, or your keep-cup, this bag has a big space for every essential item. Because of its perfect size, this type of bag is loved by every other woman out there. They are not just comfortable but also look classy and elegant to carry. A good quality Tote handbag is definitely worth an investment.

Cross-body Bagfashion, pakistani fashion, women fashion

The cross-body bag is seamlessly the most trendy handbag that you can consider having in your wardrobe. These kinds of handbags are multipurpose. You can carry them in any formal and informal dress. Also, they can go well with any day or night event. Mostly, this is a go-to handbag for many women especially when they want to stay hassle-free during any outing or any casual day. Usually, this kind of handbag is just able to hold your lipstick or a lip balm, debit cards, hand sanitizer, and a comb. Exactly all the things you need to look chic and classy while having a fuss-free day.

Shoulder Bagtrendy fashion, trendy handbags, latest trend

Another very stylish and trendy handbag that we have on our list is the shoulder bag. This type of bag can be easily carried out on the shoulder without much effort. Generally, they come in small sizes which makes them perfect to carry on your shoulder and have your hands free for other tasks. This is a perfect everyday bag that you can use for both work and casual events. It is best to put a little more thought and effort before investing in this kind of bag as you are most likely to use this kind of bag for a longer time period. Choose the design and colors that you love the most and that can go well with any dress.

Mini Bagmini bag, mini pouch, clutch

A mini bag is another trendy handbag these days. This handbag is the dream of every other girl. A mini bag can be your savior on the days when you don’t want to burden yourself with lots of stuff except the very few essential items. You can very easily adjust your phone, cash, and keys in this bag. It is not just easy to carry but also looks very sleek and stylish. An addition of this type of bag to your wardrobe can be a very wise investment. It will enhance your charisma and will take your style to the next level without much effort.

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Pouch Bagevening clutches, evening fashion, evening style

The pouch clutch bag has been inaugurated recently as the new clutch bag. It usually comes in the form of an oversized and loose clutch. You can instantly glam up any outfit by carrying this simply sophisticated clutch under your arm. Moreover, if you want to adjust a few necessary items in your clutch and at the same time want to look fancy and chic then the pouch clutch bag is the one you need to invest in.

Canvas Bagsleek, stylish, wardrobe essentials

Lightweight, trendy and spacious, a canvas bag is the most casual bag that every woman must have in their wardrobe. Designed with a colorful canvas, a cloth handbag is the most trendy handbag that you can have. It can be used on a shopping day, on a short trip, or even if you’re traveling. Moreover, it is also very handy for your gym and yoga classes as you can very easily adjust all your workout gear and other essentials in this bag.

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Clutchdesigner items, purse, hand purse

Clutch is another must-have trendy handbag that you should invest in. It is important to note that there are two types of clutches, a day clutch, and a night clutch. The day clutches are comparably bigger and softer in texture than the night clutch. They are big enough to keep all the essential items during any day event. On the other hand, evening clutches are small and sleek. They can’t carry much as they are mostly paired with an evening dress to complete the look.

Backpacktravel tips, travel bag, travel fashion

The backpack is another best option for women who don’t want to leave the house without their essentials. You can almost carry everything and anything in a backpack effortlessly as the weight is divided on both shoulders, instead of one. You can look cool and chic while carrying all your essentials in your bag. These bags are perfect for any long or short trip or for an outing. You can choose any style and color according to your taste and mood.