Uber Launches in Pakistan

Towards the end of 2016, the famous online service of taxi-hailing with the name of Uber will launch in Pakistan. This service is set to target megacities in the region of Asia Pacific.

What is Uber All About?

Uber was founded in 2009 and since then this online taxi-hailing service provider has expanded globally more than any other company in the history. Currently it is functional in more than 60 countries and around 300 cities. Currently having the value of more than $500 billion, Uber Technologies Inc, makes use of a GPS-enabled free application for connecting drivers from private companies of cars to passengers at affordable rates and provides a fast response time which is usually within 10 minutes.

How to Use Uber?

For charging customers, mostly electronic payment procedures or credit cards are used by Uber. However, the company aims to produce such products and payment policies for Pakistan through which credit cards will be rarer than internet connections.

Online Taxi-Hailing Services in Pakistan

The launch of this online taxi-hailing service in Pakistan arrives after several other online taxi-hailing projects. These include Easy Taxi application of Rocket Internet, a German ecommerce investor. This service was not successful in penetrating into the market. However, Uber has high hopes of attracting business through their brand.

Uber’s Expected Usage in Pakistan

Despite several failures of other online taxi-hailing services in Pakistan, the career page of Uber’s website advertised for the post of three top managers this week in the eastern part of Lahore. The launch of 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan gives hope to this company to galvanize its business in this region. Around 14% of the population of Pakistan numbering 190 million has internet access while 73% can access it through their cell phones according to the telecommunication authority of the country.

The Grand Launch

The head of communication of Uber in Africa and Middle East, Shadeen Abdellatif, stated that they are all set to launch the service in Pakistan by the end of this year or maximum by the beginning of next year. Referring to the city of Lahore which is the second largest city where Uber will be launched initially, she further stated that in the next coming months they will put together a strong team in Lahore to prepare for the mega launch.