Sexual Harassment means unwanted physical advances towards a person. This act can humiliate a person’s dignity. It can result in life-long mental and physical health issues for the victim. 

Sexual Harassment and Violence in Pakistan

Violence, discrimination, and sexual harassment are some of the top trending topics in Pakistan. The media regularly reports cases of victims. Sadly, the affected families are waiting for justice. Unfortunately, young girls get raped very frequently. As a result, many families have stopped sending their children to school.

This issue is a serious matter of concern. Pakistanis have to take a stand on this matter.

Government’s Response to Sexual Harassmentrape cases in Pakistan, dress code, sexual Assault

Recently, the government has held women responsible for sexual harassment. Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, declared unethical clothing of women as the vital reason. The masses rejected this claim. Social Media Activists have started commenting on this statement. These activists remark that clothing can never be the sole reason for all such incidents.

In this article, we would debate this issue further. 

Planned Groups

Sexual harassment is a planned crime. The criminals are usually in groups. These evil-minded people trick innocent young girls. Initially, they take them to some isolated areas. This helps them avoid interference from others. After that, they commit this grave sin collectively. 

The majority of rape victims have reported such incidents as a group crime. Such incidents are certainly not coincidences. This reveals how systematic these groups are. These gangs are able to disappear easily because they do it in a group. That is why they are able to avoid accountability of the law. 

What is Unethical Clothing?rape victim, rape survivor, sexy clothes

Unethical clothing implies a dress that shows your body. It accentuates the features of your body. If a dress reveals nudity then it also falls in the category of unethical clothing. Revealing tabooed body parts is unethical clothing too.

Women With Abaya and Hijab

Women were victimized in sacred places as well. Numerous women have reported harassment during Umrah in Mecca. Women have pointed out the immoral behavior of men in Madina as well. Women wear an abaya in Mecca and Madina. It is a custom in Saudi Arabia. This dress covers them from head to toe. Despite decent clothing, Men ogle at women in these places too. Women report men staring at them or touching their bodies. These sexual harassment narratives reveal that the blame on clothing is false. 

Educational and Religious InstitutesUnethical Clothing, sexual violence, sexual harassment

Various religious institutes are places for incidents of sexual harassment too. The clerics committed this crime. These religious instructors have taken advantage of their students. 

The persistent blame on ‘unethical clothing’ needs to stop. People should stop taking women as objects. They should start considering them as human beings.

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Women’s View on Sexual Harassmentmasculine mentality, women view on rape, rape cases in pakistan

One social media activist Tooba raised her voice against the masculine mentality. She asked all women to describe their clothing whenever they have faced sexual harassment. She says that this is the only way to see reality. Her call for an action brought more tweets. Thousands of ladies said that they were wearing modest and ethical clothing when they were attacked. 

Many women have reported males staring at them while driving. Another incident was quoted by Khadija, an activist, that a man touched her in Mecca. She was traveling on a bus and was wearing an abaya. 

These sexual harassment incidents can open the eyes of the people. Individuals who believe that it’s happening because of women’s attire are on the wrong track. 

Hold Men’s Immoral Desires AccountablePornography, porn videos, porn industry

It is time to hold men responsible too. They should be trained in moral responsibility from childhood. Pornography is further promoting their immoral desires. These sites build a negative mindset among men. They tend to secretly watch porn videos on their phones and then attempt to practice it on young girls.

Action Needed From Cyber Crime WingCybercrime Wing, mobile, pornographic material

It is time for the government to seriously step in and expedite the cyber crime wing to block all porn sites. They should identify locations where mobile users are found accessing pornographic material. These criminals should be punished. Such actions can help bring things under control.

Open-Mindedness is Required

We need to normalize the idea of gender differences as a nation. We should consider everyone equal. Women are human beings with a regular body, created by God. 

Movies and Television need to stop portraying women as objects of desire. This mindset is the root cause of sexual harassment. We can achieve peace only when we get rid of this evil from our society.