mah_e_meer, cast, story, lollywood_movie, lollywood_filmMah-e-Meer: The Upcoming Pakistani Flick at First Glance

Mah-e-Meer is an upcoming Pakistani flick and talk of its release is a hot topic of discussion in the country. The film was announced back in 2014 and arrangements for its final release are almost complete. The trailer for the movie Mah-eMeer has been released for the public as of now, which gives viewers a glimpse of what the Mah-e-Meer movie is like and this trailer is what has created a lot of hype for the picture.

Many people are waiting for this Pakistani movie to be released in cinemas so they can get the chance to watch it with friends and therefore put an end to their time penalty for taking to the full version of Mah-e-Meer.

Crew, Cast and Storyline for Mah-e-Meer

A Deeper Look into Mah-e-Meer

The word Mah-e-Meer literally means promiscuous moon and the movie Mah-e-Meer is based on the life of Jamal, a poet who struggles for success in his argument with the royal court of his age, as well as for popularizing Urdu language amongst the general public of the time, etc.

The essence of Mah-e-Meer movie is that it creates connections between the life of this poet Jamal, played by Fahad Mustafa, with that of Mir Taqi Mir, a prominent Urdu poet respected and adored for his poetry to this day. It reflects on how Jamal follows Mir Taqi Mir and takes leads for his own fight from that of Mir, considering the striking resemblance between the professions and circumstances of each of them. From whatever records of Mir’s life are available, Jamal tries to recreate in his mind how Mir tackled his problems and then tries to employ the same strategies to win his battle for his own goals in life.

Some believe that the role of Fahad Mustafa in Mah-e-Meer playing a poet is very well suited to his person and therefore the excellent choice of actor for this lead role may be a big factor for the attention which the Mah-e-Meer trailer has created so far.

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Expected Business Outcome of Mah-e-Meer

Judging by the initial response of the public, it is expected that Mah-e-Meer will do very good business in cinemas. The production company and the directors for Mah-e-Meer are expected to be richer by millions after the initial screening of the movie in cinemas nationwide.

However, this is an estimate only, based on the trailer of the film, only the feedback of viewers after watching Mah-e-Meer in full will decide the accuracy of this projection.