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Technology has influenced our lifestyle. There was a time when people would spend ample time of their day within libraries. They were the hub of information. The internet has changed the perspectives of the next generations. Google and Youtube are search engines to find information alongside entertainment. But, the passionate readers would agree that the information from a book is permanent. Yes, the videos simplify all the technical concepts. But every written content is not based on facts and statistics, sometimes we use fiction.

Literature is an art of expressing an individual’s powerful emotion. It uses various literary devices to entertain and inform readership. Lovers of literature are able to live various lives by reading short stories and novels. They involve characters with whom the readers tend to personalize for their own catharsis. This is what brings tears in the eyes of a reader with a good piece of writing. In case, It is nice to see that you are getting excited and want to get your hands on some good collections.

Urdu fiction has a rich history. From Bano Qudsia to Quratulain Haider, and from Manto to Ashfaq Ahmed, each writer brings a unique set. They add their nuances and emotion to this diverse cultural heritage. It is evolving with new names added to the list. This includes Umera Ahmed, Nimra Ahmed, Zanjabeel Abbas, and Hashim Nadeem. These writers wrote in womens’ monthly magazines such as Khawateen Digest and Pakeeza. When their talent reached drama and movie producers, they write for the big screen. Parizad, Humsafar, and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are drama scripts adapted from Urdu fiction.

The article provides a list of top 10 Urdu fiction series that you must read. You can read them to enjoy the pristine experience of Urdu fiction.

Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra AhmedFiction

Many of you would have read or watched the episodes of Sherlock Holmes. This means that you prefer writings revolving around the lives of characters. They are detectives working on covert missions,  performing espionage and crime scene investigation. Then, there is no way to miss out ‘Jannat Kay Pattay’ by Nimra Ahmed. The narrative portrays the transformation of two central personalities of the fiction. One of these protagonists is Jehaan Sikander who is an ISI officer. The novel reflects the harsh circumstances of his missions. Another central theme of the novel is the concept of ‘Hijaab’ or veil. This is portrayed by the life adopted by Haya Suleman. The fiction provides a reference to the holy verses of Quran that became a turning point in the life of Haya.

The beauty of this novel lies in connecting the two stories of Haya and Jehan. Haya and Jehan were actually married off to each other in their early adolescence. They are each other’s cousins. Jehan’s mother (Haya’s aunt) lives in Turkey. So Haya decides to go to Turkey and study on a scholarship. Nimra Ahmed portrays Turkey in her novel. The novel maintains an aura of mystery when it comes to Jehan.

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Pir E Kamal by Umera Ahmedfiction

Umera Ahmed is famous for her writings. One of these great masterpieces is Pir E Kamal referring to the perfect mentor (pbuh). The book is on the central theme of spiritual and moral reformation. This renaissance is about the lives of Salaar Sikander and Imama Hashim. The latter had to face some serious difficulties for being Qadyani. But, the life transformed following the principles of Islam and teachings of Prophet. There are many lessons taught by this novel. Salvation lies in turning ourselves towards our creator. Next, unhappy souls can find eternal peace by idealizing the life of the holy prophet. Divine is the ultimate truth. It helps in bearing all the difficulties that come in the way of becoming one with your Lord. The two characters despite all the difficulties end up marrying one another. It reflects the various transformations happening in the novel.

Imama Hashim is an Ahmediyya Muslim. He decides to convert to Sunni Islam after observing her friends. She is a student of medical sciences who attends lecture of a sunni muslim in secrecy. When she falls in love with someone outside her own sect, her parents force her to marry one of her cousins. They ground her by taking away her liberties. Salar is Imama’s rich neighbour who has an IQ above 150. He helps Imama out of a sticky situation. But lands her in another. This causes the birth of hard feelings in Imama’s heart for him. This novel garnered much praise and accolades.

Bano by Razia Buttfiction

We all have gone through the history of Pakistan in our earlier classes. The country originated after the sacrifices of various Muslims. They demanded a separate homeland for the forthcoming generations. The struggle never ended after the partition. It got worse causing massacres during the migration of Muslims and Hindus. If you still find it hard to understand, ‘Bano’ is a must read for you being telecast as ‘Dastan’ in the electronic media. Pick any one of the two modes. But, the former will provide a lucid picture of all the struggles Muslims had to face. The novel revolves around the story of a young girl passionate to witness partition. But, everything comes with a price. The young girl had to face difficulties for years before she could reach the Muslim homeland.

Bano is one of the best literary works penned down by Razia Butt. It is set in the time before and after the partition of India in Ludhiana, Punjab. The protagonist of the story is Bano, and her life is affected by the events that lead to the Partition. This novel touches a nerve. Particularly when the protagonist questions whether her sacrifices have all gone to waste. She suffers immense injustice by the people of Pakistan. Her new country does not appear to be what she was promised many years ago. The novel touches a nerve and gives ample opportunities of introspection.

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Muu Val Kaabay Sharif by Mustansar Hussain TarrarFiction

If you like watching travel videos on YouTube, then you have the passion of traveling the world. It is always wise to have a tour guide who can share one’s experience. He/she can make your own trip more convenient for you to have the best time of your life. If you thought that traveling can only be experienced through travel videos, you are missing Mustansar Hussain Tarrar’s travelogues. Each book provides a unique experience of witnessing the lifestyle and culture of a particular or more than one country.

Muu Val Kaabay Sharif is one of the acclaimed novels of Mustansar Hussain Tarrar. The novel provides an experience of discovering self especially in the jurisdiction of masjid e haraam. Tarrar has crafted the spiritual transformation of a muslim. He explains the feeling when one stands and feels the glory of the Creator by witnessing Kaaba. The book instigates a desire of diving into the other experiences offered in Tarrar’s other novels.

This is a travelogue of Tarar performing hajj and his feelings and emotions during the course of his spiritual journey. The novel has many fans all across the globe. He doesn’t need the usual articulation & sugar coating which is his trademark otherwise. It’s like a journey to rediscover himself. Looking forward to read Ghar e Hira main aik Raat (another of Tarar’s travelogues)/

Doobay Kinaray Ishq Kay by Asia Mazhar Chaudhryfiction

Our next must read novel is a masterpiece by Asia Mazhar Chaudhry titled as Doobay Kinaray Ishq Kay. If you are a literary critic, you would be able to witness all the human emotions within this novel. Asia Mazhar Chaudhry highlighted various social issues that one can witness. The intent behind such portrayal is to clarity all our misconceptions. Wel all tend to think as though we are the only ones with problems where as the rest of the people are all at peace. After reading this novel, one develops a broad spectrum of perspectives. Reader learns to accept the difficult times being natural and happening with everyone. The book highlights that an honest love for the divine can lead the way to come out of all our troubles.

This fiction novel revolves around a protagonist who is kind hearted. But he gets wronged by most of the people around her. People try to take advantage of her innocence. It showcases her journey of self discovery, but it doesn’t make her a bitter person. She is someone who is still ready to help anyone she comes across, but she has her guards up. This novel talks about having faith in a higher power. It speaks about realizing your own self worth and how it can help solve many problems in life. It also reflects how relinquishing control can help in gaining greater good in life.

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Jangloos by Shaukat SiddiqueJangloss

We often hear about murder mysteries that remain unresolved in the outskirts of central punjab. It is the result of the feudal system that dominates the agricultural lands of Pakistan. Shaukat Siddique has provided a lucid picture of the manner in which the feudal lords abuse their tenants. They administer their illegitimate authority over the farmers working on their lands. ‘Jangloos’ revolves around the struggles of two prisoners, Rahim Dad and Lali. They try to escape from the inhumane attitude of the feudal lords towards their workers.

The novel is as an authentic documentary. It is narrating the picture of all the atrocities inflicted by the feudal system. These people are treated as animals and kept in chains within a prison. Shaukat Siddique has depicted a dominant influence of bribery within these lands. The feudal lords keep their power even within the parliamentary elections. So that no one can question their use of illegal means to take over the adjoining lands owned by other farmers.

It is an eye opening story of struggle that the working class has to go through everyday to survive. This also sheds light on how people in power abuse their authority and exploit people who work for them under compulsion.

Mosmi by Rakhi ChaudhryMosmi

If you like to get caught by surprise, then you will love Rakhi Chaudhry’s ‘Mosmi’ for readers like you. The reason why it is a must is that you will never be able to figure out the very next event based on the previous incidents. The novel revolves around the life of Mosmi, a young girl who disappears on the day of her wedding. Her absence shocks all the family members. But, the actual interest of readership develops as the search for the missing girl begins to unravel the mystery. Although the book is a romantic fiction, the definition can not be fully applied in its assumed sense.  You will feel the tension of Mosmi’s absence.

This fiction story is for the reader for all ages. It makes the use of the beautiful urdu prose. Mosmi includes rich vocabulary which makes the reader immersed in the novel. It is as if one feels the motion and trauma of the family whose young daughter has gone missing. This is Rakhi Chaudhry’s third novel. One reviewer shared their excitement for this book. They enjoyed the suspense and comedy in this novel.

Bachpan Ka December by Nadeem HashmiFiction

Many of us come from varying academic backgrounds. There are readers who have studied from an urdu medium school or college. Others have studied at institutions with English as medium of instruction. This novel shows dichotomy in the education system. This leads to problems one has to witness if an individual comes from a former background. Nadeem Hashmi’s novel Bachpan Ka December provides relatable content for many readers. This is true especially for the ones coming from an Urdu medium background. The protagonist of the novel is able to get admission is a Cadet College on a funded scholarship. That is not all. He also qualified for the Competitive Exam to join the superior services. Also, the novel presents the story of a young girl. She stood by this boy’s side in all the difficult times and remained his support.

This book details coming of age experiences. It talks about how the ease and flow of childhood get disturbed by the worries of adulthood. It also discusses topics like parental control, the neighbors, and family affairs. The novel talks about daily happenings in a nuanced way which sets it apart from the other novels of its class. Readers crowd and laughed with each chapter of the book. The conclusion of the book was well thought out, even though it was a bit of a shock.

Bay Rang Piya by Amjad JavedFiction

If you have a taste for romantic fiction then Amjad Javed is a good choice. He has written a masterpiece titled Bay Rang Piya for you. This is to witness the power of pure love once it takes over the mind and body of an individual. As the title itself reflects, the story revolves around the life of a girl. She abandons the pleasures of this world to live a life based on humility and simplicity. The narratives present readers with another character, an affluent male. He prefers a life full of luxury and comfort. But, his encounter with this ascetic girl makes him fall in love with her.

The fiction novel becomes more interesting with time. The luxury lover has to leave his previous life to begin with a new one. This is because he wishes to spend the rest of his life with the beloved. This becomes a real trial of that man to show the purity of his love, since he is not used to a simple life with no luxuries. The novel revolves around how ishq e majazi is a way to find ishq e haqiqi. The protagonist, Ayat, transforms a man because he is in love with her. The novel talks about the transformative power of love and how far a person will go to make their beloved happy.

Mushaf by Nimra AhmedMushaf

Life continues to remain a mystery if an individual is not aware of the purpose of one’s existence. This novel speaks about being subservient to one’s creator. It talks about obeying His commands evident in the Holy Quran. This is the message that Nimra Ahmed wishes to convey to her readers through her novel. The narrative revolves around the life of a young girl named Mehmal. She wishes to understand the true purpose of life. Nimra Ahmed has crafted the context in a wonderful manner. The readers can also affiliate themselves with all the incidents happening with Mehmal. They can understand how she finds the solution of her problems by reading the Holy Quran. The novel presents a lucid picture of Muslim identity. It talks about expectations from a pious believer and worshipper of Allah Almighty.

You can consider the piece of writing as the tip of the iceberg or  a spoon of your meal. Enjoy art for the sake of art and life. Then you can move on to the authors in today’s article. After all, this is not their first or last work. The above list gives you a taste of different styles of writing. Literary devices and various themes are in the world of Urdu literature. If you have a taste for humor then you can explore the writings of Pitras Bukhari. Every story presents a new scenario where a reader can not sit without any laughter.

Urdu fiction has more than a million books. So instead of spending time scrolling from one influencer to another, pick a book and read.

What is your favorite work of Urdu Fiction? Let us know in the comments below.

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