Pakistani novelists have given us so much to read over time that we have quite a library now. With a range of collections in Urdu fiction series, one could wonder what to read and what not to read. Although all novels and series by our writers are worthy of your time, some are a must to read.

Urdu Fiction Series You Will Fall in Love With

If you are a new reader and you have just developed a taste for Urdu literature, here are some of the top Urdu fiction novels. Everyone talks about them and you should be familiarized with them.

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Peer-e-KamilUmaira Ahmed, Aabe hayat english version, Urdu stories

If you do not understand the title, it literally translates to ‘The Perfect Mentor’ in English. The story is a masterpiece by the famous novelist Umaira Ahmed. She has a reputation for composing brilliant storylines for her novel.

The story of this novel revolves around two protagonists. Both tend to believe in different beliefs but somehow find a mutual ground to connect with each other. It is a spiritual journey of the two that changes their lives. There is so much uncertainty in the novel that it makes it more interesting.

Aabe Hayattop fiction novels, urdu stories, urdu fiction series,

Second on the list of Urdu fiction series is a sequel to Peer-e-Kamil, Aabe Hayat. There are not many novelists who know how to create a sequel as well as their first successful work. Umaira Ahmed however, gave us a brilliant story. She also managed to keep our interest level at the same level we had for Peer-e-Kamil.

Peer-e-Kamil was a complete novel and the story concluded beautifully. Similarly, it continues in Aabe Hayat from where it had left.

Jannat Ke Pattayfemale protagonist, urdu drama, urdu films

Jannat Ke Pattay is a romantic novel by Nimra Ahmed. It promotes women’s empowerment through its courageous storyline of a female protagonist.

The story highlights the struggles of a female protagonist who had to go through a lot. It also uncovers the brilliance and intelligence of the Pakistan Army.

The other side of the story also has a spiritual touch that the novel unveils later on.

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Raja GidhBanu Qudsia, Pakistani novelist, playwright

Banu Qudsia is a famous Pakistani novelist and playwright who has written hundreds of novels, short stories, and afsanas. Her most remarkable work throughout her career is Raja Gidh that has caught the eyes of many.

Raja Gidh gets appreciation from the readers as one of the best Urdu fiction series. It stands out among the rest and does not depict the typical storyline like others.

Raja Gidh is based on a psychological journey, stream of consciousness, and a love trio. Gidh refers to Vultures and Banu Qudsia has related human beings with vultures in so many ways in the novel.

Humsafarromantic novels in Urdu, Farhat Ishtiaq, Urdu authors

A romantic novel based on the hurdles of relationships and hardships that we have to face in our companionship with others.

The story is an astonishing artwork by Farhat Ishtiaq and is one of the best Urdu fiction series. The writer has pointed out that relationships are fragile and cannot be risked with doubts and uncertainties.

The novel was so popular among the audience that the directors of the Pakistan drama industry decided to compose a drama based on the novel.

Namalurdu novelist, Nirma Ahmed, urdu suspense novel, urdu fiction series

Namal is another spectacular work by Nirma Ahmed that resolves the mysteries involved in a murder. The story is full of sudden turns of events, deceptions, and uncertainty. It is enough to keep you on your toes throughout this marvelous Urdu fiction series.

The novel is also a love story that uncovers the attachment of a girl with a boy.

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AbdullahAllah ka Banda, Hashim Nadeem, urdu literature

Abdullah (Allah ka Banda) is a very intriguing novel that should be on your read list. Hashim Nadeem, an emerging novelist of Urdu literature, composed a classical novel. It unravels a story of a boy belonging to a privileged family, who falls head over heels with a religious girl.

Though the novel was criticized for its content similar to most of the typical novels of Urdu fiction series, Hashim has still managed to produce such a storyline that it still piques people’s interest in it.  

MushafIshq-e-Haqeeqi, Ishq-e-Majazi, romantic Urdu novels

Mushaf is a word that refers to our Holy book Quran. As the name suggests, the novel holds significant value as it states the importance of the Holy book in our lives.

As for the story, it unveils the journey of an orphan girl who had to suffer a lot before the hands of the evil world. Later she gets closure to the Holy book and finds it comforting to her problems.

As most of the novels are, this one is also a love story. A spiritual and a romantic journey run parallel to each other while the protagonist explores Ishq-e-Haqeeqi and Ishq-e-Majazi.

 BanoDastaan, Pakistani drama, Pakistani fiction writers, urdu fiction series

A social romantic Urdu fiction series by Razia Butt does not need any introduction. Razia Butt was one of Pakistan’s renowned Urdu novelists and playwrights. Her novels have the tendency to portray a strong female protagonist. Through her novels, Razia Butt has empowered women and uncovered the potential that they hold.

Bano, particularly, sheds light on the events of partition and the hardship people had to face because of it.

Bano pursues a relationship with a man before the partition of the subcontinent. She suffers highly after the partition as her partner part his way to the other side of the continent. The division of India Pakistan did not only separate two countries but also separated many relationships, bonds, and love stories.

Inspired by the story, it has been dramatized by a production company. The drama went viral and got millions of hits. You still hear people talking about it today. The drama goes by the name ‘Dastaan’.

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 Aag ka DaryaQurtulain Haider, love story, urdu fiction series

Aag ka Darya by Qurtulain Haider is very much similar to Bano in a way that it points out the difficulties people had to bear due to the partition of the subcontinent. Though both the novels cover different stories of different characters, both are highly appreciated in the literary world by critics.

Aag ka Darya gets more attention as it covers many historical aspects of India and its culture throughout the novel. It untangles the story of the Mughal Era in India, the arrival of Britain in India, and eventually the partition. Darya as in River is a metaphor used to represent time. Quratulain intellectually relates time with the river as both never stop for anyone.

Popular Urdu Fiction Series That Continue to Mesmerize Readers

Urdu literature is full of marvelous works written by brilliant novelists. There is so much to read but when you wind up one story, you end up wanting to read more and more. The content in Urdu Literature is an art in itself and we want to consume as much as we can.

These ten fiction novels are the ones you will hear people talk about. If you do not have any head start in the literary world, you would be better off with these top Urdu novels. We gave an overview of some aspects of the novels, the rest is for you to explore.