These days, social media is not just used for fun, rather people have started using it for many other beneficial things and one of them is to find a good job. If you play your cards right, you can do so much more with your social media accounts than just a mindless scroll. Moreover, social media allows you to discover new ideas, stay updated about trends, connect with friends and friends of friends, build your personal brand, and let people know about your skills and talents.

Smart Ways to Use Social Media

Now, like Linked In, Facebook also offers the opportunity to search and apply for jobs. It has a special feature through which you can search for a specific job by providing your details and it keeps sending you notifications until you don’t decide to turn it off. And not just Facebook but you can utilize other social platforms too in your job hunting process. All you need to do is to be active, jazz up your online presence, connect with other experts, share your thoughts and post smartly.

Today, in this article, we’ll tell you how you can use social media smartly for finding a job. So stay tuned and keep on reading.

Actively Search for Vacancies on LinkedIn, Facebook & TwitterLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

First things first, you need to get into the habit of actively searching for jobs, not just on Linked In but on Facebook and Twitter too. Linked In offers a great job hunting feature where you can find great work opportunities. You can search for jobs related to your field and with just a click of a button, you can apply and send your resume to any job of your choice. All you need to do is to make a good resume and an updated Linked In profile.

Furthermore, you can also utilize the job hunting feature of Facebook. Like Linked In, it’s very easy to apply for any relevant job on Facebook too. Just fill out the job application form once and keep sending it to relevant job vacancies with just a click. Moreover, you can also search for jobs using your Twitter profile. On Twitter, you can search for specific hashtags such as #job, #hiring or #marketingjob, etc. and you will be able to find job posts that announce the latest vacancies in a company. Once you find a relevant job advertisement post then you can simply apply for that job following the procedure mentioned on the post.

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Let Your Network Know You’re Looking for a Job Network, jobs

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, let your connections, friends, or followers know that you’re searching for a vacancy. Mention what type of job you’re looking for, what are your skills and what expectations do you have? Mentioning the details will help you to get recommendations for relevant jobs. Even if they don’t know of any available vacancy currently, they will surely consider you whenever a vacancy opens up. They will recommend or let you know of relevant job openings. Without looking desperate, publish a very detailed post about the kind of job you’re looking for. Present yourself as a knowledgeable person and act proactively.

Share Your Online Portfolio Link on Your Social Media ProfilesPortfolio, Social Media, Profiles

Most importantly, create a compelling online portfolio and share the link of your portfolio on relevant social media accounts. If you don’t have the budget to build a website portfolio then you can easily utilize websites that let you create your blog or page for free. Create a social media page, or even better, create a Youtube channel, it’s all free. This is one of the best ways to build your personal brand and market yourself online.

An online portfolio will easily attract potential employers. It is the best way to let people know about your skills, and show them your best work. Mentioning the link of your portfolio on your social media accounts will not just introduce your portfolio to a larger audience but will also attract the right people who are looking to work with a person like you.

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Work on Your Personal Brandbrand, social media

Social media is a great free tool that lets you work on your personal branding effortlessly. Think and post content smartly on your social media profiles. It’s important that your posts should be relevant to your field so that you can attract the right people. Posting content will not just let you share your thoughts. But will also let people know what kind of person you are. Please note that it is not necessary that you always share very professional and serious content. Rather you can share any kind of humorous and interesting content to educate as well as make people smile.

Maintain your professional image while projecting yourself as an interesting person with who people would like to spend time within the workspace because employers prefer to choose candidates who are likable and have a good sense of humor alongside the required skills. A pro tip is to maintain a professional self-image on Linked In and show your life outside of work on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Join Groups Related to Your Field of Worksocial media

Groups are one of the main features of LinkedIn and Facebook to build a community. You can join any active groups on these two platforms that are relevant to your work or industry to become part of a community of professionals. Alongside the opportunity of networking, these groups also post job opportunities that you can avail. Post content and engage in conversation with other members of the group to grow your network and let people know of your expertise.

Google YourselfGoogle Yourself

Mostly, employers look at social media profiles of candidates before inviting them for an interview. So it is important that you Google yourself and see what shows up. How Google is presenting you to the world? And if you don’t like what shows up in the results. Then go to that particular social media profile of yours and delete or change the privacy setting for that particular post. Also, change your profile picture if you think it’s not appropriate. Alongside that, try to start posting things on your profile that would show you as a credible person. Don’t hide or make your profile private completely as some employers can also consider it as a negative point against you.

Keep Your Social Media Profiles UpdatedSocial Media

You won’t be able to land a job through any social media platform if your profile is not set with updated information. Therefore, it is highly crucial that you check your profile’s contact info section. And make sure that it is accurate and updated. If there is any information or post on your profile that doesn’t represent your current professional self. Then delete or change that information with the current updated one. Moreover, delete the social profiles that you don’t use anymore as it can also represent your image negatively.

Meet Your Online Connections for Better NetworkingNetworking

Just following and liking posts of recruiters, relevant companies, and other general people is not enough. Try to engage with their posts and build deep and genuine connections. Participate in online debates and discussions, and engage with your thoughtful comments to impress the employers. Once you build a good online relationship. Then also try to find opportunities to meet your connections offline to make a more lasting impression. And build a strong network. And if you don’t find an opportunity to meet your connections offline. Then try to create one by inviting them for lunch or coffee.