The United States Fiber Optic Council (USFC)

The United States Fiber Optic Council (USFC) has awarded three. Optic fibre cable contracts worth PKR 5 billion (US$63 million) to (PTCL). The award announced during a ceremony held on June 16 in Islamabad.. This is in line with the company’s plan to offer its service to 100% of Pakistan by 2020. Company plans to expand its services to reach 10 million new customers.
The first contract is worth PKR 2.5 billion and covers the cities of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sujawal. The second one is worth PKR 1.5 billion and covers the cities of Rawalpindi, Faisalabad. The third one is worth PKR 500 million and covers the city of Peshawar. Speaking on the occasion. the USFC Executive Director,said the contracts signed during the last week of May 2013. during the USFOC’s 10th annual meeting held in New York. He said that USFOC had awarded contracts to PTCL for submarine cables. These will connect the US and Europe, US and Asia, and Europe and North America.
Dr Bhatti said that the awards made on the basis of the company’s technical capabilities, track record and performance history. He also highlighted that the USFOC had received bids for more than 50 contracts, worth more than US$2 billion. “We are now in a very competitive market,” he said. According to Dr Bhatti, the US government has been looking for ways to provide more bandwidth. This is for its strategic operations and ensure national security and prosperity. “This is one such initiative,” he added.

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PTCL Managing Director said PTCL pleased to have won these important contracts.
He said that the company was already working with the US government. Some major projects related to the Global War on Terror. PTCL had also entered into strategic partnerships with leading global operators. These include Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.
PTCL is the sole provider of fixed line telephony in Pakistan. It also provides wireless services, internet, and fixed and mobile broadband services besides to traditional telephone services. It is currently extending its reach in the digital world through the deployment of optical fibre in selected cities. The company has a network of more than 24,000 km of submarine cables, besides to 2,500 km of terrestrial optical fibre links.

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The USFOC has engaged in the development of the information. and communication infrastructure of the United States since 1987. With over 80 member organisations, the council brings together industry and academic leaders. The company strives to develop best practices for the use of communications infrastructure.