There was a time when a vehicle was considered a luxury item. There were a limited number of manufacturing industries in Pakistan. Besides, you ought to keep your car in perfect form with regular maintenance and service. Moving on wards, we can never ignore the annual taxation on an automobile. Still, the scenario has gradually gone in favor of the automobile industry as cars have become a necessity. Cars are used for commuting within and between cities.

The vehicles have become a source of earning a livelihood too. This started with car booking and carpooling companies such Careem, Uber, and In-Drive. Also, most middle-class families own at least one or two vehicles to be used by other members of the family. In this context, buying a new car is not easy. Because the net price of an average sedan car has gone quite high in the last two to three years. Furthermore, if you intend to buy a car in installments, the price would go even higher than the regular price.

Thus, most of the consumers usually prefer the second-hand category of automobiles. Because the net price falls within the range. An individual can continue to take the driving experience of different vehicles. The latter option seems attractive and appealing to most consumers. But it is always wise to verify and confirm the registration. The article provides a step-by-step guide to verify your vehicle in Pakistan.

What is Car Verification?Car, Verification

Car verification is the registration of an automobile with the Excise and Taxation Department. It divides legal rights to a car’s owner. A registered and verified car indicates the authenticity of a seller. This is something you need to check and confirm before purchasing the car from the seller. An automobile brought through illegitimate channels will put you at a lot of risks. It is your prime responsibility to get your own vehicle registered. Furthermore, you need to get one verified if you are purchasing it from some other owner. Many people are reluctant to do the lengthy process of getting their cars registered. But E-governance has digitized the whole process to ease people. All you need is an awareness of the basic steps to proceed with the verification of the vehicle

How Does It Work?cars, vehicles

The Excise and Taxation Department holds information on vehicles in Pakistan. Thus, this website is your primary source of verification for all vehicles.

Introduction to Motor Transport Information Management SystemMotor Transport

The Excise and Taxation Department has launched their Vehicle Registration and Verification Portal. The name of this portal is MTMIS. It is for the ease of their customers and to hurry the verification process. Entering the vehicle’s registration number will provide complete access. This includes information about vehicle’s vendor, owner, violation of rules and criminal records. The portal will help you determine the legal authenticity of the vehicle. You can check that if you intend to buy from its seller. If an automobile’s complete details are on the portal, it authenticates your vehicle. The absence of information can show the vehicle as illegal.

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Pre-requisite Documents for the Verification Processverification, vehicles

There are certain documents that are essential to start the verification process for a vehicle. Here is the list:

Vehicle Registration book,

Record of all the tax tokens paid annually,

Sale receipt,

Delivery letter,

Original statement,

All the number plates, and

The original return folder.

Modes of Verificationcars, vehicle

The Excise and Taxation Department offers different forms of verification to help consumers. If you wish to avoid the digital technicalities, the best option for you would be an in-person meeting. Meet with their correspondent at the Excise and Taxation Office. The representatives will guide you through the entire process. They will check the requisite documents. It will make it easier for getting your vehicle verified before the actual buy. If you are not in favor of waiting in long queues, then use their SMS service to verify your vehicles.

The procedure is quite like sending an SMS to any of your friends. Type the vehicle registration number and send it to 8521. The SMS service may take a while to respond to your initiated request. But, you will receive all the information related to your vehicle on your mobile phone. The Excise and Taxation Department also verifies vehicles through its official website. Land on their homepage and click on the option of ‘online services’. Next, click on ‘view details’.

This window will provide you with two bars. This is where you will enter the vehicle’s registration number and the date of registration. The system will provide all the relevant information after its initial verification. You can also get your vehicles verified through various mobile applications. These include Vehicle Verification Pakistan, Vehicle Verification Online, and Online Car Verification. But, the earlier methods are more secure and reliable.

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The verification of the vehicle is essential to ensure that it belongs to the actual owner. It helps avoid confusion with smuggled vehicles registered on another person’s data. Purchasing a vehicle free from any criminal offense will keep you protected. It will ensure that the car comes under the tax net. Make sure to apply for the chip-based registration card. It was launched by the Excise and Taxation Department. This will also ensure the safety of your vehicle from any kind of fraud.