Tourism in Pakistan is a popular topic because Pakistan is a land of culture, color, lights and life. We are blessed; with the ideal location; this grants us the four seasons. From the Arabian sea to the Karakoram, we have beaches, deserts, mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and many other wonders.This makes it a popular region for tourism. Pakistan has a rich history and is culturally diverse. It has something for everyone.

Tourism in Pakistan

In 2015, tourism directly contributed $328million, making up 2.8% of the entire GDP. IN 2025 these numbers are predicted to reach $6.2billion and contribute even more to the Pakistani economy. Pakistan has been declared the third-highest potential adventure destination of 2020. Currently, tourism and security in Pakistan have improved drastically, which makes tourism in Pakistan seem more alluring.

Even Forbes has recommended visiting Pakistan, with destinations such as fairy meadows, Hindukush, Hunza, ruins of Mohenjo Daro and the list keeps going. Pakistan is a scenic and majestic destination. Here are a few ideas for tourism.

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Marala Villagemarala village, villages in pakistan

The picturesque Marala village is located in the Gujrat district; in Punjab. It sits at an altitude of 234m. This stunning sight for tourism is surrounded by golden fields of wheat and sunflowers. This brings it that perfect extra tinge of the yellow melody of gold. As the sun goes down, the village gets downed in the beautiful hue of pink in the sky. Due to the lack of urban activities in the villages, the air is clean and therapeutic. The peaceful roads, the refreshing air, the stunning sunsets, and the local meals are to die for.

The morning in the Marala village welcomes you with misty skies. And with harmonious chirruping wildlife and the golden and green scenery. The usual village activities you can take part in include; fishing and any way you can help out the locals.

Gondal Villagevillages in Pakistan, tourism

The village of Gondal is located in Punjab and is a part of the Attock district. Gondal is an enchanting town with the bluest skies, the warmest welcomes and the best fruits. Its location gives us a view of Pakistan’s mighty mountain ranges. The path to Gondal is 72kms from Islamabad on the n-5 national highway ground trunk road. This village has a population of just 8500. It is a peaceful region, popular for tourism because of that.

This village is home to lush lychee gardens. The villagers plant, protect and maintain these gardens as they have become a source of income. River Ravi passes through this village; the villagers go there after a long day’s work to bathe, swim, enjoy or maybe have a picnic. During the changing seasons, all colours are visible in this town of trees and fruits. The warm sun in summers, the blooming flowers in spring, the crunch of leaves in autumn and the cold winds in winters. This is truly a healing and enjoyable experience.

Sher Qila villagetourism, pakistani villages

The Ghizer valley of Gilgit Baltistan is home to an enchanting village. This valley was discovered in 1974. It is located between the Hindukush and Karakoram ranges. The word Ghizer comes from ‘Gherz’, which means refugee. It tells the story of this multi-ethnic land. It is the northmost valley in the northern areas and borders the Wakhan strip with Afghanistan. Ghizer valley is also known as the land of lakes; one of these lakes is the blue thunder lake. The blue thunder lake sits at an altitude of 2800 meters and used to be the only water source of the people in Gilgit Baltistan. This valley is described; as a land of hospitality and festivals. It is quite a popular spot for tourism.

Located in the magnificent Ghizer valley, Sher Qila village is a famous village here. It was once the centre of a kingdom that once ruled.You can still find its remains today. It is a photographer’s paradise; the Sher Qila is home to the old mosque of Akbar khan and another 150-year-old mosque as well. The ruins of the first, made by the once-mighty kingdom, can be seen today as well. This land is rich in history and views. One of the most significant things there is a visitors book, which dates back to the 17th century! So go and sign it.

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Ganish Village

The ancient Ganish village in the Hunza Valley is one of the first settlements on the old silk road. To reach this village, you have to take the scenic route, which includes a walk down from Karimabad. And then followed by a path on the Karakoram highway. This village is full of history and used to be a large settlement, guarded by many forts. Their sacred rock, the Girnesh rock, has ancient emblems and carvings on it. Their carved mosque is known for its hand-carved wooden doors and interior. And it is still a sight of prayer. There is a pool in front of the tower where the locals come to; bathe, wash clothes and dishes, play and indulge in other activities.

The most mind-blowing fact about the Ganish village is; the centre of the place is 1000 years old! It has twice received the cultural heritage preservation award from UNESCO.

Matiltan Village

Another gift from nature in Pakistan for tourism is the Mailtan village of swat. It lies in the province of KPK and is an 11kms drive from the Kalam valley. The village is surrounded by: scenic mountains and picturesque vegetation. The forest is diverse, with trees and plantations of all heights; some trees are so thick that people and animals take shelter under them when it rains. The town depends on lake Mahodand for its water supply. The area is cool and breezy due to the lack of urban activities.

The postcard view of Matiltan village consists of forests, glaciers, and the tallest peak of The Falak Sar mountains. Tourists often go there for hiking. Few people visit this village due to the condition of the roads. Which makes it a perfect tourism getaway if you need to clear your mind.

Arang Kel Village

Located in Azad Kashmir is a peaceful village away from the roaring city of Arang Kel. Traveling here is refreshing and makes your heart beat faster, quite literally. You cannot reach this site without hiking.

You can find Arang Kel on a hilltop. At an altitude of more than 2500m. It’s a 2km trek from Kel.

To arrive at this destination, you can come through Neelum Valley or Muzaffarabad. A view from above shows Arang Kel as a civilization in the middle of thick alpines. You have to be brave enough to take a chairlift to the hike; after the 45-minute walk, you arrive at the village. The cool, clean air makes it all worth it. The hotel is quaint but comfortable. If you’re young and full of life, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this trip!

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Altit Village

You can Locate Altit village in the scenic Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Tourists visit this village to sight the mighty Altit forte. The Altit fort ages back to 1100 years, which makes it the oldest fort in Gilgit Baltistan. To reach the fort, you have to cross a garden called ‘Khabasi’; Kha means there, and Basi means; under the meadows. The meaningful names of this town stem from its rich history. The garden outside the fort has fruit trees and lushness; there is a music school on the route, where all the kids (of the valley) come to learn. The entire village was made to take on many earthquakes. This is why it still stands many earthquakes later. A sea of green and shadowing mountains surrounds the Altit village.

Hirronk Balochistan

Harmony approaches as we approach the village of Hirronk in Balochistan. This peaceful and welcoming village is located on the path Panjgur to Turbat, in the province of  Balochistan (60km from Turbat). Hirronk is home to around 600 people, all caring and welcoming. In the village, a pleasant stream passes through the mountains and flows through Hirronk; villagers and tourists use this as a picnic spot. It is a peaceful and refreshing region for tourism. The men and women of this village are super hard working, the women do embroidery and tailor work, and men take care of their farms. Often women help out with farming as well.  The incredible scene has date trees, and the locals offer complimentary dates as well!

Passu Village

The unique and breathtaking village of Passu is located in Gilgit Baltistan. 20km from Gulmit. Passu is along the path of  The magnificent Hunza valley. It sits at the tongue of the Passu glacier, and on the south, it sits just at the tongue of Batura Glacier. Which makes it another popular spot for tourism. Tourists have to cross two spine chilling suspension bridges that float above the Gilgit waters.

The Passu Cones, locally known as Tupopdan, are the most photographed peaks of this village. We can observe these magisterial peaks in the north of the village in Gojal Valley. The highest peak is 6106km above sea level. The locals speak Wakhi, but translators are available, joining the locals in their freezing temperatures and festivities in this solemn village of Passu.

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