Voice Guarded Turn by Turn Google Navigation for Pakistan

Google, which has been managing real time traffic, is now set to launch its voice guarded Google navigation for Pakistan.

How is Google Navigation for Pakistan Offered?

Presently in beta, Google Navigation for Pakistan is being provided with the Google Maps as well as it can be used by any person who has the current version of the application of Google Maps and an Android phone. Previously the navigation which was offered to the mobile users of Pakistan was more manual and it did not provide the voice guided automatic navigation.

Benefits of the New Navigation

The navigation which is introduced by Google for the users of Pakistan will provide them with automatic guidance on the basis of their real time location and giving turn by turn details with the help of voice commands. When the phone is in the navigation mode, the screen will stay lit all the time due to the voice guidance offered in case of turns ahead and alerts. In case of real-time events like taking a wrong turn or traffic jams, voice guidance will alert you too.

What is the Functionality of Google Navigation for Pakistan?

The updated feature of Google navigation for Pakistan is similar to what is offered by Google in other nations like United Kingdom and United States. It offers the following functions:

How is the New Navigation Mode Activated?

The new navigation mode is activated by accepting the “Google Map Navigation” terms and that is it. It is offered on the Android phones having the latest version of Google Maps. Follow these steps for opting the navigation mode:

  1. Search the location where you would like to go on Google Maps.
  2. To see the route tap on the car button this is on the bottom right side.
  3. To start the navigation mode tap on the navigation button that too is on the bottom right side.

This will make you see a prompt that tells you that currently the navigation of Google Maps is in beta and that you must be cautious while driving. Google navigation for Pakistan will be followed by your phone entering into the navigation mode.