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“Existing Depression in the Arabian sea is likely to change into a tropical cyclone during the next 24 hours and is likely to move along the Sindh Makran coast. Westerly waves are likely to approach the upper parts of the country tonight and may persist in the upper parts during the next few days.”

The warning was issued to the public at 1 pm, to stock up and prepare for the cyclone. The winds are currently blowing at 35 km/hrs and will continue to increase significantly during the following days.

Airline services have received directions to delay and cancel flights. As of now Quetta-bound PK310, Lahore-bound PK 304 and Sukkur-bound PK594 have been canceled until further notice.

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According to the recent reporting from Ibrahim Hydri Harbour by Nadeem Khan of Bol News, tidal waves can be observed from the coastal strip, constantly increasing in intensity. There have been multiple shipwrecks due to the intense winds. 

Fishermen have lost their fishing supplies and are currently working to salvage whatever they can and retreating; till after the warning has been lifted by the Fishery Development Board of Pakistan. 

The ships can be seen swinging viciously; this proves the Gulab Cyclone is nearing. The Pakistan meteorological department has announced that the rains will start today at 4 pm and continue for the next two days. 

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The rains will occur with varying intensities; they are predicted to speed up and slow down throughout the 48 hours but will not stop. During this time, the tidal waves will continue to rise in size and intensity. 

It is advised to stay home as many offices, schools, and universities have closed early and will remain closed until notified otherwise due to the prevailing storm.