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white_cotton_shirts, made_in_pakistan_products, exports_from_pakistan, cotton_garmentsPakistani White Cotton Shirts

A feeling of chastity and purity is what you get from wearing a white cotton shirt. It is said that a white cotton shirt is a standard item for every man’s wardrobe. It is true that a white cotton shirt is a popular item when it comes to formal dressing because it is a hot favorite of executives.

In addition to that, a white cotton shirt can be contrasted easily with almost any color of trousers and can therefore be a convenience for the wearer. It is not as easy to pick-up a companion trouser to go with a colored shirt as there is with a white cotton shirt. A white cotton shirt can make up a huge number of shirt and trouser combos very easily!

Not only is it a whole lot convenient than any other shirt, but there is also the added comfort of the cotton texture.

Pakistan’s Export Quality White Cotton Shirts

Pakistan is a leading grower of cotton in the region and also home to one of the biggest garment industries. The quality of cotton produced in Pakistan is renowned for its quality the world over. This is why exports from the textile and garment sectors form the backbone of the economy in Pakistan.

The region in Southern Punjab in Pakistan such as Multan division produces the best cotton crop in the country.

Also, over the years, the garment sector in Pakistan has acquired the technical know-how and expertise in producing world-class cotton products such as white cotton shirts.

Made in Pakistan!

Lawrencepur is a brand from Pakistan that needs no introduction as it is known the world over for the quality of its products, many of which are made from cotton.

The country’s growing garment brands have also become the subject of attention of International Clients such as NIKE, Levi’s, Denizen, Aeropostale, etc.

Mix cotton as well as pure cotton shirts and trousers, including white cotton shirts, are manufactured and exported from Pakistan for these world famous brands.

Therefore, Pakistani garment industry now regularly completes orders by any of these brands which are then sold in stores such as Wal-Mart, Marks and Spencer, Macy’s, etc.

Pakistan is Making Huge Foreign Exchange With the Help of Cotton Products

This also serves to be a good omen for the country as well because all the garment items including white cottons shirts, are sold with “Made in Pakistan” emblem overseas. This results in a lot of foreign exchange being earned for Pakistan and also brings Pakistani products on the radar of shoppers in foreign countries.

With access to their markets, Pakistani brands can enter into a competition with other brands and beat them with the help of the edge it has in the quality of cotton grown in Pakistani agricultural fields.

Therefore, it has the potential of attracting additional clients for the country as its high-grade products get a lot of attention within foreign countries where they are sold.

You never know the kind of worldwide attention and appreciation this many lead to for Pakistan. In addition to that, this may result in more and more international markets opening up to accommodate Pakistan made garments in lieu of the excellent quality supplied by Pakistani companies to clients abroad.

Pakistan can therefore become a hub for supplying high quality garments the world over which may further enhance its soft image as a country with an established garment sector and commitment to the highest standards of quality in its garment manufacturing process.

The Magic of Pure White Cotton Shirts Made in Pakistan

A 100% pure white cotton shirt can be very comfortable to wear in any season because of its smooth and refined texture.

Many people have a very sensitive skin and therefore cannot wear any material except pure cotton. This is because wearing clothing of any other material makes them feel very irritable and uncomfy.

It is believed in the market in Pakistan that people who wear pure cotton garments do so the year round, i.e. twelve months in a year. They simply do not shift to wearing any other material at all!

This is courtesy of the habit they form of wearing pure cotton with which their skin blends in perfectly! The texture of pure cotton material is so soft and smooth that once it becomes a habit, it is almost impossible to part ways with it. The material of cloth mixed with pure cotton can NEVER be as smooth and soothing as un-adulterated cotton.

As a result of this, pure cotton products such as white cotton shirts are very expensive relatively. A Premium is charged by the manufacturers for selling pure cotton materials because they know their high value in the market.

Other cotton shirts which are mixed with materials such as polyester in 60-40, 40-60 or any other ratio for that matter, are sold cheaper comparatively.

Pure a cotton shirts are always marked as “100% cotton” on their tags. This indicates beyond any doubt that the shirts are made from pure cotton and do not contain any other material.white_cotton_shirts, made_in_pakistan_products, exports_from_pakistan, cotton_garments

Pure Cotton White Shirt by Definition

By definition a white cotton shirt, marked as 100% cotton is actually 93% cotton as the rest of it is polyester. This is intentional and is used to keep the shirt material maintain its shape and remain stable.

This is an accepted industry standard and practice and is similar to the use of other ores such as silver in the manufacture of pure gold. So there is no tampering involved as far as this effect is concerned.

Telling Lies? No (Read: Yes) Papa!

However, some manufacturers and shopkeepers do actually deceive customers by falsely claiming a shirt, such as a white cotton shirt, to be made from pure cotton.

This is done with word of mouth as it is repeatedly claimed that an item of interest of a customer, such as a white cotton shirt, is made from pure cotton when in actuality it is mixed with polyester.

There really is no extent to which retailers would go to convince customers of the purity of cotton material in such an item. Most, not all, of the sellers would speak out anything in the favor of the shirt to land a sale!

This is an irony of the market in Pakistan that shopkeepers are to be given anything but trust. Therefore, customers looking for pure cotton for their sensitive skin have to be extra-cautious when shopping. This is if they are really interested in buying a white cotton shirt actually made form pure cotton for their touchy skin.

The acid test for ascertaining whether a white cotton shirt or trouser is made from pure cotton is to see whether or not the tag stitched onto the cloth says 100% COTTON. If it does, the shopkeepers have no need to dry their tongues with insisting that a particular item is pure, the tag on it can act as a sufficient witness for the claim! Right?

On the other hand, if it does not say anything about the percentage, then again it is a futile exercise listening to the stories of the sellers. It is time to move onto a new shop!

Efficacy of White Cotton Shirt in Sizzling Pakistani Summers

A white cotton shirt can be comfortable to wear, especially in the hot summer season in Pakistan. This is because the cotton material keeps the body cool and relaxed in the face of extreme warm weather.

Science dictates that white color is the best reflector of light, so pure and comfortable cotton material, coupled with white color, can be an ideal combo for sizzling hot summers.

In contrast, other materials do not do such a good job of keeping an individual calm as does cotton so a white cotton shirt can work very well for you in such circumstances.

Also, a white cotton shirt can be very comforting psychologically as you would have the feeling that you are wearing nothing but plain white color. This can surely add to relieving you of the fear of wearing a material that adds to the heat build-up inside of your body which is already very high because of the hot weather outdoors, right?

A drawback of white cotton shirt however is the extra care that is needed to keep it safe from stains which do not skip the eyes of the onlooker if imprinted. This means that dining while wearing a white cotton shirt is not a good idea, unless of course you cannot help it.

Pampering Your White Cotton Shirt

To clear up the stains on a white cotton shirt, a variety of household chemicals ranging from detergent to bleach to robin blue are used to remove the ugly looking specks. A lot of scrubbing and rubbing with a brush or with the hand is also done to achieve the same result; not to mention the number of times the housemaid is advised to put in extra effort to kick off the spots!

So by any means, there is a lot of strenuous effort that needs to be put in if a white cotton shirt catches stains of any color.

On the whole, a white cotton shirt loses its sparkle only too soon. So enjoy wearing your white cotton shirt while you can before it loses its magnetic effect!

Daag Tou Achhay Hotay Hain

In addition, a white cotton shirt needs to be washed separately from colored clothing to refrain it from picking up their colors while it is being washed.

For the same reason, it may be a wise idea not to send your white cotton shirt for laundry. This is because you never know the negligence of the staff may lead to your white cotton shirt catching stains because of being washed with colored clothing.

It would be better if you get your white cotton shirt washed at home so you can ensure that it maintains it color and shine as it would be washed with extra care then. So it is a good precaution that you can take with your white cotton shirt.

Stains on a white cotton shirt are hard to remove and this is therefore a reason why some people may avoid purchasing a white cotton shirt from the market. A single permanent stain can wreak a white cotton shirt and make it unusable for further use, at least in public.

Be assured therefore that you have to have the guts to take the initiative to go for a white cotton shirt! If you make a transaction for a white cotton shirt in spite of knowing what’s coming up for you, then you should know that you rock!

Also, if you are a big fan of Surf Excel however, you should be totally fearless and go ahead to buy as many white cotton shirts you like…..kiyunkay daag tou achhay hotay hain! Surf Excel hai na!

Buy White Cotton Shirts Online: Click and Order Right-Away

Considering the emerging trend of online shopping in Pakistan, a convenient way to buy a white cotton shirt is to order it from the comfort of your home, all with the help of a few clicks.

Pakistan has seen a boom in online shopping in recent years and resultantly, there are countless online shopping websites that have sprung up, offering white cotton shirts and other garment items for sale.

All you need to do to be able to make your purchase is to check the size chart for formal or informal shirts and then make a few more clicks to finalize your order.

You can choose cash on delivery [CoD] to pay cash only at the time of delivery of the white cotton shirt to your home. However, there are other payment options available as well but this is the most suitable means of payment since you get to pay only when you receive the item you ordered.

A good advice for you would be to inspect the white cotton shirt or other item you ordered before paying to ensure that it is of the material and size you requested in the first place and not any other item.

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