EggBox, Roomi Poultry, Nutritious Eggs,

Ye Koi Aam Anda Nahe! EggBox by Roomi Poultry is Providing Nutritious Eggs with a Twist

EggBox, Roomi Poultry, Nutritious Eggs,

Eggs are a rich source of protein and important nutrients such as B6 and Vitamin D. They contain all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are a must to obtain from our diet. EggBox by Roomi Poultry produces healthy, safe, and best quality food products for the production of eggs.

A team of experienced vets, nutritionists, and international poultry advisors maintain the best care. Animals get due attention. Hence the production of international food quality products can no longer stay a dream.

Keeping the international and national health and safety standards in consideration, Roomi Foods created a robust biosecurity plan to produce a maximum of 400,000 eggs. Hence, to ensure this, automated and modernized egg grading/processing equipment is imported from Europe.

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Roomi foods stand out from other companies because of the proper robust biosecurity plan. It keeps expanding more categories related to food. Also, quality and safety are ensured. That makes it a trusted organization.

Roomi Foods now introduces the eggs in a box. So, that makes it special, unique, and different from other eggs. Production of eggs is done with utmost care and attention. This makes the eggs healthier. Hence, they make us stronger. These eggs boost our immunity and give us all nine essential amino acids that are a must obtained.

To make sure that these are as healthy as they should be, the animals get fresh feeds. Laboratories prepare these feeds. Also, experienced nutritionists follow nutritional standards strictly.

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Get your EggBox by Roomi Poultry to get rich protein and ensure great health and strong immunity.