Art  and the faculties of its promotion has been tremendously been neglected in Pakistan, but things are changing for good as a number of social change makers are promoting it through different mediums.

Today, we will be discussing about the well reputed NGO, ‘Zindagi Trust’, which is doing a great job in creating awareness about art amongst students in government schools and also promoting the talent related to the field.

You can learn more about their art project here.

Nobody could even imagine art being taught in the government schools, as the conditions of such institutions are hope less. Now, this brilliant initiative by Zindagi Trust, which was founded by none other than, Shehzad Roy, the local heart throb pop singer, will take the young, creative and talented minds to the top.

The organization is running in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi and targets children from the slums, by providing them with quality education and also pays them in return, which is a mission of their ‘’I am paid to learn’’ program.

Zindagi Trust introduced art as a subject in 2008, specifically for the students of KG to Class 8, which has resulted in a great response, as a lot of talent has been discovered in the schools. They created a wonderful art room, where once existed a storage dump. Old furniture was used in order to develop a creative and a friendly environment for the children, where they can attend art classes every week, which also includes an exciting pottery class. Zindagi Trust hired four teachers in order to build the art faculty, who definitely did a fantastic job with this project, which has made art a popular subject in the schools. The art supplies are provided to the children for free.

In the year of 2009, Muqaddas Batool, a student of grade 6, won junior level art prize at the 10th International Schools Educational Olympiad, who defeated the top private schools in the contest. Art exhibitions are also held regularly at the schools of Zindagi Trust, where students get a chance to display their immense talent, mostly including handicrafts made from the recycled material.

We hope that the government realizes the need for the promotion of art in the country, so that the millions of talented children do not end up wasting their lives.