Getting Closer to a Technologically Advanced Civilization

With the world becoming more and more digitally advanced, most of the services that required human effort and in-person appearance are replaced by simple programs on our phones providing us with the ease of literally not even getting up from bed. Digitization has taken the world over by storm. Most companies from small businesses to large corporations are working on methods to develop programs to advertise their services.

Schools and Digitization

Digital learning doesn’t merely refer to digitizing conventional school materials. The digital media helped discover entirely new communication, cooperation, and networking opportunities in education. Digital education is more readily customized, flexibly devised, and portable than the methods used in traditional education. The digital age has enabled the creation of lessons, sharing with classmates, and development of new skills and knowledge together in the cloud. By providing digital instruction from an early age, students learn at an early age to take responsibility for themselves, ensure success in group activities, and improve communication and teamwork. It also opens up new methods of teaching with the use of computers, tablets, smartphones, and interactive displays.

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TikTok on Digital Safety

Recently, TikTok has announced a collaboration with Zindagi Trust to build a new and informative platform regarding digital safety. Chiefly, the collaboration aims to educate students, teachers, and parents on how to handle security issues, cyberbullying, parental controls, and tracking history across digital devices. Hence, it will provide parents with better control of the content, to be more specific, and safety for their children. At the same time, children will learn safety methods and interaction with technology at an early age.

“Digital Security is for all Ages, Protect yourselves and your loved ones from, Digital threats” (sponsored by Google)

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