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Muhammed Ali Zahid, the first Pakistani known for making a boxing career while having type 1 diabetes, once again left Pakistan stunned. He won the first prize in the Al Baraka International Turk Calligraphy competition, held in Turkey in 2021. He previously participated in 17 international competitions and won several awards.

The Al Barak International Turk Calligraphy competition is held once every three years since 2005. It is one of the most prestigious events held in Turkey due to the importance of preserving this Islamic art. They accept participation entries from all around the world and invite local and international calligraphers to take part and have the opportunity to win up to 600,000 TL.

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Calligraphy is an ancient practice in Islam; in Greek, it translates to beautiful writing. It includes understanding the Arabic alphabet and the intricacy of every sound represented in the art. 

To win the competition, you must have finesse in your calligraphy and excellent power over your medium. However, knowing how to do it is not enough; your piece has to portray your knowledge and appreciation for the art. Your work will represent you.

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After claiming first place, Muhammed Ali Zahid expressed, “I am grateful to Albaraka Turk International Calligraphy competition for giving me this platform to showcase my art. I am humbled to receive this award and hope to continue producing excellent work for the world to see. Our countrymen present a promising future provided they are sufficiently trained and supported by the government, their institutions, and their families.”