Your Complete Guide to Winter Bridals in Pakistan

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Dear brides. If you are worried about what to wear for your winter wedding, then read ahead! We know that the approaching winter season will make you worried. You must be wondering what I should wear to look good on your big day. The winter season brings chilly winds. In this case, it becomes impossible […]

9 Pakistani Students Secure 1st Position in Turkey’s TEKNOFEST Drone Competition

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  Turkey hosted a Drone Competition named TEKNOFEST in which Pakistani students from the Institute of Space Technology Islamabad secured 1st position in the TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival which was a part of the International Fee Mission UAV. The competition was held in Busra where 240 teams from 85 countries competed, IST from Pakistan […]

Ali Zahid Making Waves as First Pakistani Calligrapher Winning an International Award

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Muhammed Ali Zahid, the first Pakistani known for making a boxing career while having type 1 diabetes, once again left Pakistan stunned. He won the first prize in the Al Baraka International Turk Calligraphy competition, held in Turkey in 2021. He previously participated in 17 international competitions and won several awards. The Al Barak International […]

3rd Pakistan Tech Summit to be Held in Istanbul by Ejad Labs

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The Pakistan Tech Summit, being held in Istanbul, Turkey, is going to be interesting with an amazing lineup of entrepreneurs joining in.  It will be held on the 25th and 26th of October and is organized by EJAD Labs. The summit targets mentors, inventors, investors, and startups. They will showcase disruptive technologies and ideas from […]