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The state bank of Pakistan has declared Bank Alfalah as the first-ever Pakistani digital banking portal where the latter took the initiative to execute a digital banking portal for their banking services. This initiative will resolve numerous queries faster and in a more organized manner. Due to the pandemic, visitation for the bank has been difficult; global digitization has increased rapidly. 

The portal is known as Bank Alfalah Rapid – it aims to implement all the services you would visit a bank for online. Including applying for a debit or credit card, you have to meet the requirements of being 18+ and provide a valid CNIC number. As soon as the information is confirmed, they will proceed with your application, and you will receive the card in a few days! 

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The portal ensures security as you’re not walking around carrying cards and cash, and an SMS alert enables us to identify what expenses we have. The banking services include:

The adaptation of this portal by bank Alfalah is meant to promote more banks; to implement digitization of their banking facilities. It introduces innovative technology to make banking organized and more accessible to the public.

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