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Brandverse, a digital agency popular for offering branding services for e-commerce stores, is now offering cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-powered photography solutions that will help the brands to enhance their stores’ performance.

During the pandemic, different eCommerce brands have emerged in great numbers and online buyers have drastically increased as well. The struggle that the majority of online stores face is content creation, especially the product images which is the backbone of the eCommerce stores.

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Brandverse with its cutting-edge technology has introduced an artificial intelligence-powered photography solution that is cost-effective, hassle-free, and effective.

The brands can send images to Brandverse and with their AI software, they will return the images of clothes on models without the models coming in for a shoot. This will greatly reduce the cost of arranging the models and expensive shooting equipment and paying for the venues.

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Research shows that the conversion rate increases to 15% if the clothes are shown over models instead of on plain white background. The software will allow selecting models of all body shapes and ethnicity, and colors.