Out of all the mass content that is being made consistently, TV most certainly gets the best position. There is an opportunity for another arrangement of crowd gathering consistently, as the mediums extend across the globe. While Pakistani TV drama desi content is as yet caught in delayed powerful or regular Gandi Sass and Masoom Bahu stuff even today. There are ones across the line that are being viewed as a much-needed refresher. The Pakistani tv dramatizations are gradually turning into famous decision that is gradually going towards social and cultural issues.

There are shows that are self-evident, yet unambiguous and have motivations behind them. What separates Pakistani tv dramatizations is their high-speed Pakistani shows are done under 90 days, contrasted with years of more practical settings found in western series. We show working-class houses rather than manors, dissimilar to Bollywood-motivated shows, absence of singing and emotional ambient sound. We got comparative reasons to make our dramas more engaging.

When we think of the word ‘Pakistani Wave’ for some time now, various symbols and images such as tourism, food, and entertainment come to mind. Nevertheless, it is dramas that have led the Pakistani Wave. Although it is impossible to pinpoint the origin of the wave. A common belief suggests that the Pakistani drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai and the music show Coke studio are the biggest contributors.

Moreover, overseas fans started learning Urdu to feel the taste of the original language while watching Pakistani tv dramas. With the popularity of the dramas obviously comes the popularity of its characters. And trust me Pakistani tv dramas have a lot of them. Some forgettable and some who have stayed with us for a long time. So today we are going to give you a look at the best female and male characters in Pakistani tv dramas. Now we know this list might be a little controversial. Some of you might disagree but hey we all have a preference. Here are the top on-screen characters in Pakistani tv Dramas.

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Top Female Characters in TV Pakistani Dramas

Dastaan (Bano)

Dastaan (Bano), Pakistani Dramas Characters, Pakistani Tv ShowsShe was the sort of character that has remained with the watchers for quite a while. The excursion of a young lady coming from a well-to-do foundation, fighting the battles she never saw coming was tragic and sincerely consuming as well. This is the explanation, the desolate completion Bano got spooky the watchers and they couldn’t help feel for her.

Baraat (Saima Chauhdry)

Saima Chauhdry owns a redeveloped apartment with a dream to become a designer. As a career-focused woman, her real wish is to meet her dreams, do things she loves and start a journey. In the end, she chooses a lot. Her antics made her so memorable and why people tuned into this series.

Mere Qatil Mere Dildar (Maham)

Mere Qatil Mere Dildar, Tv Series, Top 10, Hit Tv Shows

The kind and strong Maham is poor, but she is always gorgeous and never takes off her makeup while sleeping. And, she has the ability and the vitality strong, but she is weak against evil women. She falls into a trap but also calls out to her enemies. But the only belief of the angelic woman is to meet the fate of riding a white horse and raise her status.

Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan (Saba Karim)

This character’s personality process was a rousing one. In the same way as other female characters composed by Umera went through numerous hardships however it was areas of strength for her in God that moved her along. Her family erroneously blames her. Yet she decides not to think twice about her confidence and standards to effectively defend herself. Because of this, she loses that multitude of individuals with whom she had such a lot of confidence. Yet that is the point at which she turns out to be stronger than at any other time. And decides to have an existence that she had never envisioned would be her fate. Through her personality, the essayist really sent across the message that tolerance and confidence are what make you a hero.

Daam – Pakistani Tv Drama (Maleeha)

 Memorable Tv Characters, Must Watch Dramas,Daam

Not at all like a portion of the other significant characters on this rundown, Maleeha was a very unkind person. But she was also a very much scratched-out pessimistic person that drove the plot forward more than anyone in the drama daam. Maleeha’s personality change and the manner in which a portion of her decisions totally demolished her ‘closest companion’s life where a portion of those improvements in the story which can never be neglected.

Through this person, the author demonstrated the way that envy and narrow-mindedness can demolish connections. She had a layered personality and not all dark. She essentially puts her own satisfaction prior to all the other things. And very much like each and every other such person, she was certain that she was legitimate in doing all that she did. Maleeha’s closure was shown step by step and dissimilar to other characters. The essayist convincingly showed that you can’t construct your satisfaction on another person’s agony.

Maat– Pakistani Tv Drama (Saman)

It was likely watchers first got to see competition between two sisters in a totally different way. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that in light of Saman’s personality, watchers put resources into Maat and anticipated it. A cruel person to the core however she claimed all that she did and was unashamed in regards to it. In the wake of making destruction in her sister’s life, she also didn’t actually get everything. Saman’s personality certainly was unique and remained with the watchers for quite a while.

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Top Male Characters In Pakistani TV Dramas

Male Characters

Dastaan (Hassan)

Hassan, who has a friendly personality and is popular with both men and women, is also a gentle personality who can not leave a struggling woman on the outskirts of darkness. It may be his charm that attracts girls to the fact that they show a slightly forcible side from their desire. The exclusivity of their favorite characters really makes them surprised. The best part of Hassan was his commitment to the banner which really captivated the hearts of the watchers.

Qaid-e-Tanhai – Pakistani Tv Drama (Moiz)

Qaid-e-Tanhai, faisal qureshi, Best show

Moiz is a stubborn and assertive man. He is a high-spec glasses boy who is also capable of work, except that he is always drowning in regret for his mistakes from his youth. But at the same time, he is basically modest and expressionless but he often opens up. He appears to be very straightforward but also a schemer.

Daam (Junaid)

Junaid usually leads a lethargic and self-deprecating life, but in reality, he is just a hopeless romantic. When it comes to serious development, he exerts overwhelming strength, and the gap of protecting friends with all his might seems to attract many watchers. He fought hard to marry the women he loved but sadly lost in the end.

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon – Pakistani Tv Drama (Abdul Qadir)

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Fahad Mustafa, show

Abdul Qadir is a character who lives under the burden of his tragic and relentless past, with a cool atmosphere and unexposed emotions. He suffered from neglect and abuse, and did not recieve love from anyone around him. He didn’t even feel like he belonged in the house he was born and raised in. But his transformation throughout his journey is unlike others which really made him unforgettable.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat (Hammad)

Hammad has a beautiful appearance but gives off a tongue-in-cheek, but contrary to his attitude, Hammad gives top priority to his actions. I will do my best for the woman I love. It is the kind of attitude this man has. Also, it doesn’t help that the actor who played him was drop-dead gorgeous. He is the type of person who will always rush to protect the one he loves.

Akbari Asghari (Karim Fazal Chauhdry)

Akbari Asghari, Hit shows,Series

Karim, who thinks he has both the different ability to invalidate and an excellent brain, is drawn as a character that is highly regarded even in the work due to his unfathomable ability. He thinks he has it all figured out but sadly he eventually turned to be a puppet that his family members used to their benefit. He was kind and had a cute personality which made it all the sadder how everyone used him.

Pakistani tv dramas have seen a tremendous change over the recent 10 years. This whole ten years, the Pakistani show industry went through a restoration and brought back the greatness our dramatizations merited. It was a battle at first. Owing to the fact that the audience members were accustomed to watching Indian substance and a couple of dramatizations that were being made were not getting a ton of viewership. Be that as it may, the main channels met up and chose to bring back the quality substance and make the watchers experience passionate feelings for Pakistani tv drama indeed, and luckily, they did it. In the previous 10 years, Pakistani show watchers got to see a ton of superhit dramatizations.

This multitude of dramatizations had a ton of critical characters on the grounds that their accounts were told in a particularly persuading way.  It is befitting to return to this multitude of delightful and essential characters that have remained with the watchers for quite a while. For any person to be noteworthy, it doesn’t need to be fundamentally a positive person, in some cases, the pessimistic ones likewise wait in the parts of our recollections due to the effect they make. We are satisfied to return to the shows from ten years ago and begin a discussion with our perusers about pretty much every one of the noteworthy characters for sure.