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Getting hired for remote jobs is now a possibility, thanks to Qureos! It is a marketplace for finding work. The company, based in UAE, aims to transform how people get jobs around the world. It intends to remove all boundaries and create millions of jobs.

The startup announced receiving a total of 3 million dollars in funding. The company expects to grow more than 10 times in the coming year.

The concept of Qureos took shape in the UAE under the partnership of three people -Usama Nini, Alexander Epure, and Mehrad Yaghmai and was launched in August 2021. The owners’ intention is to make jobs more accessible as they want to comfort people who want to switch jobs or start a new career, altogether.

Qureos is not only a job platform but it also offers synchronized learning, and industry mentors and administers this with a cohort-based learning approach. By implementing this, Qureos is trying to establish itself as a place for experts to earn money by sharing their experience and acumen.

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The platform has many subjects and disciplines to offer. It matches interns and trainees with mentors from the relevant fields. Also, the app can match candidates with projects of their interest.

Thus, the ultimate purpose of Qureos is to provide learning, jobs, and mentorships. The platform can prove to be revolutionary once it reaches its full potential. This is the very reason why it has received such huge funding.

Taking globalization to the next level, Qureos is certain to make it big in the market. It can bring brighter career opportunities to the whole world. This will remove an end to discrimination in hiring. People will be hired based on their skills, regardless of their ethnicity, race, region, or gender.