Everyone wants to work in style. People want access to the latest gadgets with amazing features. Features like tons of internal space and high built-in RAM. However, as we are moving forward, we now take durability into the account as well. We now realize that software updates can make your computers work well.  But it is hardware and outside built of equipment that it needs to last longer. These considerations are more prevalent in laptops as they are portable, easy to carry and come with all the latest features. Due to this fact and to make laptops more durable, different organizations have introduced some of the most rugged laptops of all time.

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What Do you Need to Consider When Buying a Laptop?

    Before we look into rugged laptops, we need to go through a list of things that make a laptop a rugged laptop and what you need to look for before you buy one.


As a whole, a laptop should be durable. This means it should be able to take several hits, a few hundreds of them in some cases. Now and then, our laptops take a hit on walls and tables. It can take a scratch but a well-built rugged laptop will not break that easy.

Laptops are portable devices and we can easily drop them at times. Apart from taking hits, a rugged laptop can survive a few falls from certain heights.


It is not just about taking hits, a rugged laptop will allow you to work under different circumstances. It will be able to withstand different weather conditions. Whether you are working on a sunny day with a temperature over 40 degrees or you are working under 0, it should be able to work fine.

Dust and Water Resistance

It is very common for us humans to spoil coffee on our laptops now and then. We are just clumsy that way. A rugged laptop can survive a few spills. They are built as such that you do not have to worry about your surroundings when you are pinned to the screen.

Moreover, a rugged laptop can withstand dust and should work fine even in storms. Some rugged laptops are specifically built for military use so that troops can deploy and work uninterruptedly under different weathers.

On a side note, just because it can, you do not have to necessarily spill drinks on your laptop to test it out.

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Top 10 Rugged Laptops of All Time

Now that we understand some features of a rugged laptop, let us look at some of the most concrete laptops to date.

1. Latitude 5420 Rugged Laptoplaptop, small business, startup

The 7th generation core i-3 laptop is a concrete machine that is designed to take several drops. To be precise, it can take up to 3 ft. drop.

Latitude 5420 comes with a handle that makes it convenient to carry to places, which we think is cool.

Key Features and Components

2. Getac B360technology, pakistani technology, laptop prices

Getac B360 is designed to work efficiently indoors and outdoors. It protects under different circumstances and can last several hours before the battery drains out.

Unlike other rugged laptops, Getac B360 is lighter in weight. It should not trouble you much while you hold it.

Getac B360 is also able to resist fog with its unique built.

It can also survive up to 6 feet drop, which makes it more concrete than Latitude 5420.

Key Features and Components

3. Durabook S14IDell laptops Pakistan, HP laptops Pakistan, Intel core processor

Durabook S14I facilitates you with 11th generation Intel core processor. It can survive 4 feet drops and are comparatively lesser in price than most rugged laptops.

Key Features and Components

4. Panasonic Toughbook 55Panasonic Pakistan, rugged laptop, rugged machine

Though Panasonic Toughbook 55 does not fall in the rugged laptop category, it’s strongly built and components made their way to the semi-rugged category.

Unlike other rugged laptops, Panasonic Toughbook 55 components are easily detachable and can be replaced with new ones. It is also tested for a 3 feet drop.

Key Features and Components

5. Acer Enduro N3buy laptop in Islamabad, buy laptop in Lahore, laptop prices Karachi

Acer Enduro N3 is a cheaper and durable semi-rugged notebook. It comes with a  10th generation Intel core processor.

Acer in its quest to make the machine concrete against rain and storm has made it fully water-resistant. Its Gorilla glass can protect against moist and wet weather.

In addition to all the durability features, Acer Enduro N3 is also lighter and weight and it is slim built.  

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Key Features and Components

6. Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extremeiphone, technology, tech

As the name suggests, Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme is built to withstand extreme hits, spills, and falls. A 6-foot fall will not be able to break it though that may leave a scratch. It is designed for fields, factory areas, and any rough and tough work area where your notebook life is endangered.

Although it is quite expensive it is worth buying it considering its key features.

Key Features and Components

7. GETAC S410buy GETAC laptop, laptops in Pakistan, new business

If you want a high-speed, good-built, long-lasting rugged laptop, GETAC S410 is for you. It comes with a built-in pen or glove and has a high-speed performance.

Key Features and Components

8. ThinkPad T14 Gen2thinkpad, ipad, workstation

ThinkPad T14 Gen2 is not a rugged machine but can survive great hits and heavy spills. It is tested for military use and can function in any work environment and any field.

Key Features and Components

9. ZBOOK Fury G7 Mobile Workstationonline business, online work, work from home

Designed specifically for engineers, designers, and data scientists, the ZBook Fury G7 Mobile workstation is a rugged laptop that facilitates its users with 10 TB of storage and 128 GB of RAM. Field workers who need unlimited space to save their heavy work and that too with high speed, this notebook is for them.

Key Features & Components

10. MacBook Pro 16-inchMacBook, Mac, apple products

Apple products can be quite sensitive. This is why we have saved this for last as it is not certainly a rugged laptop but it is certainly the most durable among apple devices.

Apple has a reputation for building quality products and it sure has put a lot of effort into this one to make it durable and concrete.

Key Features and Components

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There are many other rugged laptops in the market which could have landed on our list. There is quite a competition and every manufacturer is doing its best to generate products that can survive difficult circumstances.