Elegant and Traditional Multani Jewelry

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Beautiful Traditional Multani Jewelry Multan is a beautiful city in the heart of south Punjab. The city is well known throughout the world because of its rich sufi culture and strong historical background. Multan is one of the oldest cities of subcontinent and this is the reason why this city brings forward the roots of […]

Behbud Association: A Beacon of Hope

Behbud Association: Introduction and History The concept of Behbud Association was born in the wake of the War of 1965, when the nation was faced with many problems. The foundation however was laid in 1967 by Mrs. Ahkter Riazuddin with the help of a few volunteers. From humble beginnings it has developed into national organization […]

The Never-ending Charm of Funky Jewelry

The question arises why some people especially the youth don’t grow up soon these days? The easiest answer to this question lies in the serene beauty of the sprightly attractive jewelry. All sorts of rocking fun dwell in funky jewelry. It’s one of the form of crafts. Fun Fashion Jewelry Funky jewelry are also interestingly […]