The Most Beautiful Places in Skardu You Can’t Miss This Summer

Skardu,Kachura Lake, Satpara Lake

You might have heard of this famous place named Skardu if you have ever visited or have planned to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. Skardu valley is located far in the northern areas of Pakistan surrounded by the monumental Hindu Kush and Karakoram Himalaya mountain ranges. Interestingly, this beautiful city is located in the […]

The Ethereal Lakes of Skardu


Skardu city is fraught with gracious and eye-catching lakes. These lakes tremendously add into the beauty of the city as well the Skardu valley. Pakistan consists of such marvels which shouldn’t shy away from exploring. A look at these marvels outside Skardu will also bring amazement to you. Kachura Lake Around 20 miles away from […]