Contributions of Tariq Aziz to the Pakistani TV Industry

Tariq Aziz, Pakistani TV, Tariq Aziz Show

The contributions of Tariq Aziz. to the industry for over four decades are uncountable. He hosted some of the most popular shows on Pakistani television. Tariq Aziz is one of the most popular and respected figures in the Pakistani TV industry. He is best known for his game show, “Neelam Ghar,” which. was one of […]

Laal Shahbaz Qalandar – The Saint from Sindh Who Changed Hearts

lal shahbaz qalander, sufi saints, Sufi music

Pakistan is home to many sufi saints. Pakistani sufis shaped the thinking and mind set of their era. Shahbaz Qalandar is one of the prominent sufis of his time. People recite His poems to express love, sadness, disappointment, yearning, and basically every emotion under the sun. Except for hate, of course. Other famous Pakistani Sufis […]

A Pakistani Cobbler Has Written 5 Award-winning Books on Poetry

Munawar Shakeel

Munawar Shakeel: A Scholarly Craftsman As cobbling was the family business, and also because his father died when he was just a young boy, Munawar has been working as a cobbler for the past thirty years, as well as a part-time a newspaper vendor in his town of Rodala in Faisalabad. Although he wasn’t capable […]

The Everlasting Brilliance of Ahmad Faraz

Brief Intro to the Bright Poet Ahmad Faraz came into this world on the 12th of January, 1931 in Kohat. Syed Ahmad Shah was original name but he gained popularity with the name Faraz. He was a commendable Urdu poet and is still known for his heart touching writings. His parents compelled him to go […]