Top 3 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

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Overall, the main Internet specialist organizations in Pakistan are of a large number. The Internet has become well known. Picking an Internet specialist organization is additionally an issue, that many individuals are keen on. Data, cost, speed and quality and client care are worrisome for all. Moreover, specialized help and related issues also cause worry. […]

USF Awarded 3 Optic Fibre Cable Contracts Worth PKR 5 Billion to PTCL OFFICIAL

USF , Optic Fibre Cable, PTCL OFFICIAL

The United States Fiber Optic Council (USFC) The United States Fiber Optic Council (USFC) has awarded three. Optic fibre cable contracts worth PKR 5 billion (US$63 million) to (PTCL). The award announced during a ceremony held on June 16 in Islamabad.. This is in line with the company’s plan to offer its service to 100% […]