Faakhir Mehmood is a distinguished Pakistani actor, singer, keyboardist, composer and music producer born in Islamabad on 20 April 1973. He has emerged as one of the most celebrated musicians from Pakistan with his infectious blend of pop-rock and classical melodies.

Who is Fakhir Mehmood?

Fakhir Mehmood, Music Industry, Pakistani musician

Mehmood’s talent was recognized early on in life when he won many awards for singing at school and college competitions. In the 1990s he led the rock band Awaz which went on to become immensely popular among the youth. His musical journey has seen him collaborate with some of Pakistan’s renowned artists such as Sajjad Ali, Haroon Rashid and Strings.


Fakhir Mehmood, Music Industry, Artists

Fakhir Mehmood, active since 1992, has been a driving force in the Pakistani music industry. His prolific career spans over two decades and has seen him work with some of the biggest labels in Pakistan, India and beyond. From T-series to Hi-Tech Music, Fire Records to Universal Music India and Tips Music, Fakhir’s credentials are impressive. 

Awaz Band

The popular Pakistani pop star graduated from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore. He first made his mark on the music industry in 1992 when he joined Haroon and started their band “Awaz”. His skills as a keyboardist soon gained him recognition across Pakistan and beyond. He stayed with Awaz until 2000 when the band split up due to internal issues. Not one to be deterred easily, Faakhir decided to pursue a solo career and released “Dil Na Lagay, Pakistan” in 2000. It was a National song that was cherished by the entire nation.

He released his debut album Aatish in 2002. Faakhir continued to release hits with his subsequent albums, including “Sub Tun Sohniyeh” in 2003 and “Mantra” in 2005 which featured a duet with the Indian singer Sunidhi Chauhan. This song, “Jiya Na Jaye” was widely appreciated by fans from both countries and remains one of Faakhir’s most popular songs today. He also released his album track “Mahi Ve” which was able to collect two awards in India.

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Faakhir was given the honor of producing the soundtrack for “Ho Mann Jahaan”, a critically acclaimed Pakistani movie from 2015. His work on the Ho Mann Jahaan soundtrack earned him critical acclaim from industry professionals both at home and abroad. In addition to this project, his musical works have taken him around the world to perform live shows in countries such as, USA, Europe,Asia, and the Middle East, amongst others. His unique blend of traditional folk and modern pop elements has earned him many fans over the years.

Coke Studio Pakistan

In 2016, Faakhir was among the six music directors for season 9 of Coke Studio Pakistan. His first recording was an acoustic rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Afreen Afreen.” Faakhir’s second appearance illustrated a Pakistani folk song called “Dilruba Na Raazi.” He performed this song alongside Zeb Bangash. Later, he made a duet with Natasha Khan for the song “Dil Kamla”.

The world-renowned Royal Albert Hall was the site of a truly special evening when Faakhir performed a spectacular show. It was a very special and memorable show for Faakhir and his fans. He gave an electrifying performance that captivated the audience with its blend of soulful melodies and hard-hitting beats.

He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with big names in the music industry and his European contemplation like Sukhbir and Stereo Nation.

Faakhir Mehmood’s Humanitarian Work

Fakhir Mehmood, Music Industry, Pakistani musician

Faakhir is also a philanthropist, humanitarian, and social worker who has done incredible work for the United Nations (UN) and its affiliated organizations. He has been an active Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. He also served the World Health Organization (WHO) and Save the Children and Human Development. His commitment to tackling global problems have been truly inspirational. 

In addition to his role with WHO, Fakhir works tirelessly in his own country on projects to benefit less fortunate communities. He regularly uses his influence in music concerts to promote goodwill amongst people of different faiths and raise awareness about important social issues. Furthermore he dedicates a great portion of his time and money towards charity events that are aimed at helping those who are struggling.

Fakhir’s commitment to patriotic service has earned him many accolades. In 2011, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo named Fakhir Mehmood an “Influential Asian” during Asian Heritage Week celebrations. This recognition was a testament to his contributions to the community both at home and abroad. He was further honored when he was made Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan, promoting unity between all nations through music.

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Fakhir Mehmood’s Albums

Aatish (2002), Sub Tun Sohniyeh (2003), Mantra (2005), Jee Chahay

Faakhir Mehmood discography includes four studio albums: Aatish (2002), Sub Tun Sohniyeh (2003), Mantra (2005) and Jee Chahay (2011-2012). The 2002 album Aatish was Faakhir’s debut album. This album laid the foundation for his musical style, establishing him as one of the leading pop rock singers in Pakistan at that time.

Faakhir Mehmood’s Most Popular Songs

Ek Wari, Dil Ruba, Jiya Na Jaye, Kabhi Kabhi Maine Pyar

Some of the most famous songs of Faakhir Mehmood include;

  1. Ek Wari – 2002
  2. Sub Toon Sohniyeh – 2003
  3. Dil Ruba – 2002
  4. Jiya Na Jaye – 2005
  5. Kabhi Kabhi Maine Pyar – 2005
  6. Kaash Hum Juda Na Hote – 2005
  7. Maahi Ve – 2005
  8. Baaliya – 2011

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Achievements in Music – Faakhir Mahmood’s Awards

Faakhir Mehmood, Artists, Musician, Singers

Faakhir Mehmood’s career has been marked by numerous awards and accolades. In 2007, he was presented with the Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in recognition of his outstanding achievements. He later went on to win a Best Song Award for Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Mein at the Lux Style Awards 2010. He also won the prestigious Hum Award for Best Music Video of 2012 for his single “Baliya”. His debut video is an eye-catching display of Faakhir’s music talents and creative vision. 

More recently in 2015, he received a Hum Award for Best Music Single from the Hum Awards. His works have consistently been praised as some of the best in Pakistani music history and have earned him respect both within and outside of Pakistan’s borders. Faakhir Mehmood is an example of excellence in Pakistani music and continues to make waves throughout the industry today.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Faakhir Mehmood has certainly become a force to be reckoned with in the Pakistani music scene. His ability to captivate audiences with his melodic voice, inspiring lyrics and unique musical style make him an artist that stands out from the rest. He is not just a singer, but also a composer and arranger who has mastered the art of making music. His trailblazing approach to creating music has set him apart from other pop stars in Pakistan. Faakhir’s success serves as an example to countless young artists who want to make their mark in Pakistan’s music industry.