The Metamorphosis of King Zain-ul-Abidin

King Zain-ul-Abidin, sultan of Kashmir, Ghiyas-ud-Din Zain-ul-Abidin

King Zain-ul-Abidin was the eighth King (Sultan) of Kashmir, belonging to the Shah Mir Dynasty which ruled Kashmir from 1339 to 1561 and can be attributed at establishing Islam in the valley. However he is the most revered King in its history as he was benevolent, fair and modest. He reigned for 50 years from […]

Bhong Mosque: A Beauteous and Dazzling Architectural Vision

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Bhong is a small town situated in Rahim Yar Khan District, and is 200 km away from Bhawalpur. In this unsusceptible place stands the Bhong Mosque that is like no other in Pakistan! The Construction of Bhong Mosque The town as well as Bhong Mosque was built by Sardar Raees Ghazi Muhammad. He was an […]

Tim Blight on Pakistan: ‘Dare To Take The Road Less Travelled…’

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Tim Blight has already journeyed to 50 countries across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe as well as Oceania, and the list keeps on growing. Yet it was Pakistan that truly captured his heart and it is where he found his calling… He hails from Sydney, Australia, and is a travel blogger, writer, photographer as […]

The Beautiful Craft of Handmade Basketry in Pakistan

Basketry: An Age Old Tradition Throughout the ages one finds basketry as a widely used skill in every human culture. However the age of this craft cannot be ascertained because the items could not be preserved as they were made of natural materials. The oldest known baskets date back to 10,000 to 12,000 years. Basketry […]

Jamila and the Amir

Jamila and the Amir More than 1000 years ago, Mansura was the historic capital of the Ummayyid Caliphate. It was a beautiful city and the first one to be built according to the standards of town-planning by the Arabs.  Today the ruins of Mansura can be found about 19 km away from Shahdapur in Sindh […]

Uncovering the Mystique of the Captivating Kallar Kahar

Kallar Kahar: A Historic Place Kallar Kahar lies on the banks of River Jhelum and is a tehsil (sub-division) of Chakwal situated 26 km southwest of it. It is a historically significant because: In 1519 Emperor Zaheer-ud-din Babur Visited Kallar Kahar Exactly 500 years Emperor Zaheer ud din Babur discovered Kallar Kahar when he crossed […]

Hammal and Mahganj

Hammal and Mahganj is a Baluchi folk tale which portrays one man’s sacrifice for his religion and his people.   The Historic Port of Kalmat Ruled by Sardar Jaihand On the coast of Makran, there is a very old port called ‘Kalmat’. It was quite famous in Baluchistan due to its greenery. The ruler of […]

Dosteen and Shireen

Dosteen and Shireen is probably the oldest romantic folk tale of Baluchistan. The Capture of Dosteen It was a time when the Tataries were destroying the areas where Baluchi Rind tribes lived. Amongst the tribes, Dosteen was the bravest and he was engaged to the beautiful Shireen, who was the daughter of Mard Lal Khan. […]

Noori Jam Tamachi

A Celebrated Sindhi Folk Tale: Noori Jam Tamachi Noori Jam Tamachi is one of the seven romances in Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s most famous ‘Shah Jo Risalo’. The other six are Lilan Chanesar, Momal Rano, Sohni Mehar, Sorath Rai Diyach, Sassi Punnhun and Umar Marvi. Noori Jam Tamachi is the only story which has a […]

Nigar Nazar: Pride of Pakistan

Ms. Nigar Nazar needs no introduction. Yet for those who may not know she is the first female cartoonist of the Muslim World. Nearly five decades ago she invented Gogi (a young female who isn’t afraid to speak her mind) and started designing comic strips for a local newspaper making it the first ever to […]

Ali Mardan Khan and the Lamia

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A Pakistani Folk Tale about Ali Mardan Khan Folk tales are stories that for centuries have been preserved orally, being handed down generation after generation, as there was no other means of safekeeping them. Folk tales are not only entertaining and engaging, but they are an invaluable method to pass along traditions, reiterate cultural and […]

Amjad Pervez – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Mr. Amjad Pervez is an entrepreneur par excellence with 35 years of experience and has been residing in the UK for nearly 5 decades. He is associated with many fields such as food, healthcare, education etc and has a history of working in the international trade and development business. Last year he was awarded Honorary […]

Cuisine of Peshawar: A Unique Flavour

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Cuisine of Peshawar: What Makes it so Distinct? The Pashtuns, tribal people, indigenous peshawari families living in the walled city and Afghans all make up the population of Peshawar. Each community has its own specialty; and for generations has retained their flavors and techniques. However three shared and prominent features are: • Lamb is the […]

More Places to Visit in Peshawar

Peshawar has a lot to offer, so we will travel across the city to briefly look at some more fascinating places and one also finds tombs of sufis who made many efforts to promote Islam in the region. Peshawar Museum It is a matter of great pride that our Museum has the biggest and most […]

Peshawar – Gor Khatri & Bala Hissar Fort

This week we take a peek at two buildings of immense historical value; one that can be found in the center of the city and the other which can give you a panoramic view of not only Peshawar but the Valley too. Gor Khatri Sethi Street ends at a Mughal gateway which leads to Gor […]

Peshawar – Mahabat Khan Mosque & Mohalla Sethian

Following we take a look at a spectacular specimen of Mughal architecture (the only one in Peshawar), as well as some rare residential buildings: Mahabat Khan Mosque Background You can reach it through Chowk Yaadgar as the entrance to the mosque is located in the middle of ‘Jewellers Street’. The name of the mosque had […]

Baluchi Rugs: Epitomizing their Culture Beautifully

The majority of Baluchis live in Pakistan. However they are also live in the western area of Afghanistan and in the South-Eastern border of Iran, thereby Baluchi rugs have a flavor of all three cultures. They make an excellent addition to the décor of the house because of their rustic allure . They take up […]

People of Kalash: A Life Weaved Around Festivals and Customs

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The Kalash Valley is made up of three valleys. Birir is situated 34 km away from Chitral. Rumbur is 32 km away and Bumburet (the largest and most beautiful) is 36 km away. There are many colorful Festivals of Kalash that are celebrated in these valleys; however the three major ones that are celebrated from […]