Top 7 Haunted Places in Pakistan

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A Haunted Story Your neighbours next door have finally shut down the racket they were making. Their baby’s crying has died down into peaceful snores and everything is calm and cosy. You are walking down the street in a place so sound and still at night, you can practically hear the leaves rustling with the […]

All About the Royal Visit to Pakistan

Royal Visit to Pakistan: Exploring the Natural Beauty of the Country It seems like being royalty is not just fun and jewels all the time. Apparently, there are many duties and responsibilities that befall you when you take charge. Duties like making important tours and conveying a message of peace between countries is all part […]

Earthquakes in Pakistan and How to Stay safe During One

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With the rising threats of Earthquakes in Pakistan each year, it is crucial to know about the safety measures one should take in case of an earthquake.Earthquakes are one of those natural disasters that have the ability to rattle our planet, on a regular basis, in some part of the world every hour, every day. […]